Top 17 games to anticipate this 2017

The first ever post this blog had was a list on our most anticipated games for 2016. Roy and I just picked 5 games each and that was it. The original idea for this was to repeat the formula and make just that but then, as I was researching for this, I realised how many games would have been left out of that list so instead I came up with this.
I won’t promise that next year I’ll be making a top 18 instead. If this escalates too quickly I’ll have to start writting the article on november.
Anyway, these are the games that we’re looking forward for 2017. Some are confirmed and others not so much and certainly I’m sure that a handful of them will be delayed and won’t make the 2017 deadline. In any case, this is the list as of today.

17. Agents of Mayhem – What do you get when GTA does crack? Saints Row. What do you get when a squad-based TPS does crack then? Probably something like Agents of Mayhem. In this game the developers of Saints Row are taking the over-the-top universe of their open world games into a new genre creating what it appears to be what Overstrike should have ended as. And for that reason we should keep an eye on it.

16. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice – This game in development by Ninja Theory (the makers of Heavenly Sword) got me interested the very moment I saw its concept art. Its exotic viking-inspired fantasy world draws me in and for that reason alone I can’t help but to want to dive into the game. Also, the multiple developer diaries that the game receives from time to time hints that Hellblade is shaping up pretty nicely.

15. Gran Turismo: Sport – I’m not gonna lie, this e-sport focused title isn’t what I personally wanted from a Gran Turismo game but in Polyphony I trust and it’s been already 3 years since the last GT6 so I can’t wait anymore to enjoy some Gran Turismo action on my console. As we’ve seen in numerous gameshows where the game has been demonstrated already, GT Sport looks and sounds way better than any previous effort from Polyphony so I’ll give it a chance.

14. Yooka-Laylee – Back in the PS1 and PS2 era 3D mascot platformers were all the rage but that era has been long gone so receiving a game so reminiscent of titles such as Banjo-Kazooey feels quite refreshing. These colorful graphics will sure pop out when I get the final game running on my PS4.

13. Prey – First-person shooters and interesting single-player campaigns don’t seem to go hand in hand in this day and age so when a game like Prey gets announced I can’t help but to get drawn into it. This intriguing space opera caught my interest back when it was announced in last year’s E3 and I can’t wait to play it hopefully in this 2017.

12. Nioh – I have to admit that I’m not the biggest fan of Souls-like games but not even I can’t deny this upcoming title. We know from the demos that the combat is very fast and responsive and the unique flavour that the fantastic Japanese setting gives away that this isn’t just a cheap effort to capitalize on a popular genre. This game is going to be something truly special.

11. Injustice 2 – I can’t keep a 10 minute conversation with Roy without him eventually bringing this game into the conversation. Yeah, I get it, it looks better, flashier and it has many characters that you always wanted to play with but I was telling you that my car broke down, what does that have to do with Supergirl?

10. Gravity Rush 2 – I still consider the original Gravity Rush game to be among the top 3 games on Vita and, although I would have liked at least a Vita port for this one, when this title comes out I’ll be there to get it. I love the surreal world, the colorful artstyle and I love the innocent happy-go-lucky attitude of Kat as well.

9. Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom – The first title on PS3 is hands down my favourite RPG of the platform so this game has a lot to live up to. I haven’t had the chance to play any demos of this game yet but from what I’ve seen from the different gameplay trailers I can keep my hopes as high as they are already. The only reason why this isn’t higher on the list is because I feel like it’s quite likely that this game could be delayed to 2018.

8. Yakuza 0 – Technically this game has already been released and I know it’s awesome and I’m gonna love it but since I don’t know a word of japanese, I have to wait until later this month for it to be released here in the west. Mixing the Yakuza formula of being a quirky open world brawler and setting it in the 80’s seems like a dream come true to me. I should also mention that later this year we’ll also be getting Yakuza 6 and Yakuza Kiwami which I’m also anticipating very much.

7. God of War – After the stellar announcement back at last years E3 I know this game is on the radar of many people and it is also on mine. Not long ago it was announced that the game has reached already a state where you can play it from start to finish so hoping for a 2017 release doesn’t seem too crazy.

6. Nier: Automata – The original Nier is the epitome of a hidden gem and I’m a huge fan of it and the amazing fantasy world that Taro Yoko built for it. I can’t wait to get my hands on the sequel specially after playing the fantastic december’s demo that got us a taste of its responsive combat, great performance and overall its huge scale. March can’t come soon enough.

5. Detroit: Become Human – Roy and I are big fans of David Gage’s game Heavy Rain and we’re also suckers for stories involving androids so this game, which mixes both formulas together, will obviously catch our attention and it certainly did. The game’s graphics are astonishing and the bigger focus on player choice and the branching paths that those will take you have us pretty hyped.

4. Red Dead Redemption 2 – Honestly there isn’t much to know about this title yet but with the impecable track record of Rockstar, the company behind it, it’s no surprise that many people are pretty excited for this game, including us. We’ll know more details about RDR2 in the following months and, hopefully, we’ll be able to play it before the year ends.

3. Persona 5 – Just like with the Yakuza entry in this list. This game has proved itself in its release in eastern shores so there’s no wonder anymore that this game is going to be amazing for us RPG fanatics. That being said, for the people who can’t understand a word of Japanese, the release of Persona 5 in the west is a day to highlight on the calendar.

2. Mass Effect: Andromeda – Even though some (or most) Mass Effect fans would disagree with me on this, I feel like this series kept refining itself further with each iteration last gen and, with the release of Andromeda, I feel like we might have the best game in the whole series. The graphics are gorgeous and the gameplay portions we’ve seen seem to display the best in terms of gameplay as well.

1. Horizon: Zero Dawn – I already chose this game for last year’s “anticipated games” list but this time around, the game will surely be released this year. There’s no much to say in terms of quality that I didn’t mention already last year. It’s a game about mecha dinosaurs, remember?


Runner Ups: Resident Evil VII, Tekken 7, New Danganronpa V3, Berserk and the Band of the Hawk, Tales of Berseria, Outlast 2, Vampyr, Sniper Elite 4, Tokio Xanadu…

The funny part is that even if this list is this long I’m still sure that there’s still several games that I’m missing so please don’t get too upset if the game you’re hyped for the most couldn’t reach the list or isn’t as high as you think it should. There are lots of factors we took into consideration to create this list but all of them are subjective.
In any case, just tell us about which are your most anticipated games for this 2017 in the comments and have a happy new year!


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