Character Face-Off: Lili De Rochefort vs Karin Kanzuki

Karin and Lili have a very similar background when it comes to their personal style, combat, and lifestyle. Both share many characteristics and it has been noted before. I took a chance to do some research and find out why these two are so alike yet so different. These two dangerous beauties come from rich families, both are spoiled, manipulative, competitive and both have the typical mean/queen bee personality. On the other side, they both know what they want and can still maintain their cool and maturity. They also have mastered a fighting style taught by themselves. So the question is: which of these two sophisticated, rich, yet deadly ladies would win in a fight? We’ll take different things into consideration and find out who would, shall we?

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Character Face Off: Chloe Frazer vs Ada Wong

Ada and Chloe are two of gaming’s most notorious characters. Both share many similarities; they are both intelligent, resourceful, devious, bold, sensual, have played a double agent and both have a signature red color in most of their outfits. I always wondered what would happen if they would face one another and what other than right here right now to compare both and see which one is the top femme fatale.

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Character Face Off: Liu Kang vs Ryu

Who doesn’t love a good classic fighting game? Fighting is one of my top three favorite genres in video games. In this face off the two opponents are none other than two of the most iconic and distinctive characters in any fighting game; Ryu from Street Fighter and Liu Kang from Mortal Kombat. Let me say this was really hard to compose since both are really strong contenders and share many similarities, but like in any battle… there can only be one winner. Who will it be? Hit that button and find out.

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Character Face Off: Nathan Drake vs Lara Croft

I see everybody online always debating which character is better; Nathan Drake or Lara Croft. Big question there because both character are so good in many aspects that arguing about it always seems to be of no end. But who wins? No one really knows, both have their good and bad qualities. In this face off I’ll name some facts about each character and put it on comparison against the other on each round. The one with the highest score wins at the end. I won’t try to be biased, I’ll be as fair as I can. The arguing is over ladies and gentlemen, even thought this battle will be hard because both characters have very similar characteristics, but there has to be only one winner and we are going to find out.

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