Top 10 Female Characters in Games

Who doesn’t love a strong, sexy, badass, empowering female character in video games? In this list i’ll be naming my top 10 favorite female characters in video games up until this point. Who knows? maybe one or more of the ladies in this list are your favorites too!

#10- Jade (Beyond Good & Evil)


Jade is the protagonist of Beyond Good & Evil, she is a photojournalist and she has been an orphan through her entire childhood and has no memory of her parents of where she came from. Jade journeys on a quest to save her fellow orphans she’s taken care of. She is protective, courageous, driven and is a bit of a tomboy and will try everything she can to complete her tasks.

#9- Kasumi Goto (Mass Effect)


Kasumi is an expert on sabotage, infiltration and stealth and is known as the galaxy’s most enigmatic thief. Like most Mass Effect characters i love her unique design and from all squadmates she is my top favorite. Unfortunately she wasn’t available as a companion on Mass Effect 3 but sure made a prominent appearance.

#8- Morrigan Aensland (Darkstalkers)


Morrigan has been featured in numerous media, she is a classic character well known in the gaming community. She is a succubus thus she is very confident, sensual, beautiful and powerful, you wouldn’t wanna mess with her.

#7- Taki (Soul Calibur)


The female ninja of the series, Taki is my favorite of the Soul series for many reasons; she is an efficient dedicated fighter, very agile and fast with both her movements and attacks, she is also recognized for her many acrobatic movements, exaggerations of ninjutsu skills, and the use of magic-based unblockable attacks. Love her personality, background and overall look, she is just simply the best in the series for me.

#6- Aigis (Persona)


What’s not to love about Aigis? She is cute and she is a freaking android! Love her. But don’t let her looks deceive you, she is a dangerous weapon, one of a kind, last one in existence. Initially Aigis is just designed to obey orders but she is clearly more than that. She is mysterious and determined and later in the series as her character develops she is shown to be emotional and understanding.

#5- Chloe Price (Life is Strange)


I’ve got so many reasons to like Chloe, she clearly was the highlight for me in that game. From her rebel attitude, sense of humor, personal punk/rock style and loyalty to her friend Max she immediately caught my attention and as the game came to an end she became one of my top characters. She is very misunderstood and a little bit hot headed but she was sincere and love her or hate her she clearly made an impact on many people who played the game.

#4- Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)


Talk about the first lady of gaming, none other than miss Lara Croft. She’s been featured in this blog in other occasions and for a reason. Not only i love everything about her, but she is one of the most iconic game characters of all time. Lara knows everything about archeology and survivalism, she is well educated, crafty and an expert with the bow.

#3- Lightning (Final Fantasy)


I became a fan of Eclair Farron from the moment i first played FF13, and she probed me right in reaching that level of popularity and liking as Cloud has among FF fans. She is a very independent, brave and mature. At first Lightning comes out as being cold and emotionless but deeply inside she is very motivated and caring as she opens up to the other characters. Love her style and she is a badass with her sword.

#2- Claire Redfield (Resident Evil)


“Made In Heaven”. Yes there’s Jill… Ada…, but for me Claire takes top spot from all RE females. Not only she was the very first RE character i played with but she grew on me. She made the biggest transformation of all the others, starting from a teenager biker who didn’t have a clue of what was going on but she proved herself and she went through hell and became one of the top RE characters and now she is a well-known member of the human rights organization TerraSave. Appearing in various games and movies, i couldn’t be more proud of her.

#1- Ellie (The Last Of Us)


Ok, seriously… this list wouldn’t make sense if none other than infamous Ellie was on it AND in first place. Do i even need to describe why i love her? I’s very understandable why she is in number one spot in this list. Ellie is not just the most amazing character ever, she has reached iconic status in my opinion. She is truly remarkable, one of a kind and you just can’t help but love her for who she is.


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