Top 10 PSP Games

This very same day but twelve years ago a handheld was born. Well, it wasn’t exactly born but more like released on North America but you get the point. The thing is that it is a special day for this console and the console is a special thing for me. Yes, the PSP wasn’t half as successful as its competitor the DS but this thing was truly great, it sure was powerful for its day and in the following years they sure proved it by providing a ton of awesome games for it. And it is exactly that, the games, what we’ll be celebrating today. These are my favourite PSP games of all time.

10. GTA: Vice City Stories – If you were to tell me in the year 2001 (the year in which GTA3 came out) that in the future you’d be able to play a game of that scale on a handheld, I probably wouldn’t have believed you but, truth is, it happened. Rockstar put Liberty City in this tiny handheld and later they brought Vice City as well. Was this game as good as Vice City on PS2? Not quite, but it was still a great game.

9. Daxter – The PSP was home of some very interesting spin-offs of popular playstation franchises. The Ratchet & Clank series got its own and it was a very good game as well but our furry friend Daxter has to take the prize this time. This 3D platformer looked amazing on the handheld, played just as good and had lots of humour and charm.

8. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite – Back when Nintendo didn’t have a hold on this franchise Capcom was pumping titles left and right for Sony’s portable device. I played Freedom and Freedom 2 and they were great titles as well but Unite bested both easily. You can spend hundreds of hours on this title and you’ll be glad you did.

7. Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep – There’s one thing that handheld games have always seemed to strive for since as long as I remember, to have the quality of a home version. Square Enix certainly delivered with some of the titles released for this console such as Crisis Core or the Dissidia games but, as a whole, I feel like Kingdom Hearts was the most well rounded offering of the company. It’s as good as the Kingdom Hearts on PS2 but it’s not more of the same. It’s fresh and polished and it doesn’t skimp out on the story either.

6. Patapon 2 – This is a very personal choice of mine. I enjoyed Patapon 2 more than the third, but it doesn’t really matter, they’re all great games. And the reason why they’re so high up this list is because they’re great fun, yes, but they’re also so unique. The artstyle is so iconic but it’s the very concept of the game which feels so innovative that I can’t help but to praise every pixel of this series. Half rhythm game, half strategy… 100% fun.

5. Valkyria Chronicles II – What a weird move Sega did when decided to make the PS3 gem Valkyria Chronicles jump platform altogether and release its sequel only on PSP. Did it make sense business-wise? Not at all. Was the game any worse because of it? Not really. It has to be said that this sequel is even more niche targeted than the original game so maybe that’s why they decided to make the PSP the platform of choice but whatever. The gameplay was just as good as the first game if not better and the gorgeous artstyle still shines through this console’s limitations.

4. Burnout Legends – I’m a huge racing enthusiast and the PSP, unlike the Vita, didn’t skimp on this genre at all. There’s so many great racing games on this platform that I even thought about making a whole top 10 list out of it once. In any case, I couldn’t fill today’s list with racing titles alone so this game had to be chosen. Burnout Legends might be actually one of the best Burnout games ever and that’s saying a lot. It’s fast and flashy and has plenty of content. Don’t miss out on this.

3. Jeanne D’arc – For the top 10 underrated PSP titles I chose Trails in the Sky over this game so now that title has to return the favour and make Jeanne D’arc the one to appear here. This is Tactical RPG at its finest. It’s deep, challenging, has a great story… it hits the nail on all fronts so nobody should forget about this title. Play it now!

2. MGS: Peace Walker – If you have played this title and then played The Phantom Pain, you should have realised that they may as well have called that title Peace Walker 2 instead. Unlike MGS5, Peace Walker has an amazing MGS’s worthy story but, on the other hand, the PSP’s single analog stick might not have been the best way to play this game and that’s the only reason why this isn’t on the top spot on the list. That honor goes to…

1. God of War: Ghost of Sparta – How could the people from Ready at Dawn make this game run on the PSP? Most of the games on this list had very impressive graphics for this system, others like the Syphon Filter games were quite amazing as well but GOW Ghost of Sparta takes the cake. The greatness of this title It’s not just the graphics though. This chapter in Kratos’s story is very well-crafted and interesting. The gameplay is also as satisftying as ever. It’s a shame that not many people played this game compared to the “mainline” games because Ghost of Sparta was truly worth it.



Runner Ups: Outrun 2006 Coast to Coast, Tactics Ogre: Let us cling together, Secret Agent Clank, Gran Turismo, Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core…


This is the suckiest part of the article, the moment I realise how many great games I just couldn’t fit into the list. I also have to say that, even though it’s kinda cheating, I tried to keep the list varied by just picking one game per franchise and trying to restrain myself from making all the list be all about RPGs and Racing games.
Anyway, Do you agree with the list? Which games would have you picked? Trails in the sky? Ridge Racer 2? There’s so many… Just tell me your thoughts and opinions in the comment section and have a nice day!


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