Top 10 PS3 Racing Games

If you’ve been following my articles, you’ll probably know already that I’m a huge fan of driving games and I have a pretty massive PS3 collection so with that in mind, it’s actually kind of surprising that I didn’t write an article like this earlier. In any case, here it is now. These are my favourite racing/driving games you can play on PS3.
It’s all based on my personal opinion, no metacritic scores or anything. Also, for variety purposes and to make this list more “useful”, there will only one game per franchise.

10. Split/Second Velocity – One of the strangest names for a video game but this was still a great one. This is the arcade racing game that Michael Bay would have liked to make as it’s as bombastic as it could be. In this game you will have the chance to trigger dynamic events as you race along. Sometimes making a gas station explode to wreck your rival’s cars, other times blowing up entire bridges to open shortcuts for you to take. Anything goes.


9. Blur – This game is often said to be a Mario Kart game if Mario Kart had real life cars. Well, the game has real cars and power ups to attack your rivals but I feel like that comparison unfairly underestimates the real greatness of this game. For starters, the driving in this game is actually, you know, demanding. You have to actually brake to take some corners and choosing the right racing line is actually a must. Also, the the power up system in place has an actual strategy to it making that winning or losing isn’t so much of a matter of luck.


8. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit – There’s been a ton of Need for Speed games on PS3 and I’ve played all of them except for Pro Street. Some are good and some are not but among them all my favourite is easily this one. Great car selection, great chases, great graphics, great soundtrack and above all, a great open road to drive around.


7. Driver San Francisco – This choice may be a little controversial as this is more of a driving game rather than a racing game but, in any case, this game was awesome. The whole premise of being a comatose cop jumping into different driver bodies across the city of San Francisco was as bizarre as it was brilliant. The game was varied, the driving was solid and it had one of the most interesting driving mini games you could even play in split screen. Really, give it a try!


6. Sonic & All-stars Racing Transformed – I’m not a big fan of Kart Racers so for me to pick this game as one of the best racing games on PS3 should already tell you about the quality of the title. Don’t let the colorful graphics and the wacky cast of characters fool you, this isn’t an shovelware-tier kid cash-in game at all. The driving mechanics implemented in this game make for a very fun and surprisingly challenging title that is a total blast to play.


5. Wipeout HD/Fury – I get the feeling that the Wipeout series might be some sort of an acquired taste. In most games, having to deal with tricky physics would be something bad but here that’s the spice of the game. These futuristic ships you’re controlling float above the ground so the way they react to your input isn’t sharp and twitchy but on the contrary. It is a lot of fun to learn the way the vehicles handle though and once you master it, you’ll feel like a badass. Also, there aren’t that many 1080p racing games on PS3 that run at 60fps so give this game a try.


4. Burnout Paradise – I liked (or loved) this game enough that after having my savedata get corrupted twice I still played it a third time and finished it. I loved the Burnout games on PS2, Burnout 3 Takedown might be one of my favourite games ever, but this one was actually a pretty big departure from that. The precise controls, insane speeds and the takedowns were all there but the whole racing experience was now built around a finely crafted open world.


3. Colin McRae Dirt – The last codemasters’s rally game to receive the name of the great Colin McRae and in my humble opinion, it’s the best game they ever did. Yes, the graphics are a little dated for today’s standards but the game is a joy to play. Plenty of rally cars and stages and also plenty of different categories but no gymkhanas to be seen. Everybody wins.


2. Motorstorm Apocalypse – Imagine an arcade racing game where different vehicle types (such as bikes, buggies and trucks) race at the same time, the chaos and the exhilarating fun… that is what Motorstorm is about. Now, imagine those races taking place during the apocalypse, with tornadoes, riots and crumbling buildings all over the place, the mayhem is assured… that is Motorstorm Apocalypse. Has to be mentioned too that the game allows 4 player split-screen action, so much fun.


1. Gran Turismo 6 – Choosing a #1 spot for this list wasn’t easy, it really wasn’t. I gave it a lot of thought but finally I asked myself “If I could only have one racing game on PS3, which one would I choose?” And the answer to that couldn’t be anything else other than GT6. The driving physics are great, the graphics are too but if I have to describe GT6 in one word, I’d choose “endless”. There’s so many cars, so many tracks, so many championships, special and seasonal events… You can play this game forever.

Runner Ups: Race Driver Grid, Sega Rally, Ridge Racer 7, Midnight Club LA, Mad Riders


<You can check a video version of this article here>


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