Top 10 PS3 Racing Games

If you’ve been following my articles, you’ll probably know already that I’m a huge fan of driving games and I have a pretty massive PS3 collection so with that in mind, it’s actually kind of surprising that I didn’t write an article like this earlier. In any case, here it is now. These are my favourite racing/driving games you can play on PS3.
It’s all based on my personal opinion, no metacritic scores or anything. Also, for variety purposes and to make this list more “useful”, there will only one game per franchise.

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3WS – WWII Air combat on PS3

What a bunch of acronyms on the title alone!
World War II was all the rage in the early years of PS3 but the genre got overexposed or people simply grew tired of it and that resulted in a pretty big hiatus where no big budget title wanted to bring the player back to that dark era in history. That gap seems to have reached an end now that the series Call of Duty is going back to its roots and will be delivering a WWII experience this upcoming november.
The thing is, this hiatus might have been real for the big shooter titles like COD and Battlefield but in more “niche” territories like strategy or flight combat games, companies have kept using this period as their backdrop. That later genre is the one I’ll be looking at in this article. In particular, I’ll be comparing Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers, Birds of Steel and Heroes over Europe. Let’s take a look at them.

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Collector’s Corner – Rare PS3 games?

If you’ve been following my contributions or simply took a look at this, you’ll know that I kinda have quite a big collection of PS3 games. It’s not just for collecting sake, I actually play through them (as much as my time lets me). The thing is, acquiring so many titles I certainly came to own some that could be considered “rare” or “collectible” so, from that experience, I think I can share my (limited) knowledge on the matter.
In this article in particular I want to explain some “factors” that will probably make certain games to be considered collectible in the future and also put some examples of it. Has to be said that the games you’ll see don’t have to be rare as of today, I’m just talking about chances of being collectible in the future.
So, without further do, let’s see what will make your PS3 games rare.

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PS+ Games of March 2017

Next week’s tuesday will be the day when the new games from the PS+ program will arrive but Sony has announced the titles already so here we are. Like every month, I’ll try to explain very briefly what to expect from them but, as I haven’t played them all for myself yet, you can take my opinion with a grain of salt.

Anyway, these will be the games.

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3WS – Ricer racers on PS3

I am well aware that the term “ricer” is borderline offensive for the people that like to customize their cars but I can’t hold myself when it comes to puns and wordplay in general. In any case, this will give you a good idea on what are these games about. Massive spoilers, flashy colored vynils and lots of japanese imported cars is what you’ll find in here.
The three games we’ll be inspecting today strangely came quite early in the PS3’s lifecycle and they are Need for Speed: Carbon, Juiced 2: Hot import nights and Midnight Club: Los Angeles. Let’s take a look at them.

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Import Briefiew – Iron Sky: Invasion

I’m stretching the definition of what an imported game is in here because, even though this game was officially released only in Europe, I happen to be from there so I just walked into a regular store and picked it up. As easy as that. It wasn’t even expensive at all, and that’s what scared me the most. Because last time I bought a game of these characteristics I came across Bloodbath and that was one of the worst games I’ve ever played on PS3. How will this game fare in comparison? Read the review and find out.

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Trivia & Stuff: PS3 Games Worldwide

This almost made it into last november’s “PS3 month” but I backed out because I wasn’t sure on how interesting this might be. But well… it’s my blog so I decide in the end.
The thing is, I’m an european gamer, being more specific, I’m from Spain. But since this is a small country (comparatively) and I have a pretty huge PS3 collection, you can bet that while collecting those games I happened to gather copies from many countries in the world. And, with that, I learned a few things that maybe most people didn’t know about how the whole “packaging” of PS3 games are around the world.
It’s basically trivia. Little details and curiosities that won’t be of any use really but they can be interesting. In any case, it’s not that long of a read and there’s plenty of info and images so give me a chance, okay?

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Briefiew – Sky Force Anniversary

It’s so strange for a game to receive this suffix “anniversary” and not be like some sort of really old school videogame series. At first I thought it was just my ignorance about not knowing about this series but digging out I discovered that the original title in this series is as recent as a 2004 mobile release. Later this game went the FTP route and finally we got this game released on PS4, PS3 and VITA.
Those doesn’t sound like the best precents and certainly they’re not but I love my shoot ’em ups and playing them on the go is actually a guilty pleasure of mine so I decided to give this VITA version a try. Now here’s my review from it.

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