PS+ Games of November 2016

And yet again the time has come. Sony has revealed the new games that will be offered for free in the playstation plus program. Just like last month, it turns out that I already own most of the games they picked so… my pain is your gain. I even reviewed a couple of those titles already.

The games for november will be:

  • Everybody’s gone to the rapture (ps4): I had the chance to play and even review this lovely walk simulator. You can check my impressions here.
  • The Deadly Tower of Monsters (ps4): Second in a row, I also had the chance to enjoy this funny beat ’em up nostalgic of the cheesy horror movies of the past. You can also read my review here.
  • Dirt 3 (ps3): I happen to own the complete edition of this game which includes a bunch of cars and the entire rally of montecarlo. I can imagine that without all of that content the game might feel a little barebones (specially in the number of rally stages) but still the core gameplay is pretty neat if you enjoy the more arcade side of rally games.
  • Costume Quest 2 (ps3): Sequel to the acclaimed downloadable rpg Costume quest. This games put you in the shoes of kids that have a pretty imaginative vision of the world. The sequel has the same kind of humour but, without the novelty factor and some “simplified” mechanics, this sequel certainly doesn’t feel like an improvement over the original.
  • Letter Quest Remastered (vita): Mixing rpg mechanics with a word game like scrabble sounds like a pretty stupid idea but, a funny kind of stupid. Letter quest doesn’t feel like the kind of game I’d spend my own money to get but the concept is intriguing enough to make me try it at least.
  • Pumped BMX + (vita): There are dozens of games like this (trials fusion, urban trial freestyle…) this one in particular isn’t the best of them all but it isn’t the worst either.These kind of games are also pretty fun to play on the go so you’ll do yourself a favour by downloading it.


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