Game Ideas: Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA6)

Like all GTA games, I would really want this game to be all over-the-top, lots of action, drama, violence and sex, because… that’s what all GTA games are all about right?? I really liked the three protagonists idea from GTAV, it was very cool and you could see all different points of view and different personalities and lifestyles of all three characters. That idea probably came up from GTAIV’s main character Niko and it’s two DLC protagonists Luis and Johnny.  So lets get on with it, I hope you like it and share your own thoughts, wishlist and ideas!

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Game Ideas: Sony’s Vita support

There’s a pretended pun somewhere in the title but it didn’t turn out as good as I hoped for. I guess that is the same feeling that Sony itself had for this handheld.
The thing is, the Vita has been Sony’s least successful console but, five years since it initially released, there’s still games planned for it. However, if you look at those upcoming games, you’ll realise that the companies supporting the console are indie developers and Japanese companies. You would think that the last company supporting a console would be the one that originally created the machine (Sony) but, in this case, that’s just not how it happened.
Sony’s support of this console at first was actually pretty strong. They published big Sony names like Uncharted or Wipeout and things were certainly looking bright when they made the Vita the home of the best Little Big Planet game up to date. They also created new unique franchises exclusive (at the time) for the handheld like Gravity Rush or Tearaway but that was then…
The console wasn’t as successful as Sony expected and with the arrival of a new console, the PS4, Sony couldn’t afford that new project to fail so they focused all of their resources into the home console instead. Since then, the Vita has been surviving out of third parties.
However, how would Vita’s lineup of games would look like if Sony didn’t drop its support for the platform? That’s really what this article is about. Here I’ll be using my imagination to show you what kind of games Sony could have brought to this underrated system but unfortunately never did.

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Game Ideas: Playstation all-stars battle royale 2

Deciding if this article is related to the whole “PS3 month” thing or not is up to you. If a sequel of PASBR were to exist today it certainly would appear on PS4 but the original first appeared on the last Sony home console and this game is very deeply related to Sony and the Playstation brand altogether. In any case, I’ve been wanting to write this article for some time now and this is a good of a time as any.
Unlike on the last Game Ideas article I wrote, since this game is essentially a fighter kind of game I won’t really get into detail on what the story should be. That’s not important on a PASBR 2 I think. I’ll be talking about mechanics instead and also, since this is a mascot brawler, there will be plenty of talk about my dreamed roster. Again, everything in here will be my own opinion, feel free to disagree.
That’s enough explaining for now. Let’s move on.

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Game Ideas: The Last Of Us II (Leo’s take)

After Roy’s take on a possible The Last of Us sequel (or prequel) I felt like I had to share my own vision on how the game could be. Again, like with that other game idea, this is just my imagination going rampant, imagining where the story could get us in a potential TLOU2.
It’s needless to say “spoiler alert” because this story will follow the events of the of the original game.

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Game Ideas: The Last Of Us II

I think when it comes to games , one that brings the emotions out of me it’s a game that with no doubt will be one of my favorite of all time. And The Last of Us did that perfectly when it comes to feeling-attached story and characters. Its deep and splendid cinematography along with graphics and character development made TLOU a top favorite gaining many fans and winning many awards. I think most of those fans is anxiously waiting for a sequel but who knows when or if there’s gonna be a sequel at all. I think a brilliant game like that should become a franchise and so I will give my two cents on how I think TLOU2 could be like story-wise.

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