Character Face-Off: Lili De Rochefort vs Karin Kanzuki

Karin and Lili have a very similar background when it comes to their personal style, combat, and lifestyle. Both share many characteristics and it has been noted before. I took a chance to do some research and find out why these two are so alike yet so different. These two dangerous beauties come from rich families, both are spoiled, manipulative, competitive and both have the typical mean/queen bee personality. On the other side, they both know what they want and can still maintain their cool and maturity. They also have mastered a fighting style taught by themselves. So the question is: which of these two sophisticated, rich, yet deadly ladies would win in a fight? We’ll take different things into consideration and find out who would, shall we?


  • Lili: Emilie made her debut in Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection in 2005 where she became a fan favorite. She then returned in 2007 for Tekken 6 and Tekken Bloodline Rebellion in 2008. Her next main series appearance was in Tekken 7 initially released in 2015. Her spin-off appearances include: Tekken 3D Prime Edition, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Tekken Card Tournament, and Tekken Revolution. Lili’s also been featured in many other games apart from the main series such as: Queen’s Gate, Street Fighter X Tekken, Digimon World Re:Digitize, Full Bokko Heroes X, and Galaga: Tekken Edition.
  • Karin: Karin made her gaming debut in the main Street Fighter series in Alpha 3 released in 1998, from then she was absent from the main series for a long time eventually returning in Street Fighter V in 2016. Besides the main series Karin has been in many other media, like crossover games such as Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter, Capcom Fighting Evolution, SNK vs. Capcom: Match of the Millennium, Namco x Capcom, and Granblue Fantasy. Before appearing in any game, Karin was first introduced in the manga series Sakura Ganbaru! and in the comic series published by Udon.




  • Lili: Lili executes every of her moves with grace and poise, her fighting style if more like street fighting since it’s self-taught and self-developed by herself and she lacks any form of official training or moves. But officially her style is considered to be a unique variation of Bartitsu, combined with gymnastic and acrobatic maneuvers. Lili is very confident with her fighting abilities and has taken good critiques and praised for her gameplay and fighting techniques.
  • Karin: Much like Lili; Karin uses her own variation of martial arts learned by herself named the Kanzuki Style martial arts. She has a wide set of punches, strikes,  throws and aerial attacks, her versatility allows her to stay on top of her game during a fight and she is very proud and confident on taking any enemy of any size. She usually likes to change the speed and variety of her attacks, this helps her because it makes her opponents confused as to what she will do next. She is also very well experienced in various forms of Bushido, Military Arts and combative sports like Japanese Pro-Wrestling and mixed martial arts.




  • Lili: She has mostly received good critique and immediately liked by fans for her fighting style and character design. Since her debut, Lili has been used in promotional art and official series merchandise. Being referred as one of the most beautiful women in the series, she is tall, has blue eyes and long blonde hair, she is also a very elegant and fashionable Monegasque who comes from a very wealthy family. Her primary outfits usually consists of a white decorative top with long sleeves and a red neckband worn over a white frilly skirt and knee-high white boots. She can be a little sassy and flirty at times and likes a challenge.
  • Karin: Karin is extremely hateful and competitive, coming from a rich family, she typically refers to people who are not on her “level” as commoners or inferiors. She is very spoiled and snobbish and don’t accept a “no” for an answer. Karin has an athletic body and has blonde hair which she usually styles it long ringlet curls. She wears a custom-made school girl uniform made only for her with red boots and a blue neckband (white in SFV). She appears to wear her panties over her black lycra leggings and completes her looks with a blue bow on the back of her head. Despite having a unique fighting style and personality, Karin hasn’t been as popular as other fighters in the series maybe because the lack of exposure in games, however Karin still is a very prominent character in the few games she’s been in.




Emilie De Rochefort wins this battle by two out of three wins! She is the ultimate annoyingly spoiled, rich mean girl that we all love in video games. Like if you agree and share! Remember that we are not biased towards one specific character we feature in these Face Offs, we like them both! But only one can be the winner.




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