Briefiew – Skyforge

Skyforge was first released as a PC game in 2015 and then re-released for the PS4 in April this year. It is a science-fiction, fantasy MMORPG where players create their characters and start a new adventure. It is set, in a futuristic world where fantasy and science are mixed. My first impression of this game was “wow, this game’s looking pretty neat, and it’s free!” So then I gave it a try…  and here is my review of it.

Story-wise the game is set in a world where gods are at war. Your character “dies” in the prologue and then resurrects as a “immortal”; immortals are in charge of protecting their gods and their planet and must defend it at any cost. A vital key for the immortals and gods is to have as much followers as they can, they acquire their powers from their followers, the more followers the better. You as an immortal are send to participate in missions that you are able to choose from a map menu by region, each mission gets harder as you move forward to the next region.The game’s story for me is alright… if you are one of those players who don’t care about story in these MMORPGs then you wouldn’t have a problem, but I found it a bit monotonous and the dialogue was alright… but didn’t impress me.

DAJ5sNWVwAAXGRX.jpg large

Gameplay is not bad at all, it’s rather simple and to the point so players won’t have a hard time adapting to it. The missions take place in small limited maps where there’s no much to explore and you just have to follow the path but each “dungeon” as I would call are pretty diverse, from industrial facilities to forests to deserts etc… At the start of the game you can choose class (which only 3 are eligible out of 13). The missions feel a bit repetitive and as you level-up you earn in-game money to purchase valuable items for your characters like weapons and armor. One thing I found I didn’t like is that it takes forever for you to be able to purchase in the game’s store items because you earn so little unless you buy your membership with real money and are able to earn twice as much when you complete a mission.

Or you can just play the missions you have already completed over and over again in harder difficulty meaning you’ll earn more money but then it takes too long for you to reach the amount required to unlock that class because by that time you’ll be already fed up with the game.

DAJ5n9AUAAEF9hg.jpg large

Like any “free to play” MMORPG these days you can play it yes, and even complete the game, but only with the basic stuff. If you want to really wanna have the best experience playing this game at it’s fullest, you have to buy the rest of the character classes and many other in-game items that are cool by paying with your money. The game technically forces you to buy membership because everything else is really basic and not a lot of options. Even having to unlock more space in your inventory you have to pay for it.

My experience with this game is that I got bored of it pretty quick… the missions are fun but very repetitive like I said and finishing the game isn’t worth it for me just by using the basic stuff the game offers you for free.

DAJ5UsjUQAEUlJL.jpg large

One thing I liked was the graphics which are pretty cool and clean and the characters look smooth and detailed, but there’s not many customization options. Animations aren’t bad either but could have been better and you’ll notice it when a cut-scene comes into play. Character creation doesn’t give you many options to chose from therefore you’ll see many other players with the same character model as yours when free-roaming. On the other hand, I think the character design is pretty cool, lots of potential but I just wish they could have done more with it.


Things I liked:

  • Graphics: They’re very good, I was impressed, great texture and detail, however it lacked a little in the animations department.
  • Combat: Fighting the enemy can be pretty engaging thanks to the different classes and how they come into play. Too bad the game likes to hide most of them.

Things I didn’t:

  • Pay to fun: Didnt like that the game basically forces you to purchase the good stuff which should have been free to unlock in the first place. Having to repeat missions that weren’t that good to begin with over and over again doesn’t make for a very fun experience.

Who’d like this?

Skyforge wasn’t my cup of tea but im sure many people who play it won’t mind it at all if they just feel like kicking some ass battling robots and giant insects because the fights were pretty engaging and challenging. Specially what the character classes bring to the table, each has their own skills and abilities and it’s fun to use.


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