The 10 Best cover art on PS3

This november is PS3 month. Why? Because we’re celebrating that 10 years ago Sony started to sell that big black grill of awesomeness. And to celebrate such event we’ll be devoting that console a few top 10 lists like the one I’m sharing with you now.
Back in the day of the ps1 era when we didn’t have the internet to tell us if a game was amazing or simply amazingly awful we had to rely on the cover (and even more so the back cover) to try and guess if the contents of the game were up to our standards. That is not the situation nowadays but games still are in cases (some of them) and have a cover art so I wanna share with you my picks for the best of those.
Like always with my top 10’s, I’ll only be picking one per franchise and the choices and the order they’re in is all based on my personal opinion/taste so bear with me. It should also be mentioned that alternative or reversible covers won’t make the list but only the covers that the publishers dared to show to the public. That’s it, let’s dive in.

10. The Club – What a bloody diorama. I just love the way they structured the different images around the negative logo. It resembles some sort of violent graffiti which is quite fitting for the images they’re trying to convey of an underground club where money runs as fast as bullets.

9. Splatterhouse – Like in that Paul Thomas Anderson movie, what the cover of this game assures you is that “there will be blood”. Portraying the head of the game’s protagonist with a splatter of blood is as cool as it is fitting for a game of this theme and well, even the name of the game has the word splatter in it so it couldn’t be more spot on.

8. Heavenly Sword – I can’t really get all artsy and snobbish with this one I simply just love the art of this. The color palette, the composition, the font, the reflection of Nariko on the blade… it simply pleases my eyes on the most subjective level. I should also mention that the cover of this game also features some art on the other side that you can admire when you open the case and the picture in it is arguably even prettier.

7. Puppeteer – I love when the cover of the game represents the contents of said game accurately but without spoiling it to you. The cover art of the game is charming and colorful like puppeteer itself and it manages to capture an image that already tells you that the whole game takes place in a puppet show showing you the curtains and the wooden frame around it. Great framing.

6. Yakuza 4 – The art for the previous game in the series, Yakuza 3 may as well be a contender for a list of worse covers but Sega totally compensated it with the cover for Yakuza 4. Displaying the 4 protagonists that the game had for this sequel in a very cool ink-style. The contrast of the different colors together and the super cool brush-like font seals the deal for one of the coolest covers on the system.

5. Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z (japanese ver.) – Here we go from cool to sub-zero territory. The cover for the game in the west isn’t bad at all but what the japanese people got was so awesome that I just had to import a copy of this game from there to get it. The developers of this game went for a very unique art-style for the looks of the game itself and that’s also reflected on the cover of this game.

4. The Saboteur – I’m starting to notice a trend going on here where games which have an interesting art-style also have some interesting cover art to match. In the Nazi invaded Paris of The Saboteur, similar to Sin City, the world is black & white with only the weak yellow from lamp posts and the red of the nazi symbols stand out and those are exactly the colors of the cover.

3. Sleeping Dogs – Videogame cover art was born in order to entice customers in a store to pick your product over anything else. In today’s industry where 90% of the videogame covers consist of the protagonist holding a gun in a cool way, the Sleeping Dogs’s cover stands out from all the rest. What a magnific composition, what a great use of hand-drawn art and a choice of colors. Why’s the game called sleeping dogs though? That I’ll never know.

2. Borderlands – In all honesty, I actually prefer the cover of the sequel, Borderlands 2, over this one. That being said, this was the cover that started the trend and had the original idea of the bold colors and the “splatter image” so it gets bonus points for that. In any case, I think both would deserve a spot in this list.

1. Resistance 3 – If you’ve been following the list you must have noticed that I have a like for unique-looking covers and none of them look more unique than this one. You could spot this cover on the shelf of a gamestop from outside of the store. The art of Olly Moss that captures the skull of your enemy and the skyline of New York really tells a story of its own.

Runner ups: Resistance 2 (european ver.), Bioshock, Ratchet & Clank: A crack in time, Shaun White: Snowboarding, Silent Hill: Homecoming

And that’s pretty much it. There’s a bunch of other covers we could have chosen as well but that’s the thing with top 10 lists, you can’t have them all. Feel free to tell us which are your favourite covers in the comments section though.


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