The Best & Worst Box Art on PSP

Even nowadays when there’s so much information of any game just floating around on the internet that, if you do the research, you can be pretty sure if you’re gonna enjoy a game or not, I still buy some games just cause I find their cover art enticing. That’s the thing, cover art can convince me to purchase a game I’m not that interested in or actually keep me from ever playing it. It might be just me because, apart from playing games I collect them, so the physical case is perhaps more important to me than to an average gamer but, in any case, I digress.
This is a top 10 list just like the ones I made for the PS3 box arts but, in this case, I merge both the best and worst ones on the same article so thank me for that extra click I’m saving you from doing. The quality of the games themselves doesn’t affect their place on any of the lists, it’s just the quality of the frontal box art what made them appear here and both the choices and the order they’re in is all based on my personal opinion/taste.
Let’s begin with this gallery of beauties and “beasts”.

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Briefiew – Kromaia Omega

Sometimes I feel obligated to review certain games as if to check them off a list and, it’s pretty silly. In the end, those are the kind of games that were already reviewed by a hundred other gaming sites before me so I doubt anybody will ever feel the need to read my personal take on the game.
On the other hand, there’s times where I play this “almost unknown” title and I like it so much that I feel like more people should get to know about it. So I write a review on it and hope some lost soul will pick it off the bottom of the internet and then that review will spark on him an interest on the game. That’s what I hope it’ll happen but even then it’s also an unlikely situation.
In any case, this is my review for Kromaia Omega. A game I never heard about before picking it up from a bargain bin last month.

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Top 10 Anticipated games of 2018

The first ever post in this blog was a list of our most anticipated games for 2016, the first post in 2017 was again a list for our most anticipated games of that year and now, there’s this. In all honesty, even though this is almost a staple for our blog now, this is the kind of list I dislike the most having to write. Why? Well, on one hand it’s because this list is such a tease for me. I’d like to be playing these games right now instead of just waiting for them to be released. On the other hand is because I always end up making a fool of myself by anticipating games that, ultimately, don’t end up being released that year or, in the worst case scenario, by anticipating games that don’t live up to our hype (ME Andromeda, I salute you).
I’m exaggerating though, if I didn’t actually enjoy making these lists I’d just stop writting them. In the end, it’s pretty fun looking up to the future and getting excited thinking of the games to come.
This year I bring you the ten games (and a few honorable mentions) I’m more hyped for. Be warned that these picks and the order they’re in is based solely on my personal taste, my “gut feeling” about them and how likely an actual 2018’s release feels to me.

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Briefiew – What remains of Edith Finch

This game made the fourth spot for my list on my 10 favourite games of 2017 so right off the bat you can guess I really liked this game. Why waste my time writting this article when it’s already pretty clear that I’d definitely recommend this game? On one hand, it’s because I’m pretty dumb and, on the other, because I guessed I’d be able to convince more people to try and experience this game if I describe it better to them on a full article devoted to it like this one. So let’s start!

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Our favourite games of 2017

It’s that time of the year which is the end of the year. We played a ton of games thorough these twelve months and Roy and I decided on telling you which of them we enjoyed the most and, let me tell you, we really loved some of the games we had. Even if this year brought us the standarization of some “shady” business practices *cough* loot boxes *cough* ,in terms of game releases, 2017 was pretty great.
This will be our top 10 favourite games from 2017 so have in mind that this is just our opinion(s), that this is a Playstation centered blog so only games released in Playstation consoles will apply and, even more importantly, also take into consideration that we’re just two video game fans so with our limited time and budget we haven’t been able to play all the games released on Playstation either. Games which we couldn’t play yet will obviously not appear here.

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Briefiew – Knack 2

The original Knack game was launch title for the PS4 and it certainly wasn’t the best well received game from that initial batch. I don’t want to jump into that bandwagon and hate on it because I honestly never played it. After having spent 400 bucks on that brand new console you feel like you have to be very selective on the games you pick for it because your wallet is already almost empty so… Knack didn’t happen for me.
Four years later a sequel to the not-so-acclaimed title appeared and this time around I plunged in. A 3D platformer in 2017 and for a reduced price? What was there to lose?

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2017’s PSX Roundup

This year’s Playstation Experience came and went (mostly) and stuff happened on it. I can say that pretty much like with every other Sony-held “conference” this year, it wasn’t bad but it certainly wasn’t great either. There is already a bunch of announced big games coming on PS4 that won’t be released at least until 2018 so expecting any big announcement from this was already discarded. That being said, we did get some announcements and a whole lot of information on games we already knew were coming. Here’s my summary / opinion on the most interesting stuff we saw there.

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Briefiew – Dirt 4

I like to make these review introductions so you readers get a better idea on where I come from before you read the review. I think the background of the reviewer really matters as it can determine if the review will have any value for you.
If you read my review for the previous Dirt Rally you’ll know that I’ve been a long time fan of the franchise but I found that while the focus on real rallying was a nice return to roots for the game, the punishing difficulty was too much for me.
This new title losing its “Rally” suffix and going back to the numerical order hints a new change of direction. So let’s see what this game brings to the franchise.

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Briefiew – Toukiden 2

I skipped the original release of Toukiden: The age of demons. Back when it came out I still didn’t own a vita and by the time I got one, Toukiden: Kiwami was already out so that’s how I got into the series. I played it and liked it quite a bit as you’ll know if you read my article on Vita’s hunting games.
For this sequel however I didn’t skip the game but the console as I opted to buy the PS4 version of the title rather than the portable one. I haven’t had the chance to try the Vita one personally but from what I’ve heard the game is essentially the same as the home console version just with slightly worse graphics and performance.

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Top 10 Worst PS3 Games

I don’t like this overwhelming wave of negativism that surrounds the video game scene nowadays. If a game doesn’t sell in Call of Duty numbers, it’s a failure; if a game doesn’t reach an 80 score on metacritic, it’s a waste of time for anyone. Also, it always feels like every move of any company is going to ruin the whole video game world for everyone. Let it be a game implementing microtransactions or Konami deciding to create a Silent Hill pachinko machine, it always seems like we’re heading to an unavoidable video game crash.
I don’t know if it’s cynicism from our part or just our perceptions being distorted by this hyperbole machine called the internet but I don’t think I’m the only one who thinks that we gamers as a whole should calm ourselves down. Since the very dawn of video games, bad practices have been made and bad games have been released and here we are, still playing our little electronic toys, aren’t we?
And as a proof, there’s this: These are in my opinion the worst games from the last generation playstation. I have around 400 physical (and over a 100 digital) ps3 games in my collection and, let me tell you, not all of them are stellar. However, this is just my opinion. If you happened to enjoy any of the games that I’ll be citing down below, just be happy for yourself, I tried and just couldn’t…

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