Top 10 PS3’s JRPGs

I previously made a top 10 with my favorite RPGs on the PSP and, unintentionally, they all turned out to be JRPGs. If I were to make a list on that very same premise for the PS3 probably the outcome wouldn’t have been the same. Off the top of my head I can see that some Mass Effect game would have definitely made the list.
In any case, here we have my favorite RPGs on PS3 that also happen to be made by some folks in Japan. For variety reasons and, like always, only one title per franchise can/will be mentioned. Also, and for the very same reason, you can expect many types of RPGs to appear here (action, turn-based, tactical…).
I hope you enjoy the list!

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Import Briefiew – Macross Delta Scramble

It wasn’t that long ago since I made this top 10 list about japan-exclusive PSP games. The fifth spot on that list went for a game called Macross Ultimate Frontier which I declared my favorite “mech game” of the system. Obviously both of these games are based off the same anime (or anime universe) but, more importantly, they’re created by the same developer.
That may have been the reason why I imported this game for the Vita but, at the same time, it also means that I’ll be expecting a higher standard from the get go. Let’s see how this Macross game stacks up to its great PSP predecessor in this review!

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Gaming Memories – The Squaresoft Olympus

If there’s one thing that I don’t like about the gaming scene nowadays is the wave of cynical negativism that permeates everything and everyone.
Some gamers actually rejoice in the failures of certain companies not even acknowledging that the jobs of real people are in stake. One thing is (deservedly) not liking the products or the policies implemented by a specific company and something else is wishing for that company to shut down!
Others though can’t seem to find any joy in gaming these days and for that they consider necessary to spread their word on how video games are simply shit nowadays and that if you, poor soul, find any enjoyment in them is because you’re ignorant or lack any critical thinking.
I don’t really know if those cynical trends are something that have always been there and it’s just me noticing them now. Back in the 90’s I was just a kid and I would have never wasted my time reading the opinion of some old grump on the state of video games anyway. I was more carefree and optimistic myself and, proof of that is this little story of mine.

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Briefiew -Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana

The Ys series has been around in the world of gaming since 1987 but, even being that “long-running”, among gamers this is still kind of an unknown franchise. It’s a shame that such a good series of games is so overlooked, it definitely deserves more recognition than it gets but again, I’m not the one to talk.
The first time I got to play a game from the Ys universe was with Ys Seven in PSP so as you can see, that was coming pretty late to the party. That being said, I really enjoyed that little game, so much so that it instantly turned me into a fan of the series and made me look for and aqcuire any game in this series that crosses my path ever since. For the Vita alone I have a copy of Memories of Celceta that I purchased with the console itself, last year I picked a copy of the asian release of Ys Origin and, just a couple months back, I finally purchased the last game so far, Ys VIII, which I’m about to review.

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Briefiew – Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

The video game medium, like any other art form, is in constant evolution. That being said, even with the amount of diversity within games nowadays, outside of sport games and job simulators, most games are about violence. There may be people, aliens, robots or zombies and you have to either kill them or at least fight them (or maybe run from them as they’d try to end you instead).
I’d be lying if I said that I’m tired of violent games, some of my favourite games are indeed very violent (and even gory) but, it’s kind of sad that some of the games that do try to move away from the “violent formula” are being undervalued and considered lesser as games.

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Briefiew – Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash

It’s march 21st and that means that the long winter is finally over. It’s time to take off our scarves and enjoy the flowers and the sun or, more probably, the rain. Yeah, it’s still a long way until the warm summer arrives but we can already get in the mood with some games if they’re like this.
Senran Kagura goes to the beach …as if the mainline games didn’t have enough fanservice.

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Collector’s Corner – Vita’s a b*tch

For someone out there who may not get the pun, just know that vita also means life in italian… Okay, last time I made a “Collector’s Corner” it was about games that could become collectible in the future, this time around it’s nothing like that at all.
Why’s that? Because I couldn’t really recommend anyone getting into vita collecting although, at the same time, if you’re ever going to do it, the sooner the better. I know this first hand because, silly me, I actually collect for the system. The thing is, collecting for this system isn’t what I’d call “easy”, I’d rather call it frustrating or, at the very least, annoying.
This article is actually about that. The little annoyances you’ll find if you ever try to collect for this handheld.

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Top 10 Cars I want on GT Sport

Gran Turismo Sport might be the best looking and most polished GT game ever made but, when it comes to content, it’s clearly behind most of the other titles released by Poliphony. However, while Gran Turismo 2 might had released with over 500 cars back in 1999, due to the lack of online support, the number of cars offered never grew beyond that.
That’s not the case for GT Sport. during these months the game has been receiving plenty of patches and updates adding more game modes, tracks, and specially cars. Still, the game is way behind to the thousand cars you could drive in GT6 so there’s many I wish that would come back (and also new ones) and that’s what this top 10 is about. Here are 10 cars that I wish were available in GT Sport.

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Briefiew – Everybody’s Golf

Is it weird that I owned an Everybody’s Golf game for every Playstation console? Considering that I don’t care about golfing as a sport in the slightest, it does feel quite strange even to me. I don’t play golf in real life and I certainly don’t watch it on TV either. The biggest gesture I’d do for the sport would be not switching off the TV whenever a golf related story might pop up on the news.
But, like I said, I still owned at least a game in this franchise for every playstation console… And I liked them!

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Rant – Metal Gear Survive? No

I didn’t mean to make rants a recurring section in the blog but Metal Gear Survive is out and I want to talk about it. I’ll be short anyway.
Simply put, if you ever have the hope that a review for this title will ever appear on the blog, know that it won’t. This isn’t even a big gaming blog which gets issued review copies for us to test, we spend our hard-earned money on the games we talk about and be sure we won’t be spending a dime on this travesty of a game.
This article isn’t a review or my opinion on the game itself (as I obviously haven’t played it) but more of the explanation and the reasons why that review will never happen.

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