Collector’s Corner – Rare PS3 games?

If you’ve been following my contributions or simply took a look at this, you’ll know that I kinda have quite a big collection of PS3 games. It’s not just for collecting sake, I actually play through them (as much as my time lets me). The thing is, acquiring so many titles I certainly came to own some that could be considered “rare” or “collectible” so, from that experience, I think I can share my (limited) knowledge on the matter.
In this article in particular I want to explain some “factors” that will probably make certain games to be considered collectible in the future and also put some examples of it. Has to be said that the games you’ll see don’t have to be rare as of today, I’m just talking about chances of being collectible in the future.
So, without further do, let’s see what will make your PS3 games rare.

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PES 2017: Like coming home

This isn’t a review and it was never meant to be. The target audience for this game won’t be really interested in the thoughts someone like me could have regarding this title. Even if I do enjoy football as a sport and therefore I also have fun while playing sport video games about it, I’m certainly not as devoted as the majority of people who buys these games yearly.
And that’s another thing I should mention I guess. Even if I enjoy football games, I don’t buy one every year. I usually wait 2 to 3 seasons to pass by before I get my hands on the next one as neither the roster of players nor the features of the games change that much from one year to the next. I don’t judge the people who do buy them though. If those are your favourite games out there… I understand you. It’s just that there’s too many games out there for me to devote myself into a single series and I just find perfectly comfortable playing FIFA 15 (which actually came in 2014) in 2016.

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Merry Christmas From HPR!

Hello fellow gamers this is just a short post to wish you a Merry Christmas from Leo and Roy! We hope everybody is celebrating the holidays with family and friends. Leo and I are celebrating with two games we got for Christmas; Dishonored 2 and Steep!

Leo is into Dishonored since he loves stealth games so much, it is such a great and cool game to play, and Steep is such a fun game, I love snowboarding so much so of course I’m super excited I got that game. we’d like to hear if you got any game for Christmas and again, happy holidays everybody!

Trivia & Stuff: PS3 Games Worldwide

This almost made it into last november’s “PS3 month” but I backed out because I wasn’t sure on how interesting this might be. But well… it’s my blog so I decide in the end.
The thing is, I’m an european gamer, being more specific, I’m from Spain. But since this is a small country (comparatively) and I have a pretty huge PS3 collection, you can bet that while collecting those games I happened to gather copies from many countries in the world. And, with that, I learned a few things that maybe most people didn’t know about how the whole “packaging” of PS3 games are around the world.
It’s basically trivia. Little details and curiosities that won’t be of any use really but they can be interesting. In any case, it’s not that long of a read and there’s plenty of info and images so give me a chance, okay?

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Leo’s PS3 Collection

Okay, it hasn’t been 10 years since I personally got my PS3. It couldn’t be. Where I live this sony console wasn’t launched until march 2007 but the whole PS3 month is the best oportunity I’ve seen to share my collection with you and even if it hasn’t been 10 years yet, I’ve been with that console for such a long time that I managed to gather a pretty extensive collection.

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Rant – My Undead Nightmare

This wasn’t my initial idea. This was supposed to be a review (or briefiew) on the Red Dead Redemption expansion of sorts called Undead Nightmare. It was the right time to do it, Rockstar recently announced the sequel for Red Dead Redemption and it’s halloween so all of the stars seem to have aligned for me to tackle on this game and give you guys my thoughts on it.
The problem is that I can’t make a review out of Undead Nightmare.
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Sony shuts down Evolution Studios

Sony has announced the closure of Evolution Studios, the creators of Motorstorm and Driveclub series of racing games. This move has been quite surprising considering that their latest game, Driveclub, despite having a troublesome launch managed to be quite a success among the players thanks to the long term support of the studio improving and updating with content the game for more than a year. The latest DLC of the game was launched not further back than this very Tuesday. And a VR version of the game was being developed for the upcoming Playstation VR.

Sony claims that they’re going to try reallocating some of the talent from Evolution to other studios. And that the closure of Evolution in no way means the end of the support for Driveclub.

I wish the best to the folks at Evolution.