Briefiew – Watch Dogs 2

The first time I played WatchDogs, back in 2014, I didn’t feel too attached to the game. I felt they could have done a lot more to improve the game in general and I thought that was it for Watch Dogs, that eventually the game was going to be forgotten in time. But I guess I was wrong. I’ve been playing the sequel for these past couple of weeks and I must say they really stepped up their game. It is a big step forward from the previous game but read the details here in my review of it.


The story takes place in one of my favorite american cities, San Francisco. You play as Marcus Holloway, an intelligent and driven young man on a journey with his team DeadSec in a battle against corrupted company Blume where they plan on exposing them and shutting down for using and taking advantage of innocent people.

The gameplay is much better than the first game. The creators took notice and listened to the fans making the driving and hacking mechanics smoother and more realistic as well as the city pedestrian animations. As Marcus, the player can hack almost any electronic device around the city including cars, traffic lights, phones, public monitoring cameras and many others in a fun and clever way.


Besides the main missions, there are lots of other activities you can do around the city like side missions, puzzles, races… also there’s character, car and weapon customization etc. You can also take jobs driving clients around the city to their destinations (which is a Driver San Francisco Easter Egg) or take amazing pictures of the city’s most popular landmarks.


For me playing this game has been a very fun experience. What I like about this game is its more detailed approach compared to the first game. Character development can make a huge difference and I felt connected with Marcus in this game way more than I felt with Aiden in the first one where you could categorize him as “just another character wit the same personality and vibes I’ve seen for the 1000th time in a video game”. I highly recommend this if you like open world games, you are into tech stuff and maybe into the hipster scene.


-Things I liked: Different ways to approach missions, you can do it the stealthy way and non-lethal or the lethal and direct way of using fireguns. I like that you can do more than just the main missions and don’t feel bored. Showcasing San Francisco city and it’s culture… well most of it. Making the entire city your playground, fun and engaging characters and diverse activities.

Things i didn’t like: I noticed a bit of technical issues like glitches and low frame rates but since the latest patches they seem to have fixed that mostly.



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