Briefiew – Adr1ft

As soon as I saw this game I knew I had to play it. Being in space has always been a dream of mine and this game surely seemed promising enough. Adrift is a first person interactive video game who focus on exploration on a destroyed space station as you try to keep yourself alive and plan an escape route to Earth. This game is very peculiar to me in a way I never really played as a space astronaut and it sure felt more like a simulator. The game felt so real that it really made me feel like you are inside the game, the experience would have been even more amazing if it was played using VR. This game immediately reminded me of the movie Gravity (2013) and i think it’s the closest thing I have experienced being in zero gravity in space even though is in a game.


You play as Alex Oshima, sole survivor of the destroyed station orbiting Earth. The game’s objective is to survive with limited oxygen capacity and to try to figure out what really happened to the other crew members.You really feel the sensation of being in space and the loneliness of being just you out there and this game captures that perfectly. The graphics are stunning and the environment is magnificent, like I said before, it feels like you are really floating in space.Gameplay takes place in zero gravity and it may be a little difficult to control the camera so you’ll have to be very careful not to explore too far away from the wrecked station otherwise you’ll run out of oxygen and die, which is very nerve-racking since you have such limited use of oxygen and to fill it up you have to find and inhale any oxygen tank you can find floating around. a1

As you explore and find out what really happened and what caused the explosion you will be able to find audio logs belonging to the other crew members and they will explain what really happened so pay very close attention as you explore since the audio logs are hard to find. You also will need to repair your space suit and repair certain parts of what’s left of the station involving mini puzzles  in order to have a successful escape.

All that being said, this game is truly incredible and  if you ever feel like what is it to be on zero gravity in space you should definitely try this game.


THINGS I LIKED: The gameplay is very unique, I’ve never played a game that felt more like a simulator before specially in zero gravity. The short but deep story behind it all and the graphics really payed justice and made the gameplay stand out.

THINGS I DISLIKED: Some of the tasks you had to do in order to repair your space suit and the ship felt a little repetitive, going from one part of the map to the other and doing the exact same objectives felt a little bit boring.




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