PS+ Games of October 2016

It’s that time of the month. They revealed the new games that will be given with the playstation plus program this october. For this month, I have good and bad news. The bad news are for me because I already own most of the games that will be given, the good news would be that I can give my opinion on them with more detail.

The games for this month are:

  • Resident Evil (ps4): It’s the remastered version of the gamecube remake and though that might sound awful, it’s actually pretty great. If you’re a fan of classic survival horror this offer is hard to beat.
  • Transformers Devastation (ps4): I reviewed this hack n’slash game already so you just have to check that out.
  • Mad Riders (ps3): And again, I also reviewed this “radical” racing game so you can get a better view of that game there.
  • From Dust (ps3): Quite an interesting little title. This game will make you play as some sort of god and will require you solving puzzles by terra forming. Adding dirt and water to help the little inhabitants of an island.
  • Code realize: Guardian of Rebirth (vita): It’s strange that such a niche genre gets two otome visual novels in a row but here it is. This one I played myself and has a quite a deep story/stories. Likeable characters, nice art and quite lengthy. But again, romance games are certainly not for everyone.
  • Actual Sunlight (vita): The only game of the list that I don’t own and I probably would have never purchased it for myself so that’s something. It’s a story-driven game with some dark humour and a very retro look.


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