Rant – My Undead Nightmare

This wasn’t my initial idea. This was supposed to be a review (or briefiew) on the Red Dead Redemption expansion of sorts called Undead Nightmare. It was the right time to do it, Rockstar recently announced the sequel for Red Dead Redemption and it’s halloween so all of the stars seem to have aligned for me to tackle on this game and give you guys my thoughts on it.
The problem is that I can’t make a review out of Undead Nightmare.

You see, for me to make a review on a game I have to finish it or play a large chunk of it at the very least and with this game, I simply couldn’t.
It wasn’t a lack of time or anything like that I just can’t push myself through this game. It’s not like the game isn’t fun per se. Red Dead Redemption is one of my favourite games of the last generation of consoles and adding a Zombie outbreak into the world of that game seemed to me a fantastic idea.

For this October, the PSN Store offered some very deals on horror games to celebrate Halloween and I used that chance to buy the standalone PS3 version of this game which was among those offers. I was ready to have a real good time with the game knowing that I enjoyed so much the open-world goodness of the vanilla game on this very same console but, it turns out that the game didn’t want me to have a good time with it.
It is very well known that the PS3 version of Red Dead Redemption was inferior to the one you can play on the Xbox 360. Graphics were slightly toned down, the game also displayed way less foliage and even the framerate wasn’t as solid as the microsoft version. That being said, the game was still great. Even if the graphics aren’t as good as the other versions, they’re still pretty gorgeous and even if the framerate isn’t as stable, it’s still an enjoyable experience throughout.
What I encountered on this standalone PS3 version of Undead Nightmare however, I just can’t put up with it. I’ll say it straight away, this game is a buggy mess.

And again, the original Red Dead Redemption game was pretty buggy as well at launch. It happens with a lot of huge open-world games really. In RDR in particular you sometimes could encounter a flying person, or animals half sunk into the scenery completely glitched out of the game physics. That being said, those encounters were pretty rare unlike the bugs I found in Undead Nightmare.
One example: I was capturing footage for the review and in one of the very first missions I encountered this.
<Click here for the video>
That footage is very significant because in a very short video I can show two major bugs happening at the same time. On one hand we have characters that appear with their bodies being invisible, and the other and even more serious bug is the fact that the mission fails to trigger an event that prevents you from finishing the mission at all.
I couldn’t force myself to finish the game so my playthrough of it was way shorter than what it was intended and yet, this instances of me encountering bugs weren’t an exception but actually kinda became the norm. I can safely say that I encountered as many “invisible zombies” as the regular ones so that will give you an idea on how common that bug was.
Apart from that I encountered that sometimes text during missions which were supposed to tell you your objectives never actually popped up leaving you clueless. Also action music playing in the background during dialog scenes overshadowing the voices of the characters.

Of course I noticed that this wasn’t normal and coming out from such a big company like Rockstar, I couldn’t believe that they dared to put out a game in this broken state and not cause a huge uproar. So I deleted the game and proceeded to download it again in hopes that something might have failed last time during the instalation and that this time around I could finally enjoy the game but the only thing I did was wasting more time and bandwith as the second time I played the game was just as bad as the first.

So yeah, I dropped the game pretty fast and therefore I can’t make a review on it. I don’t know either how other versions of Undead Nightmare perform either. Maybe the 360 version runs perfectly and there’s even a disc-based version of the PS3 version that might perform as it should, who knows? The only thing I can tell you that this downloadable standalone PS3 version is pretty much broken.

And now some “funny” pics:

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