My thoughts on Sony’s E3 (2017)

If you know any Radiohead you’ll probably know where this is going.
Last year I wrote separate articles with my impressions on some of the games Sony showed but I figured that concentrating them into one this time around wouldn’t be so bad. Specially considering that there wasn’t that much new to explain. In any case, there were games and I have my own opinions on them so let’s begin.

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PS+ Games of March 2017

Next week’s tuesday will be the day when the new games from the PS+ program will arrive but Sony has announced the titles already so here we are. Like every month, I’ll try to explain very briefly what to expect from them but, as I haven’t played them all for myself yet, you can take my opinion with a grain of salt.

Anyway, these will be the games.

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PS+ Games of December 2016

It’s that time of the month again. Sony has announced which will be the games that Playstation Plus subscribers will be able to download next week. This time around I’m afraid I can’t be as useful and give my personal opinion on the quality of said games as, of all six, I have only played one.

In any case, this are the games that will be given.
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PS+ Games of September 2016

Do you remember the ps+ games of September? Well, of course not. They weren’t revealed until some hours ago but they were now so I came to tell you about them.
Again, like last month, or any upcoming month for that matter, I haven’t played all of the games so take my opinion on them with a grain of salt. These are just my impressions not a review or anything.

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Metal Gear Survive: My thoughts

So, gamescom happened and several games were revealed at the event and, among them, probably the biggest surprise was Metal Gear Survive. And I deliberately chose the word biggest over something like greatest because, even if the game managed to be talked about pretty much everywhere, it certainly wasn’t received positively.
Which is, again, a surprising feat. I’m of the opinion that, no matter how much backlash one games gets, there will be someone out there who actually likes it. However, those who like this new Metal Gear game must be hiding in a cave or something because I haven’t heard  yet a positive opinion on that gamescom trailer. I think that’s already enough reason for me to give my two cents on this reveal so here it is.

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WWE 2K17 Roster Reveal

As you all probably know WWE 2K17 is coming out in October this year. Me being a fan I’m super excited and can’t wait to share with you the updated official roster reveal IGN will be teasing every week with new screenshots, news and videos. This new game is already looking pretty impressive and I’m just counting the days until it comes out. I’ll be checking every week on updated news and roster additions to the game and will be posting them in here. So far these are the official roster they have revealed for now.

Tune in every week for more roster updates and tell us in the comments who your favorite WWE wrestler is and if you are satisfied with the roster so far! We would like to read your thoughts.

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PS+ Games of August 2016

The news are up and we finally know which are the games that will be available for download to us playstation plus subscribers next week. An angry friend of mine thought it would be a neat idea to let other people around the interwebs know what the games are about since sometimes sony chooses some obscure games that most people haven’t even heard about. Then you can decide if the games can be your cup of tea or would just be a waste of hard drive space.

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Resident Evil 7 Biohazard: Demo Impressions

As soon as I saw the trailer I was totally surprised on how different this game is compared to previous installments. The demo is spooky and scary, it definitely gave me chills. I wished that the next RE game would have more of a scary/survival horror theme and not so action based but his sure was more than what I was expecting.

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