Briefiew – Wipeout Omega Collection

I wasn’t planning on buying this game. I’m a big racing fan, and I’ve always enjoyed the Wipeout series (except for Fusion) but, the thing is, liking this series has made me do something really strange which is… buying its games. I happen to own Wipeout HD and Fury and also Wipeout 2048 for the Vita already and they both looked and played fenomenally on their original systems so I didn’t feel the need to double dip and get them again for the PS4.
The problem is that I walked into a retail store the other day and I saw this case next to a very tempting reduced price tag and I couldn’t resist.

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Briefiew – Little Nightmares

The first time I saw anything about this game it gave me the vibe of being some sort of Little Big Planet game directed by Tim Burton. That alone has quite some potential so of course I was intrigued.
Of course, after getting more information on the game and now that I’ve even got my hands on the final product, I know that definition isn’t the most accurate. But the game we have here is still quite intriguing indeed.

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Briefiew – Horizon: Zero Dawn

There’s this website called PSNProfiles which helps you keep track of your PSN Trophies. It shows that I’ve played 576 games as of today (only games that support trophies count) but, among all those, I’ve only platinumed 17. So yeah, you can’t consider me a trophy hunter. The thing is, one of the few platinums I have is the one for this game, Horizon: Zero Dawn. Does that mean that the platinum is easy? Maybe, but what it really means is that I enjoyed this title way more than the average game.

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Briefiew – Mafia III

I still remember the first time I played this series. It was on PC many years ago, 15 maybe? I had seen and played Grand Theft Auto 3 but in comparison, the original Mafia looked like such a step up. Graphics were amazing and the gameplay felt so realistic. That 30’s Lost Heaven city was really a world to immerse in. I can’t remember how I managed to beat that infamous race mission but that’s beyond the point. What I’m trying to say is that the original Mafia game was kind of a staple in gaming for me so, since then I’ve felt like I’m almost in debt with the series so I just had to play the rest. Mafia II on PS3 was also a great game even if it would never reach the mythical status of the first one and now… there’s Mafia III.

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Briefiew – Skyforge

Skyforge was first released as a PC game in 2015 and then re-released for the PS4 in April this year. It is a science-fiction, fantasy MMORPG where players create their characters and start a new adventure. It is set, in a futuristic world where fantasy and science are mixed. My first impression of this game was “wow, this game’s looking pretty neat, and it’s free!” So then I gave it a try…  and here is my review of it.

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Briefiew – Gravity Rush 2

I played the first game of this series back when it was a PSVita exclusive and, even today, I still consider it one of the best games on that system. It’s the polar opposite of what you’d call a generic game. It may not go as far as to invent a new genre but it does create its own world, its own style and its own unique mechanics to build an experience that distinguishes itself from any other games.
I value that quite a bit in video games and, since I had such a pleasant experience with the first title, I just had to support this charming little franchise and acquire the second. Here’s my review on it.

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Import Briefiew – Joetsu Electronics’s L2/R2 Button Grip Cover

Up until now I haven’t done any “hardware” reviews. Usually when new consoles arrive those big gaming media publications will review them and I always found those quite pointless. I mean, the most important thing about a console it’s the games you’ll be playing on it and certainly the launch lineup isn’t a good indication on the years to come.
This however isn’t a review on a console but more of an accessory for a console and my experience with it during the last couple weeks is more or less as good as it’s gonna get so… let’s start.

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Retro Briefiew – Burnout Legends

If I use this introduction to explain the reason why I’m reviewing this title almost 12 years after it originally released I’ll be over pretty soon. Simply put, I miss Burnout.
It’s been already 9 years after the stellar Burnout Paradise and it doesn’t seem like this series will ever come back even though I fail to see why. In terms of sales and actual critical acclaim, that last game was a success. EA has published more than 10 games in the Need for Speed franchise during this hiatus but, even though some of those games have resembled a Burnout experience with a more arcadey driving style, it’s hardly the same.
The thing is, if you want to play a real Burnout game, you have to go back and play the classics. So that’s why we’re here, to see how this Burnout Legends holds up today.

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Briefiew – DOOM

I’m not sure how to feel about those “reboots” that simply steal their name off the original game. It’s not a big deal but it always brings a picture to my mind about a kid who never played the original seeing the reboot at a store getting the impression that it’s an original game when it isn’t. It certainly can be misleading. For example, the only indication that this is a review on the 2016 game is the fact that I didn’t call the article a retro briefiew. To avoid any confusions some people would put the year the game came out between brackets, I personally would go for the usage of some sort of suffix instead. Something like “resurrection” or “reloaded”. That would also make the game title sound more like 90’s extreme cheese so it’s a win-win.

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Briefiew – Wheels of Aurelia

The “Via Aurelia” is a Roman road in Italy that extended from Rome to Pisa and to the ligurian coast and the maritime alps. It’s thought that it was constructed in approximately the year 241 BC by the Roman censor Aurelius. The modern Strada Statale 1 occupies the same route, and colloquially is still referred to as, La Via Aurelia.
I didn’t really know any of this before I started the game but here we are. Who said games aren’t culture?

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