Game Ideas: Playstation all-stars battle royale 2

Deciding if this article is related to the whole “PS3 month” thing or not is up to you. If a sequel of PASBR were to exist today it certainly would appear on PS4 but the original first appeared on the last Sony home console and this game is very deeply related to Sony and the Playstation brand altogether. In any case, I’ve been wanting to write this article for some time now and this is a good of a time as any.
Unlike on the last Game Ideas article I wrote, since this game is essentially a fighter kind of game I won’t really get into detail on what the story should be. That’s not important on a PASBR 2 I think. I’ll be talking about mechanics instead and also, since this is a mascot brawler, there will be plenty of talk about my dreamed roster. Again, everything in here will be my own opinion, feel free to disagree.
That’s enough explaining for now. Let’s move on.

I’ll start by exposing how I think the game should play like.
If you’ve been following gaming blogs and forums and, if you’re here you surely have, the general consensus among playstation gamers is that one of the worst things about the original Playstation all-stars was the way the game played. Most of those gamers think that, since the developers tried to “copy” the Smash Bros formula, they should have gone the extra mile and absolutely copy everything about how that game plays. Especially regarding the fact that you shouldn’t have to use specials to actually score eliminations but also being able to do it with regular attacks.
I’m not of that opinion however. For the next PSABR to be truly memorable it shouldn’t try mimic Smash Brothers futher but the total opposite of that.

The original game wasn’t that well received so certain changes must be made.

Let’s take a look back at the moment when the Playstation brand appeared with the grey wonder that was the original Playstation console. It came out in that era of gaming when games were starting to move from the 2D sprites to the 3D polygon era of today. Not to say that there weren’t 3D games before that and that there weren’t any 2D games on PS1 but I digress.
The thing is that the whole 3D graphics were a big thing for the original Playstation so I think that a game that celebrates the whole Playstation brand it should also reflect that aspect of gaming. Mario was born as a 2D sprite but that was never the case for most of the Playstation characters so why does the game play in a 2D plane?
I don’t think PASBR should copy Smash Bros but a great little gem some people forgot about called Power Stone. Or, for the old folks that grew with the original PS1, think of games like Ehrgeiz and Destrega.
3D characters moving on a full 3D environment. Fast arcadey combat not restricted by playing in a multi-layered corridor. It certainly makes a whole more lot of sense seeing Ratchet & Clank running free on an open space than being restricted by 2D movement which you never were in their original games.

Power Stone had its battles take place in full 3D environments.

That’s for how I think the game should play but that’s not the only improvement/change I think the game should have. Another thing most gamers complained about the original game was the lack of extra modes. A game like this should feel big budget, and offer plenty of bang for your buck and the first Playstation all-stars certainly didn’t offer any of those.

Now, the elephant in the room, the game’s roster. In a mascot brawler, this is could very well be the most important aspect of the title and the original game dissapointed many of us. I am well aware that this isn’t an easy task however, there are a lot of legal stuff and agreements that the companies have to secure before they can add some of those iconic characters and, even then, making all of the characters and their movesets feel somewhat balanced is a real struggle.
However, we’re in dreamland now and only my imagination can stop me so here are a ton of characters that I wished appearing for a Playstation all-stars battle royale 2:

