Briefiew – Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands is a tactical shooter video game set in an open world and played from a third person perspective. Instead of having a futuristic setting like the latest games in the Ghost Recon series, Wildlands features a modern-day setting. Here is my review of it.

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Briefiew: Injustice 2

When Injustice: Gods Among Us came out i was so excited to play that game because not only fighting games are one of my top games to play but i’m also a DC Universe fan. To be honest i didn’t think it was going to have a sequel or anything like that so here we are 4 years later and Injustice 2 came out. I was so thrilled and couldn’t wait for the release date and to get my hands on it and play it. So here are my thoughts and honest review about it.

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Character Face-Off: Lili De Rochefort vs Karin Kanzuki

Karin and Lili have a very similar background when it comes to their personal style, combat, and lifestyle. Both share many characteristics and it has been noted before. I took a chance to do some research and find out why these two are so alike yet so different. These two dangerous beauties come from rich families, both are spoiled, manipulative, competitive and both have the typical mean/queen bee personality. On the other side, they both know what they want and can still maintain their cool and maturity. They also have mastered a fighting style taught by themselves. So the question is: which of these two sophisticated, rich, yet deadly ladies would win in a fight? We’ll take different things into consideration and find out who would, shall we?

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Gaming Memories – Mortal Kombat Trilogy

Mortal Kombat Trilogy is a game first released in 1996 by Midway, the 5th in the series overall. It’s a fighting game and was a major commercial success and it received good critiques. I actually first played it on my Nintendo64 (N64) in 2002, 6 years after its original release but this isn’t my review on it. I loved this game as a kid so you know I’d recommend it right away on my nostalgia alone, that’s not what this article is about. The thing is, I hold many great memories of Mortal Kombat and the good times I had with friends playing it that I wanted the world to know. That’s why we came up with this new category in our blog in the first place, because Leo and I would love to share our good gaming memories with you.

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Briefiew – Skyforge

Skyforge was first released as a PC game in 2015 and then re-released for the PS4 in April this year. It is a science-fiction, fantasy MMORPG where players create their characters and start a new adventure. It is set, in a futuristic world where fantasy and science are mixed. My first impression of this game was “wow, this game’s looking pretty neat, and it’s free!” So then I gave it a try…  and here is my review of it.

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Game Ideas: Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA6)

Like all GTA games, I would really want this game to be all over-the-top, lots of action, drama, violence and sex, because… that’s what all GTA games are all about right?? I really liked the three protagonists idea from GTAV, it was very cool and you could see all different points of view and different personalities and lifestyles of all three characters. That idea probably came up from GTAIV’s main character Niko and it’s two DLC protagonists Luis and Johnny.  So lets get on with it, I hope you like it and share your own thoughts, wishlist and ideas!

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Top 20 Video Games Tracks

Who doesn’t like a video game with a nice soundtrack? For me, a soundtrack helps you connect with a game’s story and characters in many ways. Me and Colt have always loved listening and collecting themes from games and despite there being so many that it was really difficult for us to chose each of our top 10. I think these tracks define everything we love about video game music and what better way to share them with you than this. There are no words we would think to describe them. A song can represent many feelings for each person individually, we just listen and get lost in the beautiful melodies. Hope you enjoy and like them too!

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Top 10 Cities In Video Games

Video game environment plays a part as important as the gameplay or characters. This list consist of 10 video game cities I’ve chosen for my top favorite cities in games. I had a lot in consideration such as the design of the city’s skyline, the architecture of the buildings, the level of interaction the player has such as miscellaneous activities and the overall characteristics that make a city special and full of life such as places of interest and pedestrians most importantly. Not all of the cities in this list have all of those characteristics but they all have at least one or two and one may have what the other lacks and vise versa.

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Character Face Off: Chloe Frazer vs Ada Wong

Ada and Chloe are two of gaming’s most notorious characters. Both share many similarities; they are both intelligent, resourceful, devious, bold, sensual, have played a double agent and both have a signature red color in most of their outfits. I always wondered what would happen if they would face one another and what other than right here right now to compare both and see which one is the top femme fatale.

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