3WS – 007’s PS3 games

I bet you can hear the James Bond’s theme inside your head already. He’s the most famous spy in the whole history of fiction. He started in books but ever since the property was born he’s also been in countless movies, spanning during so much time that he’s had to be interpreted by several actors as well, from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig.
The thing is, with how popular games are nowadays, a property like the Bond’s one had to appear in this interactive media as well and he sure did. Lately he’s appeared in more videogames than in movies. Some of the game’s in which this famous spy has been in are regarded as among the best in history though you could argue that most of them are kinda terrible actually. In today’s 3-Way Showdown we’re gonna have a look at some of the 007 games that appeared for last gen’s console, the ps3. In particular: Goldeneye Reloaded, Blood Stone, and 007 Legends.

What are they?
This time around we’re facing different styles within the action genre. Blood Stone is a third-person cover-based shooter very much in the vein of an Uncharted game but with barely any platforming apart from climbing ladders and hanging from some ledges from time to time.
On the other hand, the other two titles are full on first person shooters. Goldeneye Reloaded is an HD port (or remaster) of the Wii remake of the N64 classic while 007 legends is a full original release.

Its quirks
I guess the biggest quirk from Goldeneye Reloaded would be that, since the game was originally launched on Wii, the game supports motion controls on ps3 letting you play with the move. It does feature though a pretty intrusive auto aim that makes the shooting a little too simplistic but it’s fun nonetheless.
What separates Blood Stone from the other games in this 3WS is the fact that the story that follows the game isn’t based on any movie whatsoever. Is it the story better than if they would follow some licensed movie? Not really but it’s a fine story with its typical twists and turns and villains that always seem to go one step before you.
For 007 Legends, it’s just the opposite. While Blood Stone doesn’t follow the storyline of any Bond movie, this one actually follows several. In this game you get to replay a version the most intense action scenes from some of the most famous Bond movies (though maybe not the best ones). It does result though in that the story presented for those movies has to be reduced (or summarized) as you only get to play a couple scenes from each one, but this isn’t a story driven game anyway.

The good parts
When I compared earlier the gameplay of Blood Stone to Uncharted it wasn’t only for the third-person shooting but also because of one of the things this game does best. Just like in the adventures of Nathan Drake, this Bond game made a great effort in trying to showcase some amazing action set-pieces for you to play in. Crumbling buildings, shoot-outs jumping from roofs, frantic vehicle chases… It has some very good moments.
My favourite thing in Goldeneye Reloaded was also present on 007 legends and that is the way that missions are built to be deeper than you might think. Every mission will have several optional objectives that you could miss out but that are really the spice of the game. Accomplishing all of those secondary objectives will have you fully using every mechanic in the game like using stealth on certain complicated moments or fully embracing all of your high-tech gadgets as they will become more useful for those smaller tasks.
A good thing that it’s present on 007 legends main campaign that isn’t aplicable for Goldeneye reloaded though would be the fact that there are no “filler” missions. You know what I’m talking about, during the campaign of every action game there will be some sections that are slower and more boring simply because the game wants the player to follow the story very committedly but 007 legends is just a string of the most fun parts in some 007 movies so all of the filler is left out and you’re only left with the best parts.

The bad ones
The worst part on Goldeneye Reloaded comes with the fact that the game is a port of a Wii game. The game’s graphics aren’t good. It’s not like it’s just an upscaled version of the Wii game, the game has some improvements apart from the better screen resolution but… it’s still below ps3’s standards of visual fidelity.
Now, you could excuse that game as it was originally released on Wii and then ported to the ps3 but 007 legends has no excuse. It was made from the ground up for this console (supposedly) and it looks pretty much just as bad.
Also, I should mention at this point that Blood Stone wasn’t the only game to feature cover based shooting. You could make your character hide behind objects in 007 legends to, but the controls to make Bond peek his head out of cover to shoot made the mechanic so awkward that I just refused to use it for the most part of the game.
As for the worst thing in Blood Stone it has to be the controls. Don’t freak out, they’re not broken or anything but, specially if you compare it to superb games like Uncharted, you’ll notice that the way you’re controlling Daniel Craig in this game feels quite stiffer. It’s not bad but it certainly could be improved.

My thoughts
Among this three games I have a very clear personal favourite and that would be Blood Stone. It might not be as polished as a Naughty Dog game but if you enjoy cover-based third-person shooters and spy flicks you could have quite a good time with this one.
As for which one I prefer between 007 Legends and Goldeneye Reloaded… I felt like the former had more memorable action-filled moments and for that I’d choose it but, with bad graphics and some bad design choices in its mechanics (intrusive auto-aim and bad cover controls), I couldn’t consider any of the two games any better than mediocre. Only pick them up if you’re really an fps junkie that wants to play them all or, in the case of goldeneye reloaded, if you’re a move user that just wants a reason to dust off the peripheral.

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