Character Face Off: Nathan Drake vs Lara Croft

I see everybody online always debating which character is better; Nathan Drake or Lara Croft. Big question there because both character are so good in many aspects that arguing about it always seems to be of no end. But who wins? No one really knows, both have their good and bad qualities. In this face off I’ll name some facts about each character and put it on comparison against the other on each round. The one with the highest score wins at the end. I won’t try to be biased, I’ll be as fair as I can. The arguing is over ladies and gentlemen, even thought this battle will be hard because both characters have very similar characteristics, but there has to be only one winner and we are going to find out.


  • Most Media Appearance:

Lara Croft: Lara made her gaming debut in 1996’s Tomb Raider and has continuously appeared in all Tomb Raider games ever since. Some of the most notable games are: Tomb Raider II, Tomb Raider III, Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation, Tomb Raider Chronicles, Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness, Tomb Raider: Legend, Tomb Raider: Anniversary, Tomb Raider: Underworld, and most recently Tomb Raider(2013) and Rise of The Tomb Raider. Besides video games she has also appeared in her own comic books by Top Cow Productions. She has also made it to the big screen with two motion pictures; Lara Croft: Tomb Raider(2001) and Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life(2003) portrayed by Angelina Jolie in both films.In addition she also has appeared in animation films and novel books. Lara has sure made an impact in the industry and she is considered a gaming icon and has her own legacy and holds a Guinness world record.

Nathan Drake: On the other hand Nathan made his debut 11 years later in 2007, and has since then appeared in all Uncharted games which include; Drake’s Fortune, Among Thieves, Drake’s Deception, Golden Abyss and most recently A Thief’s End. He also appears in a motion comic series called Uncharted: Eye of Indra. He’s also a playable character in the game PlaySation All-Stars Battle Royale. Nathan has been nominated and have won many gaming awards as a character he has had many good reviews and has appeared in many ads. He is the poster boy character of the PlayStation consoles.



  • Weapon and Fighting Skills:

Lara Croft: Lara has proved herself armed and unarmed combat skills in many occasions fighting all kinds of enemies including humans, monsters, reptiles, gods, mummies and other creatures and animals. Her primary weapons of choice are always two handguns which she is most skilled with, and a shotgun. She is also very handy using a crossbow and automatic machine pistols. Lara is always in peak condition, trained in mountain climbing, gymnastics and hand to hand combat, which makes her a very formidable opponent combining her agility and marksmanship to take out enemies with ease.

Nathan DrakeNathan has incredible endurance and stamina, has taken down multiple enemies only using his physical strengths. He is also a very classified and talented climber as seen in all Uncharted games scaling from mountains to cliffs or even buildings without use of any equipment being able to escape the most dangerous situations. He is a very skilled marksman, capable of using a large variety of weapons and it’s very accurate with all of them, capable of fire shoot from any position. He’s fought with many types of enemies throughout the series including mercenaries, animals, creatures and highly trained assassins. Nathan is what i would call “streetwise” fighter, He has no special training he only uses his strength, agility, intelligence and luck to gain the advantage during fights.

WIN THIS ROUND: Nathan Drake


  • Other Skills and Abilities

Lara Croft: Lara is extremely intelligent and level headed, usually remaining calm under the most extreme circumstances. Very resourceful being able to improve her weapons and equipment using salvaged parts and tools. Lara has great archeology, ancient history and culture knowledge being able to read occult languages and symbols. Superb survival instincts, she is able to use her smell, hearing and sight sense in order to have an advanced sense of awareness. She is also trained in using medical herbs to heal herself and friends.

Nathan DrakeNathan possesses excellent treasure hunting skills and is an expert in interpreting and translating ancient languages and symbols. He is self aware of his surroundings, able to avoid or escape traps and solve ancient puzzles. Highly charismatic and a great dry sense of humor, always trying to lighten the mood even in dangerous situations. Skilled thief able to successfully pickpocket in the most unique ways.


  • Final Verdict:

Lara Croft wins this Face Off with two out of three wins.

Hope you guys like it and let us know if you agree with the winner of this Face Off. I still think both characters are great and have their own strengths and weaknesses and I can’t wait to share many more of these with you guys! So please let us know your opinion about who you think would win and if you have any ideas for future Face Off articles!


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