My thoughts on Sony’s E3 (2017)

If you know any Radiohead you’ll probably know where this is going.
Last year I wrote separate articles with my impressions on some of the games Sony showed but I figured that concentrating them into one this time around wouldn’t be so bad. Specially considering that there wasn’t that much new to explain. In any case, there were games and I have my own opinions on them so let’s begin.

I want to start talking about Sony’s conference in general. One of the postive things about it was that the protagonism was clearly on the games. They kept the talks to a minimum and focused on showing trailers and gameplay demos pretty much all the time. So much so that I kinda wished some host would have explained a thing or two about some of the showings but the conference just kept going with whatever came next.
Another positive thing is that the show was “grounded”. They didn’t show cgi trailers or a logo of some game that might or might not exist in the end. It was clear that whatever was being shown were games in a pretty advanced state, no false (or misleading) promises from Sony this year.
The last positive thing I want to talk about regarding Sony’s conference was their support for PSVR. That is not a technology that sparks my interest that much to be honest but it is good that Sony doesn’t leave the users of Virtual Reality hanging and announced some interesting games for it. Moss, Skyrim VR, the Impatient and Bravo Team will give those VR enthusiasts something to anticipate.

Now, the most notable negative note on Sony’s conference is that, unlike the last two years, there were very little surprises. Most of the games shown were already announced and we just got more information on them but, to talk about those games, I rather take them bit by bit.
I won’t be talking about all of the games they showed at the conference nor just the ones that appeared on it, just the ones that I have something to talk about.


  • Shadow of the Colossus – This was the biggest exclusive announced at the conference and I have to say it should be pretty big. They’re using the word remaster when talking about it but from the looks of that trailer, this looks more like a remake being made from the ground up. All of that is great and I would recommend everyone to play the game when it releases but… I’ve played it already on PS2 and I already own the HD remaster on PS3. I don’t think you can sell this game to me anymore.
  • Monster Hunter World – The second biggest announcement I’d say but, in this case, this won’t be an exclusive playstation title. They seem to have added a lot of exciting new mechanics into this game and I know this series has quite a following so I expect a lot of gamers will be excited for this one. If I’m completely sincere though, the game looks a little dated technically. Could there be a Switch port in the works?
  • Gran Turismo Sport – I’m pretty dissapointed with the trailer shown. Trying to ridicule car collecting when it was one of the best features the series has always had and trying to cater to eSports through and through… They announced that the game will be released in fall 2017 but I doubt I’ll be purchasing it then.
  • Detroit: Become Human – They showed a pretty lengthy trailer which let us discover a new character and more of that awesome player choice the game seems to be focusing on. Very satisfied with that except for one thing, they still didn’t dare to show any hint of a release date.
  • Days Gone – This year we got another gameplay demo and the game is shaping up pretty nicely. Graphics are awesome and the interactions with other humans and the whole open-world mechanics seem to be more important than I had thought previously. Also the game has zombie animals, how cool is that?
  • Spider-man – The only thing we had seen so far of this game was a trailer and that got people pretty excited. Now we got a full gameplay demonstration and the game is as good as I expected and then some. The game looks great, it’s very cinematic and the movements and the combat is as fluid as you’d want Spidey to be. This was my personal highlight of the conference.
  • God of War – Mixed feelings about this. On one hand, the trailer looked pretty awesome. Graphics are astounding and the combat seen on the video seem up to par with the God of War name so in that aspect I’m quite satisfied. However, last thing we saw was a live demo and now we just get a trailer with lots of quick cuts… It left me wanting more honestly.
  • Knack 2 – This game didn’t appear in the conference but we got a new video of it and the game is looking so much better than the first one. The enphasis on the platforming and the deeper combat mechanics are very welcome. Also, now we now that the game will be releasing this september 5th.
  • Ni No Kuni II – Another game that didn’t make into sony’s conference but we got shown more of it, including its release date this november 12th. The game is looking great and I can’t wait to play it but at the same time it feels like it’s coming so fast. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was delayed in the future.


And this is all I wanted to say about the games. Talking about the exclusive weapons of Destiny 2 doesn’t really interest me, I hope you can forgive me for that.
Sony’s overall presence at this E3 wasn’t great but it was definitely far from bad. What they showed was great, most of those big games coming are shaping up nicely indeed but it is true that I would have liked to see more. Suckerpunch’s project and gameplay from Death Stranding would have made the show way better but it couldn’t be.
The thing is however, unlike some other companies, Sony doesn’t keep all of their guns for E3. TGS is very important for them and so it is their own event in December. Furthermore, there’s just so many games you can have announced at once. You wouldn’t want to have 3 more big games announced and then have people forget that a AAA game like Days Gone even exists. Overshadowing your own games would be the dumbest of moves.
What did you think of Sony’s showing though? Did you love it? Hated it? Anything in between? Tell us in the comments below.


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