Briefiew – Rise Of The Tomb Raider

I’ve always been a fan of the Tomb Raider games and was very eager to play this one. Crystal Dynamics has done a very good job so far with this second reboot. I find the game very well done, incredibly stunning and in this one Lara is becoming more capable and confident which is a good thing. So here’s my review.

The story takes place in Siberia where Lara is trying to find the lost city of Kitezh and finish what her father started. Lara goes through a lot in this game but she is way more aware and strong in this sequel of the 2013’s game but still not as experienced as her previous incarnations. The story features some intense scenes and events which I really enjoyed.


Like the previous game, gameplay is very well balanced, some features return and it focuses mostly on survival. Crafting tools is a must in order to upgrade your weapons which include a large variety of guns, bows and explosives; all which are used to deal different types of damage and for different uses. You can also upgrade gear and equipment as well as provide  Lara with skills that are useful for melee, brawling and hunting in order to survive.

The combat mechanics have been upgraded with new stealth and sneak attacks that I found very useful and cool looking. You can use the environment as your own playground, the outcome will depend on  how you decide to play it.


I found the combat to be strategic and overall entertaining, none of the combat scenes for me felt repetitive, either by attacking enemies from the bushes or from top of a tree or simply by avoiding confrontation and sneaking your way to the next level, the choices are up to you. The game also features a large map with different regions which you can freely explore and find tombs and side missions which are optional but if you are an explore freak like I am you wouldn’t let pass the temptation to do so, but even better with each side mission completed you get rewarded some very nice goodies, cool secrets revealed and each optional tomb all have their own set of puzzles to solve in order to advance so I think that’s worth the effort alone.


The exploring is similar but improved from the previous game where you can climb walls using tools, shimmy across ledges or swim underwater which make a surprising return since Underworld with a more realistic feel. The visuals are stunning, I love exploring and the landscape in this game is gorgeous and diverse from each region Lara explores, each map is different and unique in its own way so you don’t feel like you are stuck in the same place the whole game and it just made me stay in awe just by admiring the beautiful scenery.


  • Things I Liked:

Liked almost everything, from the game mechanics to the world design, everything was designed beautifully. The combat felt authentic, creative and fun. And the visuals were amazing.

  • Things I Didn’t:

Few glitches but really minimal, there’s nothing to dislike about this iconic series and character. Crystal Dynamics did a very good job once again and i can’t wait to see what’s next on Lara’s adventures.

  • Who Would Like This?

Gamers who love adventure and platforming, the game is not considered open world but the map is rather large so you get a lot of exploring. Players who love stealth, action and puzzling. Of course if you are a Tomb Raider fan like I am, no need to think it twice about playing this game.




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