Briefiew – Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

I have to say I wasn’t so “hyped” about this game because of the sudden change it took on the franchise. It really was going to make or break the series for me, I felt kinda scared but not in the good way. I’ve been a hardcore Resident Evil fan for many years now, Resident Evil 2 being my most favorite and the first ever I played back in 2002 (late to the party, I know). When RE4 was released it had more action vibes than classic survival horror but regardless it was a great enjoyable game. Then RE5 and RE6 followed and they were ok in my book… but they weren’t great games, they were focusing more on the action than what really made the series great in the first place. But since im a fan I feel like I have to play all the games and give them a chance. Here is my review of Resident Evil 7.

You play as Ethan Winters, a normal ordinary man who is searching for his wife who has been missing for 3 years, pretty simple right? Little he knew the horror he would have to face in order to find her and not only that… survive in the process. The story is really good, I wasn’t expecting to like it to be honest. I really don’t want to spoil anything so I’m just trying to be as brief as possible but the story was intense, surprising and with a twisted ending to accompany it.


Character development was good, each one of them was very unique and I’m talking about The Baker Family, they were really well created and their dialogue was on point, very creepy and “charming” family. Mia; Ethan’s wife was great too, I liked her character and her story, she played the damsel in distress but soon you’ll see another side of her and I liked that. Ethan…well the fact that we never get to see his face and his emotionless comments turned me off a bit. It’s kind of the low key on all of the characters portrayals.


The scare factor sure was there! The game got me a few times for sure and as a horror fan I obviously liked that. I’m glad they included many aspects from old school RE games which you’ll notice if you play the game. Since your character is just a normal civilian and not a special forces soldier like previous RE characters… it adds more tension in the game and it makes you more scared and that is a good thing. The enemies were very creepy in any possible way, they nailed that.

The graphics are really good, I didn’t notice any glitches but I feel like they got a bit lazy with some objects in the game and if you looked closer you’ll notice and feel like they lack detail, they could had put more work into that. But overall the graphics are great. Like I said before, they added a lot of elements from old-school RE games like the storage box, safe rooms, a typewriter system (in this case a voice recorder), little inventory space among others and that is a plus on my book.


You have to really explore and search around in order to find items and supplies to be able to survive so I suggest you, unless you are an exceptional player, to do that.


  • Things I liked: Many easter eggs and collectibles, the game features easter eggs from previous games and that was awesome. Focused more on survival than action and it had a lot of jumpscares and tense moments. Interesting suspenseful story that keeps you on edge and wondering what’s next. Great character design and atmosphere.
  • Things I didn’t: Ok, many horror games are doing the first person view and for me it feels a little bit overused and repetitive. The game was kinda short.

Who’d like this?

I strongly recommend this game if you are a Resident Evil fan I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as a scary game overall. To be honest I was expecting the game something completely different from what I experienced. My only concern is the first person mode and the little character development from the main protagonist. At least, if they would have showed his face in cutscenes… but cutscenes are part of gameplay so it was a bummer. I understand that first person view in horror games seems to be a thing now and it certainly adds to a more scary factor in the game but I feel like it’s not completely necessary.


So that’s it my friends, did you like Resident Evil 7? I really enjoyed it. I think this will be a new beginning for the franchise.


<The game is available on PS4 and other platforms><This game can be played entirely on PSVR>




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