Character Face Off: Liu Kang vs Ryu

Who doesn’t love a good classic fighting game? Fighting is one of my top three favorite genres in video games. In this face off the two opponents are none other than two of the most iconic and distinctive characters in any fighting game; Ryu from Street Fighter and Liu Kang from Mortal Kombat. Let me say this was really hard to compose since both are really strong contenders and share many similarities, but like in any battle… there can only be one winner. Who will it be? Hit that button and find out.


  • Most Media Appearances:

-Liu Kang: Kang has been around since the very first Mortal Kombat game in 1992, since then he became one of the top favorites and the protagonist of the first MK games and movies as well in the first comic book volume. He has made appearances in 18 Mortal Kombat games to date, either playable or non-playable. He has been portrayed in movies such as Mortal Kombat (1996) and Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1997), the web series Mortal Kombat: Legacy second season (2013) and the animated series Mortal Kombat: Defenders of The Realm (1996).

-Ryu: Ryu made his debut in the first Street Fighter game in 1987 and he’s been the series poster boy and the main protagonist. He has appeared in all of the SF games which include Street Fighter II (1991) and all of it’s updated versions, Street Fighter Alpha (1995) and all of it’s updated versions, Street Fighter III (1997) and all of it’s updated versions, Street Fighter IV (2008) and it’s updated versions and Street Fighter V (2016). Overall Ryu has appeared in over 20 games in the SF series. Ryu has also been featured in other games such as Marvel vs Capcom series, Namco x Capcom, SNK vs Capcom series, Satsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars and Project X Zone and it’s sequel. Ryu has made appearances in many other media such as comics, cartoon movies as well and live-action films most notably Street Fighter (1994).



  • Powers and Abilities:

-Liu Kang: Liu Kang is one of the series most recognized fighters, winning most of the tournaments he’s been involved in. His fighting style consists of a mix of martial arts , incredible agility and acrobatic skills. His deadly kicks deal massive damage such as the Flying Kick and the Bicycle Kicks but his most devastating move is his Dragon Fire. Liu Kang also has the ability of shapeshifting where he transforms himself into a Chinese dragon able to kill enemies with one strike. Kang also has the ability to manipulate his signature Yin and Yang energy as a form of offense and defense. Like all other MK characters Liu Kang is able to use a deadly finishing move called Fatality where he brutally execute his opponent in a gory way in various ways. He also is able to perform Brutalities, Animalities, Babalities and Friendships and Hara-Kiris.

-Ryu: Ryu is an all-around fighting, mainly focuses on technique, he is an experienced martial artists who uses Shodokan as his main fighting style. Very skilled with the usage of Ki, Ryu does most of his damage via single strikes. His mastery is evident by his possession of the most variants of the Hadoken throughout the series, as well as his ability to harness the power of pure energy often manifesting as electricity. His special attacks include the Hadoken where he focuses mostly on the Hado principle of the style , some of Ryu’s more powerful attacks are variations of the Hadoken technique. Two of his most favous signature moves are called Shoryuken or Dragon Puch and the Tatsumaki Senpukyako more commonly referred as the Hurricane Kick.



  • Character Development and Impact on the Series

-Liu Kang: He’s always been a fan-favorite since the very first game, establishing his main role more and more as the series progress. He never got any new spectacular moves worth mentioning but his classic moves made a big impact and sure managed to keep their appeal. Liu Kang is one of the most popular and accessible characters in the series. He is one of Earthrealm’s greatest warriors, having defeated many to prove his valor. Liu Kang is the longest running protagonist in the franchise history, playing the hero for an entire decade.Kang’s MKII Dragon Bite Fatality resembled the Mortal Kombat dragon logo. It became his Animality in MK3, UMK3, and MK Trilogy, then returned as a Fatality in MK4/MK Gold.Liu Kang was the second fighting-game character to be based on Bruce Lee. He is predated only by Kim Dragon from World Heroes, released two months before the first MK game.

-Ryu: Ryu has been Capcom’s poster boy for SF since the beginning. He is considered the original karate guy in games; the original karate guy who made a big impact and who could throw fire balls. His move-set has nicely evolved over the years, however the base of his design has never changed, yet another respectable quality about Ryu and his style. Sporting his traditional red headband and white martial arts attire, Ryu is the first real hero of fighting games, the most serious and focused fighter of the entire SF roster. Ryu along with Chun-Li have made the most crossover appearances in the series, Ryu appearing in all of them to date involving the series.



Ryu wins this battle with two out of three wins!

Hope you guys like it and let us know if you agree with the winner of this Face Off. I still think both characters are great and have their own strengths and weaknesses and I can’t wait to share many more of these with you guys! So please let us know your opinion about who you think would win and if you have any ideas for future Face Off articles!


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