Briefiew – Trackmania Turbo

I remember how back in the day, during the PS1 era, level/track editors were a huge deal for me personally. I actually made my father get me Moto Racer 2 simply because it had one of those and I remember being slightly dissapointed at its “simplicity” when I actually got to fiddle with it (but then I never told him). I enjoyed V-Rally 2‘s track editor much more and, even though I never managed to create anything worthwhile, I spent countless hours making levels for Tenchu 2. The Tony Hawk‘s franchise also featured very robust level creators but, even then, the levels provided by the devs in the campaign were always better.
That was then but time has passed quite a while. This feature in games has never caught up enough to actually become a standard in games but, at the same time, it has never dissapeared completely either. Every once in a while some game appears that lets you create or at least edit levels or tracks in them and when I play one of those, I can’t help but to be remembered of that late 90’s era in which this particular feature lured me so much.

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New games from Paris

This week is the Paris Games Week. Sony has attended to it and even held a conference in which they showed a bunch of games. We got to see a bunch of new footage of games they’ve shown countless times before like some flashy action for God of War or a truly white knuckling event in Detroit… but they’ve also showed games we haven’t seen before and this is what this article will be about.
I won’t be talking about all of them in detail as there were a ton of indie/VR titles among those but just about the seven that left a bigger (positive) impact for me.

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Briefiew – Neverending Nightmares

Indie creator Matt Gilgenbach’s is the responsible of this game. Unlike many games being developed nowadays this wasn’t just a commission from some higher ups or a project crafted through focus group testing, this was more of a personal tale.
This game was inspired by Gilgenbach’s real-life battle with depression and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. It’s both a therapeutic way for him as an artist to express the “personal hell” he’s been through while also giving awareness to the public of the problems that people with similar mental disorders have to deal with.
That alone would be enough for me to give this game a try and since I’m writting this review, I’ve already did so… here’s my review for Neverending Nightmares.

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Briefiew – The Bunker

Does the acronym FMV mean anything to you? It was a marketing buzzword like any other and it meant Full Motion Video. That “technique” consisted basically in filming real actors and making an interactive piece around it. It may be confusing nowadays but this was kind of a big thing in gaming for a (short) period of time.
Probably the most famous FMV video game of all might be Night Trap which has been revisited/remastered and ported to PS4 recently. Having the game a spooky premise and such, it’d be a great opportunity to review the title but… I’d rather review something good.

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10 moments in video games that almost gave me a heart attack

It’s still 2 weeks until Halloween but we’re already getting in the mood for it. Roy and I have been thinking about horror video games lately and sharing anecdotes with each other which brought us these brilliant moments in games that made our hearts skip for a moment.
Here I’m going to share ten terrifying moments in certain video games that personally hit me hard back when I played them. This isn’t exactly a top 10 so the usual rule “one mention per franchise” doesn’t apply. Also, since these moments are better experienced on your own, I have to warn you for spoilers.

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Briefiew – Ride 2

This is the first time I get to review a sequel to a game I’ve previously reviewed too. It’s a strange sensation, makes me feel like I’ve been around for a while even though it’s only been a year and a half so far. Anyway, these are only feelings I’ve got as I started writting down this piece, the important part is my experience with the game at hand, Ride 2.

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Fortunately for us, we’re still not quite where the movie business is nowadays where any big major release has to be based off something else. Be a comic, book or video game adaptation, sequels, prequels and spinoffs or, of course, remakes. I’m not saying that not being an original concept automatically labels a movie as trash but in the long run this constant recycling of ideas will hurt the medium. At the very least, have a couple big original films every so often so in 20 years there will be something to remake.
In any case, this isn’t a movie blog and this article in particular is about developing remakes so demonizing remakes would be pretty hypocritical on my part. Also, even if the video game scene still pumps out their Horizon: Zero Dawns and their Overwatches, most AAA video games nowadays are also based off something else (mostly in the form of sequels).

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Briefiew – Carmageddon: Max Damage

As a 90’s kid and an enthusiast of games featuring cars, you might imagine that I have a nostalgia for this franchise but I really don’t. It’s not like I didn’t play the game back in the day because my parents wouldn’t let me, no. Back in the day I had the PS1 european version of this game and I could have played it to my heart’s content but this game was never among my favourites. The problem may not have been with the game on its whole but with the specific censored port of the game I had to play.
In any case, it’s been almost 20 years since then. That’s a lot of time and a massive boost on technology so I figured this could be the perfect chance to give this controversial franchise another try.

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Briefiew – Shantae 1/2 Genie Hero

This time around I don’t really have any personal history with this gaming series. Before I got the chance to play this game I had heard about the Shantae series and I had heard very good things about it actually but I had never personally played any Shantae game ever.
So, this was a blank slate for me, nothing particular to expect from the game but this would become my standard as what to expect from the Shantae games in the future. What a responsibility for such a tiny game card…

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