Top games we want to see more about at the 2017’s E3

We always try to keep our expectations low to avoid dissapointments but with the Electronic Entertainment Expo behind the corner, it’s hard not to start getting hyped for the games to come. This is a top 10 on our most anticipated games to be on the show this year. Some will be shown and others will not but these are games that exist and Roy and I are just dying to see.

10. Shenmue 3 – Starting with a downer in this case as we’ve been told this game won’t be on the E3 of this year but we can’t deny how much we want to see how the new Shenmue is taking shape so we can’t leave it out of this list. Just a short in-game trailer would do it for me, really.
9. Days Gone – We first saw this title at last year’s E3 and, quite honestly, it looked like the game was pretty advanced in development already. Back then we got a story trailer and a basic gameplay section showcasing a massive amount of zombies. A new gameplay demo that hints more of its story would be pretty cool I think.
8. Dreams – We can’t let Sony to think that we forgot about this game existing. The concept itself was very original and definitely cool and the creation tools looked very deep. Could they surprise us by announcing support for playstation VR? I don’t know. What I know is that this oniric maker has been in development for quite a while and I think it’s time we get a release date at least.
7. Detroit – Last year’s E3 demo made us have high hopes for this game but there’s still a ton of stuff we don’t know about it yet like the full roster of protagonists the game aims to have. Also, we saw the dynamics of the dialog choices but we didn’t get to see any action going on. Could it be like Heavy Rain’s QTEs or will it be  more like Beyond? It could even be something totally different, who knows?
6. Resident Evil 2 (Remake) – Roy and I are great fans of the original game from back in 1998 and those remastered versions we got on PS4 of the original Resident Evil and 0 has us hyped for some quality remake of this one, which is still my favourite game in the series. I want to see Raccoon’s police station in today’s graphics so much.
5. Spider-Man – Last year’s trailer was all kinds of awesome. Knowing that it was Insomniac the development team behind this spidey title got us all gamers high hopes for getting a proper Spider-man game but we still have to see it running on a live demo. Highly edited trailers is one thing but I want to see Spidey web slinging in real time on PS4.
4. Red Dead Redemption 2 – This game has been recently delayed to 2018 but that doesn’t mean that Rockstar hasn’t been working on it and I want to see how things are going so far. This is one of the most anticipated games for the whole gaming community so there’s a big pressure they have to overcome but still, show us more!
3. God of war – This game caused a massive impression last year but, to be completely honest, as a long time GOW fan, I’m still not completely sold on it. We saw a much more serious and mature approach to Kratos as a character and that’s all fine and everything but… I’m here for the violence. I want to see fights, specially fights with multiple enemies at the same time, classic style. Also, could we get release date pretty please?
2. Death Stranding – I can’t recall any instance of a game so mysterious and, at the same time, so cool as this one. The two trailers we’ve seen from them looked great but they really raised more questions than anything else and one of those questions is “how is this going to play?”. I think it’s time answers that for us and let us show some gameplay of Death Stranding.
1. The Last of Us 2 – Who doesn’t remember the roar of the public as that firefly logo popped on the screen at Sony’s press conference. People (including us) loved the original The Last of Us and we’re dying to see this one but so far we’ve only got a cutscene that might not even reflect the game’s final graphics. Could Naughty Dog show us something in-game this time? I sure hope so.


Runner Ups: Middle Earth Shadow of war, Project Cars 2, Destiny 2, Bloodborne II, Assassin’s Creed Origins


Those are our picks but there’s so many other great games coming that we’d like to see more about. You can even remind us of more of them by commenting below. Have a nice day!


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