Top 10 Coolest Video Games Guns

Weapons play an important part in video games either for a good or bad cause, can be used mostly for survival, killing enemies and they come in many different types and shapes. My favorite type of weapons in video games are usually the ones that are unique and naturally don’t fire normal bullets but that is not always the case, it really depends on the game I’m playing. The more unique, the better and here is my current top 10 guns in video games.

#10 – Mr. Toots (Red Faction: Armageddon)


Let’s face it, this “gun” is just for humorous reasons but why not? This little unicorn shoots extremely potent rainbow laser blasts out of his butt. What else can you expect?

#9 – Gamma Gun (Fallout 4)


The Gamma Gun is a small simple weapon which appear to be made of junk in Fallout 4. Nonetheless it can deal such large amount of radiation damage that your enemies won’t even know what hit them, literally.

#8 – Spiral (Devil May Cry 3)


The Spiral is a highly powerful gun, it fires high piercing penetration bullets which makes this weapon a very effective gun and my favorite from the game.

#7 – Gravity Gun (Half Life 2)


The Gravity Gun was mainly designed for heavy lifting, it shoots an energy blast that destroys barriers and lift heavy objects, no wonder why it was such an important weapon for Gordon. In general it is a very useful weapon in the game in either advancing through the obstacles or clearing out enemies which some players may find fun to do.

#6 – Chemical Thrower (Bioshock)


This sweet weapon you find at Langford Research Laboratories is either very accurate in dealing with the enemies and very fun to use either setting them on fire, freezing them to death or electrifying them to the bone.

#5 – Black Hole Launcher (Saints Row IV)


Let’s face it, Saints Row IV features a large variety of effective and fun weapons but for me the one i loved using more was the BHL. Such a blast just watching everything and everyone get sucked in and then explode.Just had to be careful you wouldn’t get sucked in too.

#4 – Boneduster (Bulletstorm)


Extremely powerful four barrel shotgun, this badass gun is very useful at close range can even send enemies flying or can blow any limbs off if you don’t mind a bit of gore this is a weapon not to mess with.

#3 – BFG 9000 (Doom Franchise)


This gun is notable for being one of the most powerful weapons in the games as it’s name implies which is a Big Fucking Gun that shoots a big ball of plasma capable of dealing expensive damage to enemies.

#2 – VC5 Arc Rifle (Killzone 2)


This sweet gun is my favorite from the game and no wonder why it placed at number 2, it has 4 very special reservoirs petrusite, in which extract energy from surrounding air and condenses it into high voltage charges dealing massive amount of electrical damage.

#1 – Rail Gun (Metal Gear Solid Series)


This impressive weapon fires supercharged projectiles at extreme velocities, it is a very dangerous weapon to use and it’s used by many characters in the franchise most notably by Fortune, Crying Wolf, and Old Snake. With it’s massive recoil effect and long reload time it is best suited for long range distances. Nonetheless this weapon is very effective and incredible dangerous and i proudly place it at the number 1 spot for this list.


Just to make sure, I know people share different taste and opinions but this is MY personal list and I hope you liked it.





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