Top 10 Scariest Silent Hill Monsters

So Halloween’s here, and  I’ve decided to do a top list and what better way to celebrate it than with one of the scariest monsters in a gaming franchise ever! Silent Hill is a classic gaming series featuring one of the most grotesque and disturbing creatures and monsters that I’ve seen. Being one of the best horror games series out there I also dedicate this list to those amazing games that literally made me have nightmares when I was little. I was so scared to play but at the same time I beat them so then I was so proud! Anyway, here is my top scariest monsters in Silent Hill.

#10- Flesh Lip (Silent Hill 2)


The Flesh Lips are monsters that hang from the ceiling and appear to be a form of flesh mass. They have human-like limbs coming out of their sides and bottom that grab the player if they get too close to them and tries to strangle him to death. Another prominent feature of this monster is a pair lips that makes a strange animalistic sound.

#9- Romper (Silent Hill)


Rompers are very agile and aggressive apre-like creatures that likes to hunt you down and often attack in packs. It’s recommended to avoid them as much as possible and run, run as fast as you can! They deal high damage by jumping and grabbing and pinning you down to the ground and biting on your neck.

#8- Smog (Silent Hill Homecoming)


This monster did really creep me out, it still retains his humanoid legs but the rest of his upper body is totally disfigured with what seem to be an opened skulking torso it uses to attack shooting some form of harmful gas and once it’s close to the player. Its ribcage opens dealing massive damage.

#7- Leonard Wolf (Silent Hill 3)


Leonard Wolf is a monster you encounter in Brookhaven Hospital in Silent hill 3 and his appearance was rather terrifying to me. He is a tall reptilian/amphibian-like monster apparently being underwater for so long or probably where he died in his human form. No trace of human features left on his face and his most deadly features are his long hands which are a pair of long blade-like bone growth.

#6- Twin Victim (Silent Hill 4: The Room)


These creepy monsters scared the hell out of me, silent and deadly, you didn’t see them coming until it was too late and they were already swinging it’s huge hands at you. Their huge arms in which they use to walk and attack come out from underneath their clothing, not to mention the creepy sounds they make. However unless you don’t approach too close to them, even if they are aware of your presence they seem to leave you alone…most of the time.

#5- Asphyxia (Silent Hill Homecoming)


Asphyxia for me is one of the most disturbing monsters in Silent Hill, this female monster look like multiple human bodies which appear to be female torsos which resembles a centipede , and she has only one set of legs but no feet, all her limbs uses their hands to move around very quickly.

#4- Victim 19 (Silent Hill 4: The Room)


Victim 19 is the ghost of Richard Braintree, prior to being killed he was Henry Townshend’s neighbor. This was the scariest ghost i had to face in The Room, constantly twitching he was able to teleport across medium distances and aggressively chasing you throughout the entire building made him a very dangerous enemy. A silver bullet and a Sword of Obedience had to be used to stop him…unfortunately for me i did not have such items in my inventory thus why i was petrified of when i first encounter him.

#3- Caliban (Silent Hill: Origins)


These huge creatures looks to be bend out of it’s normal shape and are humanoid in figure and i found them extremely perturbing. They are slow but they make it up in size and strength.

#2- Scarlet (Silent Hill Homecoming)


This spider-like demon doll monster is very dangerous and fast making her attacks extremely effective on the player. Her white porcelain skin can be broken away to reveal a red flesh underneath. She has two boss forms the first one where she stands with just her two legs and the second and most dangerous where she uses all her 4 limbs to move around and attack. Her bite is very effective dealing massive damage with her powerful jaw and needle-like teeth. She also emits snake-like hisses and shrieks and is very intelligent and explosive, making her one of the most dangerous of the game.

#1- Valtiel (Various Silent Hill appearances, mainly Silent Hill 3)


Valtier is a notorious monster with many meanings and symbolism in the Silent Hill series most notably being the one monster who doesn’t appear to be a manifestation of any person’s emotions or subconscious.  He observes Heather throughout her journey in Silent Hill 3 usually seeing rotating a valve. Even though you don’t physically face him in battle in the game, his presence terrified me. He has humanoid appearance with leathery skin and face which has no features other than stitches and he twitches and vibrates his head rapidly even though the rest of his body moves slowly.

So that’s it my friends, this was my top list of scariest Silent Hill monsters, hope you liked it… and hopefully didn’t get scared.  Like if you agree with this list or if you have any other monster that you think is creepy enough to be on this list. Not Pyramid Head though, he is cool.


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