10 moments in video games that almost gave me a heart attack

It’s still 2 weeks until Halloween but we’re already getting in the mood for it. Roy and I have been thinking about horror video games lately and sharing anecdotes with each other which brought us these brilliant moments in games that made our hearts skip for a moment.
Here I’m going to share ten terrifying moments in certain video games that personally hit me hard back when I played them. This isn’t exactly a top 10 so the usual rule “one mention per franchise” doesn’t apply. Also, since these moments are better experienced on your own, I have to warn you for spoilers.

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Top 10 PSP RPGs

Roy may scold me for writting too many PSP-related articles but this one was absolutely necessary. Back when I made the overall top ten games for PSP, I had to force myself to diversify and not make most of it be RPGs. Now, I still think that variety within a top ten list like this is a must so, you’ll find here action RPGs, turn-based, tactical RPGs… also, like always, there won’t be more than one game per franchise.
Also, have in mind that this is just my personal picks and the order in which the games are within the list is just result of my own personal taste as well but, in my opinion, if you’re into RPGs, all of these games are must-haves. No filler picks at all.

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Our top 10 favourite E3 2017 games

The E3 is over and it left us once again with a massive amount of videos and demos to get us hyped for upcoming games. Now that the dust is settled Roy and I joined together and decided which of those showings got us more impressed and came up with this collaborative list. These picks are just our own so don’t get too mad if your favourite game doesn’t appear!

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Top games we want to see more about at the 2017’s E3

We always try to keep our expectations low to avoid dissapointments but with the Electronic Entertainment Expo behind the corner, it’s hard not to start getting hyped for the games to come. This is a top 10 on our most anticipated games to be on the show this year. Some will be shown and others will not but these are games that exist and Roy and I are just dying to see.

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Top 10 PS3 Racing Games

If you’ve been following my articles, you’ll probably know already that I’m a huge fan of driving games and I have a pretty massive PS3 collection so with that in mind, it’s actually kind of surprising that I didn’t write an article like this earlier. In any case, here it is now. These are my favourite racing/driving games you can play on PS3.
It’s all based on my personal opinion, no metacritic scores or anything. Also, for variety purposes and to make this list more “useful”, there will only one game per franchise.

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Top 20 Video Games Tracks

Who doesn’t like a video game with a nice soundtrack? For me, a soundtrack helps you connect with a game’s story and characters in many ways. Me and Colt have always loved listening and collecting themes from games and despite there being so many that it was really difficult for us to chose each of our top 10. I think these tracks define everything we love about video game music and what better way to share them with you than this. There are no words we would think to describe them. A song can represent many feelings for each person individually, we just listen and get lost in the beautiful melodies. Hope you enjoy and like them too!

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Top 10 PSP Games

This very same day but twelve years ago a handheld was born. Well, it wasn’t exactly born but more like released on North America but you get the point. The thing is that it is a special day for this console and the console is a special thing for me. Yes, the PSP wasn’t half as successful as its competitor the DS but this thing was truly great, it sure was powerful for its day and in the following years they sure proved it by providing a ton of awesome games for it. And it is exactly that, the games, what we’ll be celebrating today. These are my favourite PSP games of all time.

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Top 10 Cities In Video Games

Video game environment plays a part as important as the gameplay or characters. This list consist of 10 video game cities I’ve chosen for my top favorite cities in games. I had a lot in consideration such as the design of the city’s skyline, the architecture of the buildings, the level of interaction the player has such as miscellaneous activities and the overall characteristics that make a city special and full of life such as places of interest and pedestrians most importantly. Not all of the cities in this list have all of those characteristics but they all have at least one or two and one may have what the other lacks and vise versa.

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