3WS – Forgotten Third-Person Shooters

Comparatively speaking, this is definitely not the most stand-out sub-genres within the shooters. Nowadays the First-Person Shooter is one of if not the most popular genre within gaming. Even franchises like Uncharted or Gears of War don’t get the amount of light that heavy-hitters like COD or Overwatch get and they are certainly the TPS games that got the longer end of the stick. The protagonists of this article will be games that didn’t get anywhere close to that popularity.
We’ll be looking at Binary Domain, The Bureau: XCom declassified and Inversion. Last gen action titles of the third-person kind which may have been overlooked or simply weren’t good enough. You’ll have to keep reading to find out.

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3WS – Hunting games on Vita

No, there won’t be any Cabela-branded game in here where you shoot deer with a rifle. What you’ll find here are outlandish weapons, huge boss battles and cooperative-friendly gameplay.
The games I’ll be comparing for this three-way showdown are Freedom Wars, Soul Sacrifice Delta and Toukiden: Kiwami. I am well aware that there are way more hunting games on Vita but I had to pick three and they’re either worse than these (like Ragnarok Oddyssey) or I haven’t played them yet (like God Eater 2). Let’s just dive in.

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3WS – WWII Air combat on PS3

What a bunch of acronyms on the title alone!
World War II was all the rage in the early years of PS3 but the genre got overexposed or people simply grew tired of it and that resulted in a pretty big hiatus where no big budget title wanted to bring the player back to that dark era in history. That gap seems to have reached an end now that the series Call of Duty is going back to its roots and will be delivering a WWII experience this upcoming november.
The thing is, this hiatus might have been real for the big shooter titles like COD and Battlefield but in more “niche” territories like strategy or flight combat games, companies have kept using this period as their backdrop. That later genre is the one I’ll be looking at in this article. In particular, I’ll be comparing Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers, Birds of Steel and Heroes over Europe. Let’s take a look at them.

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3WS – Ricer racers on PS3

I am well aware that the term “ricer” is borderline offensive for the people that like to customize their cars but I can’t hold myself when it comes to puns and wordplay in general. In any case, this will give you a good idea on what are these games about. Massive spoilers, flashy colored vynils and lots of japanese imported cars is what you’ll find in here.
The three games we’ll be inspecting today strangely came quite early in the PS3’s lifecycle and they are Need for Speed: Carbon, Juiced 2: Hot import nights and Midnight Club: Los Angeles. Let’s take a look at them.

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3WS – The Resistance trilogy

We’re halfway there. Yesterday (ten years ago) was the day when the PS3 launched in North America and with it came a bunch of games. Like with all launch lineups, not all of them were stellar obviously but I think we can agree that the one that stood out the most back in the day was an exclusive first person shooter called Resistance.
In due time, sequels of that game were also released including two on Sony’s handhelds; Resistance: Retribution for PSP and Resistance: Falling Skies on the Vita, but those are not the titles I’ll be talking about today. This 3-way showdown are for the mainline games, the ones that came up with a number on the title and for the PS3.

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3WS – Three flavours of Musou

The musou games (sometimes called “warrior” games in the west) are a pretty polarizing sub-genre inside the gaming world. For its niche audience of players, in which I’m included, they’re pretty much some sort of gaming drug with how addicting they get to be. But, on the other side of the spectrum, these games are hated ferociously by other gamers that find it’s simplistic combat repetitive and boring.
Those players could be wondering by now if they should just stop reading the article as they feel like they’ll never want to get any of these games. However, I think they’d do themselves a favour by getting until the end because what we’ll see in today’s 3-Way Showdown is that not all Musou games are the same.
The game’s featured today will be: Fist of the North star: Ken’s rage, Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes and One piece: Pirate warriors. Enjoy.

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3WS – 007’s PS3 games

I bet you can hear the James Bond’s theme inside your head already. He’s the most famous spy in the whole history of fiction. He started in books but ever since the property was born he’s also been in countless movies, spanning during so much time that he’s had to be interpreted by several actors as well, from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig.
The thing is, with how popular games are nowadays, a property like the Bond’s one had to appear in this interactive media as well and he sure did. Lately he’s appeared in more videogames than in movies. Some of the game’s in which this famous spy has been in are regarded as among the best in history though you could argue that most of them are kinda terrible actually. In today’s 3-Way Showdown we’re gonna have a look at some of the 007 games that appeared for last gen’s console, the ps3. In particular: Goldeneye Reloaded, Blood Stone, and 007 Legends.

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3WS – Move’s on-rails shooters

I could consider myself a playstation fanboy but even I couldn’t give a shit about the playstation move when it was announced. I’ve never had any interest in motion controls, always saw them as an unnecessary gimmick and the fact that sony was jumping into that bandwagon didn’t change my mind either.
Only years later after the move came and dissapeared unsuccesful I went and bought one because I saw a pack laying on a bargain bin. I still didn’t have any interest in waggling my way inside some of those infamous minigame compilation games but, there’s a certain genre of games that I have nostalgia for and that I could immerse into fully with that new piece of hardware. The on-rails shooters. I still had fond memories of playing time crisis and point blank back on my old ps1 and I kinda wanted to relive those experiences on ps3 so I went and bought it with a bunch of those on-rail shooters.
The ones I’m gonna compare today are Child of Eden, The House of the Dead: Overkill (extended cut) and Time Crisis: Razing Storm. I acknowledge though that there are many more move-compatible on-rails shooters on the ps3 but those will probably have to wait to a new installment of 3-Way Showdown!

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3WS – PS3’s Crazy racers

The fan-favourite section returns and this time around it is to have a look at one of the genres I enjoy the most. I could have named these as arcade racers and it would have been an adequate name but there’s a line that some racing games cross where not only the cars behave in an forgiving/unrealistic fashion but go way beyond with breakneck speeds, massive drifts and even explosions. That’s what I decided to call crazy racers.
The games I’ll be covering this time around are Burnout Paradise, Motorstorm: Apocalypse and Split/Second: Velocity.

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3WS – PS3 Reboots

An explanation ensues. This isn’t a review nor a top 10 list but a new section we’ve come up with. 3WS stands for “three-way showdown”, here we’re going to compare three different games that have something in common. In all honesty, this is just a way to avoid having to make a review for each one of the three games and instead compresing it up in just one article. But I think it could be interesting, and helpful too. This way you people can learn about three different games at the same time and then decide whichever you prefer.
In today’s 3-Way Showdown, we have three franchises that got rebooted last gen to various degrees of success. Bionic Commando, Splatterhouse and Wolfenstein. Let’s have a look at them.

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