My thoughts on Sony’s E3 (2017)

If you know any Radiohead you’ll probably know where this is going.
Last year I wrote separate articles with my impressions on some of the games Sony showed but I figured that concentrating them into one this time around wouldn’t be so bad. Specially considering that there wasn’t that much new to explain. In any case, there were games and I have my own opinions on them so let’s begin.

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My thoughts on Need for Speed: Payback

That’s a nice way to summarize it, isn’t it? You read this post’s title and then look at the picture, that’s pretty much it.
It wouldn’t be fair though. There’s the work of hundreds of people behind the making of this game so a simple joke like that wouldn’t do it justice. Also, there’s also the reasons WHY I disliked so much what EA showed about this new game and I’d like to share it with the world.

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PES 2017: Like coming home

This isn’t a review and it was never meant to be. The target audience for this game won’t be really interested in the thoughts someone like me could have regarding this title. Even if I do enjoy football as a sport and therefore I also have fun while playing sport video games about it, I’m certainly not as devoted as the majority of people who buys these games yearly.
And that’s another thing I should mention I guess. Even if I enjoy football games, I don’t buy one every year. I usually wait 2 to 3 seasons to pass by before I get my hands on the next one as neither the roster of players nor the features of the games change that much from one year to the next. I don’t judge the people who do buy them though. If those are your favourite games out there… I understand you. It’s just that there’s too many games out there for me to devote myself into a single series and I just find perfectly comfortable playing FIFA 15 (which actually came in 2014) in 2016.

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Top 10 Scariest Silent Hill Monsters

So Halloween’s here, and  I’ve decided to do a top list and what better way to celebrate it than with one of the scariest monsters in a gaming franchise ever! Silent Hill is a classic gaming series featuring one of the most grotesque and disturbing creatures and monsters that I’ve seen. Being one of the best horror games series out there I also dedicate this list to those amazing games that literally made me have nightmares when I was little. I was so scared to play but at the same time I beat them so then I was so proud! Anyway, here is my top scariest monsters in Silent Hill.

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Injustice 2: My Character Roster Wishlist

I’m a big DC fanboy and I really enjoyed the first Injustice game. NetherRealm did a very good job with it so when I knew about Injustice 2 coming out I literally scream from excitement. So far a few characters have been announced and shown in footage and this upcoming sequel looks impressive. This is going to be my speculation/prediction roster list as I know we all fans are super eager to see the full roster reveal. Which of our favorite DC characters makes it or not. This list consist of some of my favorite DC heroes and villains regardless of in-game storyline.

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Metal Gear Survive: My thoughts

So, gamescom happened and several games were revealed at the event and, among them, probably the biggest surprise was Metal Gear Survive. And I deliberately chose the word biggest over something like greatest because, even if the game managed to be talked about pretty much everywhere, it certainly wasn’t received positively.
Which is, again, a surprising feat. I’m of the opinion that, no matter how much backlash one games gets, there will be someone out there who actually likes it. However, those who like this new Metal Gear game must be hiding in a cave or something because I haven’t heard  yet a positive opinion on that gamescom trailer. I think that’s already enough reason for me to give my two cents on this reveal so here it is.

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WWE 2k17: Thoughts and Wishes

I’ve always been a WWE fan and have played their games ever since Smackdown vs Raw in 2005. I’ve always found the games so entertaining, I can play them for hours, playing as my favorite Superstars and Divas, creating belts, arenas, custom wrestlers, just being able to feel like  a WWE superstar myself and kick some butt is what WWE games are all about. I’m very thrilled and excited about this upcoming game so I want to share what i think about it. Here we go.

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Resident Evil 7 Biohazard: Demo Impressions

As soon as I saw the trailer I was totally surprised on how different this game is compared to previous installments. The demo is spooky and scary, it definitely gave me chills. I wished that the next RE game would have more of a scary/survival horror theme and not so action based but his sure was more than what I was expecting.

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God of War: Impressions and stuff

Most people would agree that the showing of the new God of war back in sony’s conference was one biggest bombs of the whole e3 event. That alone would be a pretty good reason for me to devote an article to it but to be honest, I’d be writting this even if there wasn’t any hype for it simply because I’m a long time fan of this franchise.
I’ve played every single GOW game released and, to various extents, I’ve really enjoyed them all. They may not be the most technical of hack n’ slash games but they are a spectacle to behold. They’re intense and engaging and also a visual fest.
I previously stated that a new GOW game would be something I’d be excited about and it seems that Sony is gladly obliging so I couldn’t be happier …or could I? On this article I’ll go through the stuff I liked the most about this new GOW reveal and the stuff that didn’t impress me as much and… also I’ll make a couple speculations just for the fun of it.

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