  • Crash Bandicoot: The most obvious omission from the original game. This character wasn’t there probably because of legal stuff about rights and such but now that we’re getting the original games remastered for PS4, maybe it wouldn’t be that hard to make this possible now. Wish I could say the same for Spyro but I’m afraid Skylanders is still pretty profitable for Activision.
  • Patapon: Now, this would be a character (or characters) very hard to translate into my ideal PASBR2 but they would be so original that the effort would be worth it. I imagine these characters being a big mob of tiny people that you control together through the playfield. Think of the way that When vikings attack game plays but change the mobs there with the adorable patapons.
  • Gabe Logan: The Syphon Filter games were more popular back in the PS1 era but this is actually a franchise that has been spread quite long through the Playstation lifespan. He’d be more of a shooty guy like Radek but the inclusion of the beloved taser into his fighting would make him quite unique.
  • The Prince: Another humorous character for the roster. This guy is actually so small that you would barely see him on the screen when you play as him. You would see however a massive ball that grows even bigger as the fight goes on. To be honest, I don’t see how they could make a fighting character out of this but the vision of it in my mind is so funny alone that they should try it.
  • Tomba: One of my favourite games of the PS1 era and one of the best examples of 2.5 D in a game ever. The inclusion of this character is because of how iconic his looks are (specially his pink hair) and because I think that his moves are very original and would translate very well to a brawler like this.
  • Buzz: I think that the humour for a kind of game like this is very important and the inclusion of this contest presenter could be quite humorous indeed. Seeing someone so wacky looking and so not the typical tough guy in the middle of a brawl is quite funny alone. Also, like with Nathan Drake, he’d be making witty remarks against his oponents at any chance.
  • Kazuma Kiryu: There’s been a dozen Yakuza games exclusive to playstation consoles and nobody dared to include a character from that series in here? The fact that those games actually play like brawlers makes the transition from games be quite easy actually. I’ve chosen Kazuma as the character to appear in PASBR2 because, as the main protagonist, he’s the better known character but I secretly wish that they opted for Goro Majima instead because he’s so much fun.
  • Ico & Yorda: Just like with Jak & Daxter and Ratchet & Clank, this two characters can’t and shouldn’t be split apart. Unlike with those characters however, in this case none of the characters can’t be just be sitting over the shoulder of the other. Instead, Ico and Yorda would be always holding hands together like in the original game but then the whole range of attacks would evolve from that actually getting the innocent Yorda into the fighting moves.
  • Wander: If we had a character from Ico we certainly have to also have one from Shadow of the Colossus. We’d have to move from the mood and gloom from the original game but I think his bow and his glowing sword would fit great within the fighting style of the brawler.
  • Joel/Ellie: Having one or the other or just both of them, that doesn’t matter but at least one of them has to appear on PASBR2, that’s for sure. Would I make the fact that Joel has to stop to craft a new shiv every few attacks part of its fighting style? That I’m not sure.
  • Milla: The Tales of games haven’t been exclusive to Playstation but, a big deal of games have been. Among them there would be Tales of Xillia which may actually be my favourite so far. Milla is one of the two protagonist characters of the Action RPG and her strength and powers would make for a very competent fighter indeed.
  • Ken Marinaris: I bet most will be thinking now “Ken who?” but this is the lady from Zone of the Enders 2 and I have two good reasons to include her. Offensive jokes aside, this was one of my favourite games from the Playstation 2 so I had to include someone from there and she was more of the lighter character in the whole franchise so, it has to be her.
  • Selvaria Bles: Another Sega franchise that was born as a Playstation exclusive and that boasts plenty of colorful characters that could fit very well into a game like this. Why Selvaria though? If you have to ask that you haven’t played the games.
  • Etna: This is a no brainer really. I know that the Disgaea series is kind of a niche franchise so not many people know its characters but, if you do, you know that Etna should be in PASBR2. Her special attacks on Disgaea are so wacky and funny, seeing her throwing a prinny onto someone’s head in full 3D would fill me with joy dood.
  • Kutaro: Puppeteer was certainly an overlooked PS3 exclusive so this would be the chance to let people know about the adorable puppet boy Kutaro. The fact that he can exchange his head to get some powers and his magical scissors would translate very well into this extravagant brawler I think.
  • Oliver & Drippy: From an adorable boy to another one. This one is the protagonist of Ni no Kuni and, like in that game, I think that Oliver should be accompanied by the funny Drippy and fight actually using some of the creatures of the game.
  • Ellen: And, thinking about creatures that fight for you, this reminded me of another Playstation exclusive called Folklore. Ellen is the protagonist (or co-protagonist) of that game and the creatures, called folks, were very original looking so this would make for a very exotic character.
  • Kainé: Nier is the hidden gem of all hidden gems for PS3 and, while it’s not an exclusive, the sequel will be so I guess it makes sense to include a character from there into my wished roster. Realistically, if this PASBR2 were to be made, they would surely go for the protagonist of the sequel Nier Automata but Kainé is a personal favourite of mine with her skimpy looks and foul mouth. Now that I think about it, maybe we wouldn’t be able to make the game get a teen rating with her around, in any case, I want her in (the game).
  • Knack: I have to admit that Knack was a pretty mediocre action platformer. That being said, the monster was undeniably cute and the whole growing mechanic implemented into a game like this could make a very interesting character. Also, we have to have some character from a PS4 franchise, right?
  • Alloy: Horizon isn’t out yet but the game is shaping up to be pretty memorable and its red headed protagonist will certainly benefit from it. Armed with a spear, a bow and, more importantly, a varied arrange of arrows her fighting style could be as cool as the dinosaur robots that appear in her game.
  • The Phantom: That’s the alter ego of Persona 5’s character. Making him appear in a possible PASBR2 would be quite hard as the Persona games seem to have they’re own spin-offs where they make their characters fight but well, it’d be cool that the persona franchise and the whole Playstation brand strengthing its ties with a collaboration like this.
  • Cole: If you’re getting the feeling that the roster is getting to big, don’t worry because I would delete one character of the previous title. Why did they decide that separating the good Cole from the bad Cole was a good idea? It’s a waste of roster space if you ask me. We just need one Cole that can be both.
  • Dante: Now this wouldn’t be deleting a character but changing it for another. The emo Donte from the white-haired original one. One of them appeared on the four titles that made the franchise famous and the other appeared on the worst selling game of the whole series. Which is the most iconic character then? The choice is obvious.
  • Shuhei Yoshida: Nah, I’m joking, he’d be overpowered.
  • Nissan Skyline R34 GTR Gran Turismo: And this time around I’m actually not joking. Yes, it would be a joke character but it can be done. In fighters megamix we had the Daytona USA car so I think Gran Turismo could be represented by a fighting car as well. It would be silly, but silly is fun.

Obviously, the ones that appeared on the first one and I haven’t mentioned here I’d also want them to appear. The more, the merrier.

And this would be it for today. If you have read the whole article I’m proud of you. Anyway, I’d be gladly reading any ideas that you Playstation fans may have for a possible sequel for Playstation all-stars so please comment below.


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