Top 10 best PS3 exclusives

This second top 10 list within the PS3 month has to be devoted to games itself and, in particular, to the reason why people decide to buy a console in the first place, its exclusives. This ones are the best of the best and there isn’t a single one of them that I wouldn’t recommend to anyone but in any case, it’s really my own taste and subjective opinion what put them in the list, not metacritic.
To qualify for this list, these are games that had to be born as PS3 exclusives even though some of them might have jumped ship and got a remastered release afterwards on PS4. Like always on my lists, to keep things varied only one game per franchise will make the cut.
Without further due, let’s dive in.

10. Yakuza 5 – It’s a shame that this game in the Yakuza franchise didn’t get a physical release on the west but in any case I think this sandbox brawler is very well worth playing. People often call this franchise the japanese grand theft auto in regards of the criminal worlds they always depict and the amount of freedom to do “side stuff” that both games allow despite the two series playing so differently. It was given recently for free on the ps+ program so if you missed out on the chance to play it, shame on you.

9. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the patriots – This title was a little divisive among gamers in general but I don’t think there can be a Metal Gear fan that didn’t enjoy MGS4. This iteration in the long running franchise which was the final chapter in Snake’s storyline is an obvious love letter to fans. From the overwhelming amount of nods to the older games and all the quirks that Kojima has accostumed us to. There’s so many memorable moments in MGS4 that if you’re a fan you can’t help but love it.

8. God of War 3 – I won’t be the first to say this but if you have to summarize GOW3 in one word, it has to be “epic”. In this chapter of the series Kratos is on his way to olympus to slay Zeus and any other god that dares to stand on his way. There will be turns and obstacles but if we know something about Kratos is that nothing can’t stop him, not even death (literally). The ultra-violent delightfully gory adventure of this hateful spartan was an epic to behold.

7. Little Big Planet 2 – Play, create, share was the slogan of this franchise and really the formula that made this game grow such a following. Little big planet stole the hearts of many gamers with its cute designs but it was the amazing creation tools what made this game stand out from the crowd. Anyone can build a level in here and, it doesn’t even have to be a platformer, could be a racer, an RPG or anything you can imagine. And let me tell you, you wouldn’t believe some of the stuff that the fans created for this game.

6. Infamous 2 – Unlike the latest PS4 title, this second installment of thes series also followed the story of the electric-powered Cole McGrath. This open world third person superhero simulator is such a blast to play. The first one was a lot of fun as well but the sequel was longer, nicer looking, more varied and overall… better in pretty much every way. Also, don’t you forget to always do two runs of this game at least, one being the goodie and the other being the biggest jerk possible.

5. Demon’s Souls – The game that arguably started the trend of the Souls-like games. This game was truly unique when it came out and it still carries its quirky charm after so many years. The mainstream might acknowledge this series of games for its unforgiving difficulty but what really drives me into this game is how atmospheric really is. When you play Demon’s Souls you really get sucked into the despair of the decaying worlds you visit.

4. Journey – Will this choice be controversial? I don’t care. By the time this game came out, this was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen running on a console. It’s not only visually but the amazing soundtrack, the astounding wonder of the cryptic environments that you visit but more especially I fell in love with its metaphoric telling of its story. I might write an article on that last part someday but for now, all you have to know is that if you haven’t experienced Journey yet, do it.

3. The last of us – I have the feeling that unlike the other titles on this list where I had to explain why I selected them to be on this top 10 list, for this choice I have to explain why it isn’t on the top spot. Everyone knows that the game is a technical marvel and that it’s mature storytelling is an example for any videogame that wants to be taken seriously. Why isn’t it on the top spot then? Because for a game so stealth focused, the stealth mechanics are a little simplistic, that’s all. In any case, I still consider it among the best three games on PS3 so put down your forks.

2. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the white witch – Simply put, this is what I consider the best RPG on PS3 and the role playing games is one of my favourite genres so obviously this game had to appear on the list. I loved the charming world Ni No Kuni made me lived in for more than 50 hours. The characters and the story were as lovely as the Ghibli inspired designs that made the artstyle for the game. Also, don’t forget to listen to the game’s soundtrack, it’s really great.

1. Uncharted 2: Among thieves – Even though I don’t see many people being surprised for me picking Uncharted 2 as my favourite PS3 exclusive, this choice I feel very personal. Playing through this game for the first time really made me feel like a little kid again. I was so invested, so immersed in the bombastic action of Uncharted that I don’t think I’ve had a better time with any game on PS3 ever.



Runner ups: Heavy Rain, Motorstorm Apocalypse, Resistance 3, Puppeteer, Killzone 2


And I’m afraid this is all it could be. There’s way too many good PS3 exclusives but the top 10 plus the five runner ups will have to do. Amazing games like the Gran Turismo franchise or my personal beloved Disgaea games to name a couple couldn’t make it. In any case, I’d like to know your personal favourites so please comment below with yours.


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