The 10 Worst cover art on PS3

For every right there’s a wrong, for every Yin there’s a Yang and for the 10 Best cover art on PS3, there’s this. Even though if we were to make a top 10 worst cover art in history we could simply fill the list with master system titles and all of them would be way worse than any of these covers, even to this day, some designers get it wrong. These covers go from uninspired to straight out ugly but that doesn’t mean anything for the games itself so don’t get pissed off if your favourite game appears on this list. Some great games get awful cover art, and some bad games get them as well.
In any case and like always with my top 10 lists, I’ll only be picking one game (or in this case cover art) per franchise and the choices and the order they’re in is all based on my personal opinion/taste.
Without further due, let’s get into this museum of awfulness.

10. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the patriots – One of the reasons why cover art even exists is because back in the day, when people were clueless about the games they were buying, the publishers felt the need to entice the buyers to purchase their product through an interesting cover art. If you were clueless about the whole MGS franchise and saw this cover, you definitely wouldn’t be buying this game about this CG old man with a mustache. The most painful thing of all is that the cover could be (and would be) better if they just used the cover Japan and Europe got.

9. Fallout: New Vegas – There’s this trend for videogame covers that’s been turned into some sort of cliché with how much it’s being used nowadays. That trend consists in having your protagonist standing in the center of the cover holding his weapon while looking at you. That formula is used and abused so much that they all start to blend in together and makes it uninteresting but, that being said, some of them still can be pretty. That’s not the case for Fallout: New Vegas though, this cover is as boring as it gets.

8. X blades – Oversexualization is something to be concerned? To some extent yes but really cover art is advertising and if there’s something that works in advertisement is sex. So, even though that may be a problem in this X blade‘s cover, that’s not why it appears here. The problem here is that the art is ugly, it looks like it belongs in a cheap tattoo. It should also be mentioned that there’s variations for the cover depending on the region but all of them are ugly.

7. Resident Evil 6 – Minimalism can work. I even chose Resistance 3‘s cover as the best on PS3 so the idea of minimalism doesn’t rub me the wrong way but, like in all things in life, there’s good and bad and the Resident Evil 6 cover is very bad. The font for “Resident Evil” is boring but that 6 that takes all of the attention is hideous. Some people say that the 6 is a giraffe getting a blowjob, so at least there’s that.

6. Time Crisis: Razing Storm – I would like to offer a challenge to the readers now. Scroll down and look at the cover but, I want you to focus on the faces of the protagonists. Stare at them for 10 seconds and try not to laugh. You couldn’t? Thought so.

5. Batman: Arkham City (GOTY Edition) – The thing is, the art for this cover isn’t that bad. It’s actually pretty good or… I think? It’s hard to even see the art behind all of the sh*t that’s been thrown into the picture. The advertisements of all of the reviews take so much space and so much protagonism that if you didn’t know about this game at all you might think at first that the game is actually called “10 out of 10”.

4. Spider-man: Web of Shadows – This doesn’t need much explaining, does it? Everything here is wrong from composition to the “eclectic” color palette but the topping in the cake is the quality of the drawing itself. Look at Wolverine inside Spidey’s fist. It makes me think that this was drawn by the son of some boss at Activision.

3. The video game: Lost – Has it ever happened to you that you’re sitting at work and you suddenly realise that there’s something you forgot to finish but then you look up at the clock and notice that it’s just 10 minutes before leaving so you just improvise something terrible and promise yourself you’ll fix it the next day? The designer of this cover forgot about it the next day and Ubisoft just released it as it is. At least, that’s what would explain this terrible cover.

2. The Orange Box – I’m not gonna lie, it’s very hard to do a mishmash of different games and then try to fit those different styles into one cohesive cover. That’s why so many remaster collections could have fit into this list as well, most of them are pretty ugly honestly but The Orange Box took the cake. One funny detail is that the game they feature in big letters is Half life 2’s episode two while the main game (HL2) is relegated to a smaller mention in the corner which in today’s perspective makes little sense.

1. Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds – The cover for Everybody’s Golf: World Tour (which is how this game was called in europe) wasn’t amazing but it’s bright and colorful and overall, pretty cute. But for some reason the publishers think that the american market can’t bear cuteness so that’s why the feel the need to make Kirby angry and why they come up with this atrocity to sell this game about golf in the US.



Runner Ups: Prison Break: the Conspiracy, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, Deadly Premonition: the director’s cut, Eat Lead: the Return of Matt Hazard, Binary Domain


And this is it for today. Don’t sue us if you can’t sleep well at night after watching the horrors of these covers. Instead, take revenge on us and recommend us some more awful covers in the comments section.


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