Game Ideas: Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA6)

Like all GTA games, I would really want this game to be all over-the-top, lots of action, drama, violence and sex, because… that’s what all GTA games are all about right?? I really liked the three protagonists idea from GTAV, it was very cool and you could see all different points of view and different personalities and lifestyles of all three characters. That idea probably came up from GTAIV’s main character Niko and it’s two DLC protagonists Luis and Johnny.  So lets get on with it, I hope you like it and share your own thoughts, wishlist and ideas!


If they decide to add a city from the past, I wish it’d be Vice City because not only it’s a great city but it’s full of character and culture and I freaking loved roaming though the city in GTA: Vice City and can’t imagine how amazing it would be to be able to experience that again with today’s graphics. However, due to GTAV’s Los Santos which I believe is pretty similar to Vice City when it comes to climate and cultural diversity… it would probably give me GTAV vibes all over again and I wouldn’t want that. So I’m thinking the next city to be featured should be a new city in the series and totally different from Los Santos and Vice City in general. The next installment should be in a city like Seattle, WA, not only it’s one of my favorite cities but it is one of the best cities in the states. Rockstar is well known for capturing and bringing a real-life city into a virtual game in detail in its game series. Seattle has many fantastic landmarks; structures like the Space Needle, architectures like the Chihuly Garden and Glass, and parks like the Woodland Park. I’d be really thrilled to have the city and all its sights featured in a GTA game.


Like i mentioned before, this game should feature 3 protagonists all with different backgrounds and personalities and here they are:

-Vincent Yong: A young mid 20s Korean-American who lives with his roommate in a low-budget apartment. His family was victim of human trafficking back in the day and he is currently dealing with drug abuse and its side effects. He is very good with computers and anything that has to do with technology and its often involved with the underground boxing scene to earn extra cash.

-Eunice De Matteo: The first-ever female GTA protagonist. A Portuguese-American in her early 30s who was a homeless street kid and ex-prostitute. Lived a rough life but it taught her to be strong and now runs a small business and fights against corruption. She is very good at persuading and getting what she wants and loves to be the center of attention.

-Spencer Hill: Spencer is a man in his late 30s and former athlete. Due to his size and strength he usually gets called to help his friends or neighbors when they are in trouble or need to do a dirty job. He gets contacted to work for a powerful organized crime syndicate and accepts because of the money.


Despite all the usual in GTA games, the game should feature all kinds of activities, hobbies and pastimes like racing, going shopping, side missions like Strangers&Freaks(GTAV) and random encounters(GTAIV), hanging out with your buddies, playing mini games like (pool/bowling from GTAIV) or (triathlon/tennis from GTAV). I’d love quick-time events and player’s choice to be included too.

Vehicle customization is a must; I’d really love if they bring it to the next level and make the vehicles run out of gas like in real-life. Something new I’d like to see in GTA6’s main story is the ability to customize your own apt/house. It would be really neat to be able to physically change the body of the characters, something like you could do in GTA: San Andreas, for instance; working out thus making them more fit, or if you eat too much or are lazy they’d gain weight and such.

Also its not something major but make pedestrians strong again like in older games because in GTAV they could easily die from a single slap to the face, so make them have more health and fight back. First person should make a comeback (though I’m not  a fan of it personally) but its a cool feature for those who are into it. The story should be more dark and less comedy-based.

So this is it! What do you think? Are you expecting a new Grand Theft Auto game anytime soon? More importantly… are you excited for it? And what do you think it will be like? Tell us everything! We’d be glad to know.


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