Top 10 PS3’s JRPGs

I previously made a top 10 with my favorite RPGs on the PSP and, unintentionally, they all turned out to be JRPGs. If I were to make a list on that very same premise for the PS3 probably the outcome wouldn’t have been the same. Off the top of my head I can see that some Mass Effect game would have definitely made the list.
In any case, here we have my favorite RPGs on PS3 that also happen to be made by some folks in Japan. For variety reasons and, like always, only one title per franchise can/will be mentioned. Also, and for the very same reason, you can expect many types of RPGs to appear here (action, turn-based, tactical…).
I hope you enjoy the list!

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Top 10 Cars I want on GT Sport

Gran Turismo Sport might be the best looking and most polished GT game ever made but, when it comes to content, it’s clearly behind most of the other titles released by Poliphony. However, while Gran Turismo 2 might had released with over 500 cars back in 1999, due to the lack of online support, the number of cars offered never grew beyond that.
That’s not the case for GT Sport. during these months the game has been receiving plenty of patches and updates adding more game modes, tracks, and specially cars. Still, the game is way behind to the thousand cars you could drive in GT6 so there’s many I wish that would come back (and also new ones) and that’s what this top 10 is about. Here are 10 cars that I wish were available in GT Sport.

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Top 10 “Japan-only” PSP games

I know this might be the worst way to start an article like this but I have to warn you and say “take this with a grain of salt”. For starters and, the most obvious reason is that I haven’t played ALL japan exclusives. The PSP has a bigger catalogue of games that were left out in eastern shores than some other consoles have whole collections. There are literally hundreds of japan exclusive PSP games but out of all those, I’ve only played the ones I own (around 60).
The second reason, and perhaps the most important, is that I don’t really know Japanese. Games that require a certain understanding of Japanese to its enjoyment will be rated lower than games that may be “worse” but instead anyone can pick up and play through it with intuition alone. There’s many Visual Novels and deep RPGs that would probably had made the list if I knew the nippon language.
Lastly, I aim for variety in my top 10 lists so don’t expect me to pick 5 fighting games and 5 rhythm games and call it a day. I’ll try to touch different styles and genres so anyone can find a game they like. If anything, you may take this top 10 as some sort of “guide” of recommended Japanese-only games for non Japanese speakers.

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The Best & Worst Box Art on PSP

Even nowadays when there’s so much information of any game just floating around on the internet that, if you do the research, you can be pretty sure if you’re gonna enjoy a game or not, I still buy some games just cause I find their cover art enticing. That’s the thing, cover art can convince me to purchase a game I’m not that interested in or actually keep me from ever playing it. It might be just me because, apart from playing games I collect them, so the physical case is perhaps more important to me than to an average gamer but, in any case, I digress.
This is a top 10 list just like the ones I made for the PS3 box arts but, in this case, I merge both the best and worst ones on the same article so thank me for that extra click I’m saving you from doing. The quality of the games themselves doesn’t affect their place on any of the lists, it’s just the quality of the frontal box art what made them appear here and both the choices and the order they’re in is all based on my personal opinion/taste.
Let’s begin with this gallery of beauties and “beasts”.

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Top 10 Anticipated games of 2018

The first ever post in this blog was a list of our most anticipated games for 2016, the first post in 2017 was again a list for our most anticipated games of that year and now, there’s this. In all honesty, even though this is almost a staple for our blog now, this is the kind of list I dislike the most having to write. Why? Well, on one hand it’s because this list is such a tease for me. I’d like to be playing these games right now instead of just waiting for them to be released. On the other hand is because I always end up making a fool of myself by anticipating games that, ultimately, don’t end up being released that year or, in the worst case scenario, by anticipating games that don’t live up to our hype (ME Andromeda, I salute you).
I’m exaggerating though, if I didn’t actually enjoy making these lists I’d just stop writting them. In the end, it’s pretty fun looking up to the future and getting excited thinking of the games to come.
This year I bring you the ten games (and a few honorable mentions) I’m more hyped for. Be warned that these picks and the order they’re in is based solely on my personal taste, my “gut feeling” about them and how likely an actual 2018’s release feels to me.

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Our favourite games of 2017

It’s that time of the year which is the end of the year. We played a ton of games thorough these twelve months and Roy and I decided on telling you which of them we enjoyed the most and, let me tell you, we really loved some of the games we had. Even if this year brought us the standarization of some “shady” business practices *cough* loot boxes *cough* ,in terms of game releases, 2017 was pretty great.
This will be our top 10 favourite games from 2017 so have in mind that this is just our opinion(s), that this is a Playstation centered blog so only games released in Playstation consoles will apply and, even more importantly, also take into consideration that we’re just two video game fans so with our limited time and budget we haven’t been able to play all the games released on Playstation either. Games which we couldn’t play yet will obviously not appear here.

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Top 10 Worst PS3 Games

I don’t like this overwhelming wave of negativism that surrounds the video game scene nowadays. If a game doesn’t sell in Call of Duty numbers, it’s a failure; if a game doesn’t reach an 80 score on metacritic, it’s a waste of time for anyone. Also, it always feels like every move of any company is going to ruin the whole video game world for everyone. Let it be a game implementing microtransactions or Konami deciding to create a Silent Hill pachinko machine, it always seems like we’re heading to an unavoidable video game crash.
I don’t know if it’s cynicism from our part or just our perceptions being distorted by this hyperbole machine called the internet but I don’t think I’m the only one who thinks that we gamers as a whole should calm ourselves down. Since the very dawn of video games, bad practices have been made and bad games have been released and here we are, still playing our little electronic toys, aren’t we?
And as a proof, there’s this: These are in my opinion the worst games from the last generation playstation. I have around 400 physical (and over a 100 digital) ps3 games in my collection and, let me tell you, not all of them are stellar. However, this is just my opinion. If you happened to enjoy any of the games that I’ll be citing down below, just be happy for yourself, I tried and just couldn’t…

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10 moments in video games that almost gave me a heart attack

It’s still 2 weeks until Halloween but we’re already getting in the mood for it. Roy and I have been thinking about horror video games lately and sharing anecdotes with each other which brought us these brilliant moments in games that made our hearts skip for a moment.
Here I’m going to share ten terrifying moments in certain video games that personally hit me hard back when I played them. This isn’t exactly a top 10 so the usual rule “one mention per franchise” doesn’t apply. Also, since these moments are better experienced on your own, I have to warn you for spoilers.

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Top 10 PSP RPGs

Roy may scold me for writting too many PSP-related articles but this one was absolutely necessary. Back when I made the overall top ten games for PSP, I had to force myself to diversify and not make most of it be RPGs. Now, I still think that variety within a top ten list like this is a must so, you’ll find here action RPGs, turn-based, tactical RPGs… also, like always, there won’t be more than one game per franchise.
Also, have in mind that this is just my personal picks and the order in which the games are within the list is just result of my own personal taste as well but, in my opinion, if you’re into RPGs, all of these games are must-haves. No filler picks at all.

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