Briefiew – Gal*Gun: Double Peace

Allright, I’m telling you now. I refuse to call this game Gal*Gun all throughout the review. Galgun or GGDP will have to do. Remember when Driveclub was introduced to us as “#Driveclub” or when they decided to call the third installment of FEAR “F3AR”. I hate when publishers come with weird ideas like that but whatever this isn’t a rant.
I’m here to talk about the game and, more specifically, review it. Let’s get into Galgun’s sequel Double Peace.


GGDP’s core gameplay would situate it as an on-rails shooter. Instead of blasting zombies with guns like you would do in a House of the dead game, you’ll be “charming” schoolgirls (and teachers) with pheromone shots. Sounds weird, and it is, but I’ll explain that later when I write about the game’s plot.
The thing is, the Galgun’s gameplay isn’t just the shooting at ladies part. The game is actually a mix of an on-rails shooter with a dating sim/visual novel kind of game. There’s different paths you can take as you try to end up with the girl you like and you’ll have to choose the right dialog options if you want her to like you by the end of the game so you’ll get the “true ending”. If you played some other japanese dating sims you’ll know what I’m talking about.
Apart from that the game also has some sort of minigames which display the most “pervy” parts of the games. On one hand there’s the Doki-Doki mode which is some sort of special attack that gets triggered by pressing the triangle button. There some girls are transported into some strange pink realm where you have to touch them (poking and rubbing them with the touchscreen) until they reach a level of euphoria that makes them do the peace sign with both hands, hence the name of the game I guess.
The other kind of minigame is the one that entwines shooting at tiny moving targets and doing some sort of rubbing motion the game asks. Those come up in the most “intimate” moments of the game like when rubbing some special ointment on the girls or trying to liberate one of the girls trapped in a window opening.


Now moving to the plot because if you haven’t played the previous Galgun game you’re probably still scratching your head at the shooting at ladies part.
There’s this angel Ekoro that’s supposed to hit you (the protagonist) with an arrow that will help you find love. However, she’s an aprentice and gets nervous when she notice that also a demon is stalking you so, when she’s supposed to hit you with a regular arrow, she overcharges it and hits you with too much strength. That makes the protagonist irresistible to any female for a day. There’s a catch though, since you’re bursting with charm for a day, if you can’t find true love before the charm runs out today, you’ll be forever alone.
That’s why you have to reject all of the girls except of whoever you choose to be your special one. Girls will try to hit on you, shouting you words of admiration, trying to hand you love letters or even grabbing you and kissing them but you have to remain strong. Shoot them with your charm so they climax (sort of) before they can lure you with their love.
Soon enough you have to choose one among the different routes the game has. At first it’s a binary choice between two sisters that were childhood friend of yours but by completing those routes other paths open. Each one has a different story arc but those are for you to find out.
The story is pretty wacky and silly that’s for sure but it sure amazes me how inventive japanese minds can be at creating fanservice games. I gotta admit that not in a thousand years I would have ever come up with an idea like that for a game’s premise.

Talking about the technical part of the game I should admit that the game’s graphics are very nice. The portrayal of the ladies which is obviously where most of the effort was put on, is pretty good for vita standards. Everything has a very anime look, not just from the design but also on the animations.
As for the sound department it should be said that the voices of the girls are in japanese with only english subtitles supported for the cutscene dialogs and such.
The music for the game is quite simplistic but light-hearted and they’re overall pretty catchy so I have to admit that was probably the most fitting choice for a game like this.


Things I liked

  • Funny: The whole premise of the game is pretty funny in itself but it’s the little details what made me chuckle the most. Like the very exaggerated moves of extasy the girls do when you shoot them at the right spots. This sure is a wacky game.
  • Replayabilty: Because of its arcade roots, on-rails shooters have a tendency to be very short. In fact, one playthrough of GGDP isn’t that long either but the difference is the reasons the developers put into this game to make you come back of it after your first playthrough. There’s obviously the different girl routes you can choose and unlock, and each one also has different endings too depending on your performance and dialog choices. There’s also different paths within the levels and secret unlockables to find…


Things I didn’t

  • Performance: There’s a ton of load times and they’re kinda long but the worst offender clearly is the framerate which takes huge dips once in a while. It doesn’t completely ruin the game but it sure is annoying.


Things that eh…

  • Controls: I love on rails shooters. Maybe it’s my nostalgia because some childhood memories at amusement arcades but I love them. Anyhow, everyone knows that on rails shooters should be played aiming with some sort of plastic gun and because of this game is on the vita, you can’t do that. It’s not like the sticks of the vita don’t let you aim properly but it feels wrong to play a game like this with an analog stick.


Who’d like this?

This game might not be for the hardcore on rail shooter enthusiasts but more for the hardcore fanservice gamer. The game premise alone is very original, it’s very replayable and gameplay wise is solid enough but you’ll only get the most out of it if you enjoy this kinds of sexualized games.


<This was a review on the Vita version of GalGun Double Peace but the game is also available on PS4 and other platforms> <No, the game can’t be played with move controls either on PS4>


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