Gaming Memories – Learning with Abe

I’m a 90’s kid. The gaming scene back then wasn’t quite how it is nowadays in positive but also negative ways. If you happened to have been a kid on that decade as well you’ll probably remember that the mainstream media wasn’t quite fond of this entertainment medium. Back then, if you heard anything about video games in the news it was always related to something negative. Video games make you dumb, video games make you violent… a lot of bullshit that with time and actual scientific research has been actually proven wrong.
You never heard positive stories about video games back then but I have one that I happen to experience on myself from those times. This “gaming memory” is about that.

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Briefiew – Yakuza 0

Here I’m facing a very difficult task which is to write this briefiew. In the past, the briefiews I struggled the most to write were because those games left me with mixed feelings but that’s not the case this time around.
The problem here is that briefiews are supposed to be brief (of course) but this game is ridiculously massive. I’ll try to be concise but I can’t promise you anything here.

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Briefiew: Injustice 2

When Injustice: Gods Among Us came out i was so excited to play that game because not only fighting games are one of my top games to play but i’m also a DC Universe fan. To be honest i didn’t think it was going to have a sequel or anything like that so here we are 4 years later and Injustice 2 came out. I was so thrilled and couldn’t wait for the release date and to get my hands on it and play it. So here are my thoughts and honest review about it.

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Briefiew – World of Final Fantasy

I have to admit that I got to the Final Fantasy party pretty late. The first FF game I ever played was FFIX back in PS1. I liked it so much that I ended buying (or asking my parents to buy me) VII, VIII and a bunch other games in the series but the point still stands, I was indeed late to the party because when I got FFIX I had never played the SNES ones or even VII and, to be honest, back then I barely played any RPGs at all.
I would be lying if I said this is my absolute favourite RPG franchise but, the Final Fantasy games are the ones that got me into this now beloved genre and for that, it holds a special place in my heart.

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Briefiew – Nier Automata

I’m not really sure what made me buy the original Nier for PS3. I made very little research on it honestly and the reviews on it weren’t very favorable. I do remember reading at a gaming forum that the story of the game was really special and I guess that was enough to spark my interest.
What made me buy Nier Automata then? The original game. I fell in love with Nier, its story, its music, its characters, its tragic world and all of the japanese quirkyness sprinkled all over it. It wasn’t a perfect game and I’d be very selective on the kind of player I would recommend that game for but I love that game.
When a sequel to Nier was announced at the 2015’s E3 I squealed like a little girl and I knew that no matter what I would end up playing that game. I purchased it, played it, got all of its “main” endings and now I’ll review it.

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Character Face-Off: Lili De Rochefort vs Karin Kanzuki

Karin and Lili have a very similar background when it comes to their personal style, combat, and lifestyle. Both share many characteristics and it has been noted before. I took a chance to do some research and find out why these two are so alike yet so different. These two dangerous beauties come from rich families, both are spoiled, manipulative, competitive and both have the typical mean/queen bee personality. On the other side, they both know what they want and can still maintain their cool and maturity. They also have mastered a fighting style taught by themselves. So the question is: which of these two sophisticated, rich, yet deadly ladies would win in a fight? We’ll take different things into consideration and find out who would, shall we?

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3WS – Hunting games on Vita

No, there won’t be any Cabela-branded game in here where you shoot deer with a rifle. What you’ll find here are outlandish weapons, huge boss battles and cooperative-friendly gameplay.
The games I’ll be comparing for this three-way showdown are Freedom Wars, Soul Sacrifice Delta and Toukiden: Kiwami. I am well aware that there are way more hunting games on Vita but I had to pick three and they’re either worse than these (like Ragnarok Oddyssey) or I haven’t played them yet (like God Eater 2). Let’s just dive in.

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Briefiew – Wipeout Omega Collection

I wasn’t planning on buying this game. I’m a big racing fan, and I’ve always enjoyed the Wipeout series (except for Fusion) but, the thing is, liking this series has made me do something really strange which is… buying its games. I happen to own Wipeout HD and Fury and also Wipeout 2048 for the Vita already and they both looked and played fenomenally on their original systems so I didn’t feel the need to double dip and get them again for the PS4.
The problem is that I walked into a retail store the other day and I saw this case next to a very tempting reduced price tag and I couldn’t resist.

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Our top 10 favourite E3 2017 games

The E3 is over and it left us once again with a massive amount of videos and demos to get us hyped for upcoming games. Now that the dust is settled Roy and I joined together and decided which of those showings got us more impressed and came up with this collaborative list. These picks are just our own so don’t get too mad if your favourite game doesn’t appear!

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