Metal Gear Survive: My thoughts

So, gamescom happened and several games were revealed at the event and, among them, probably the biggest surprise was Metal Gear Survive. And I deliberately chose the word biggest over something like greatest because, even if the game managed to be talked about pretty much everywhere, it certainly wasn’t received positively.
Which is, again, a surprising feat. I’m of the opinion that, no matter how much backlash one games gets, there will be someone out there who actually likes it. However, those who like this new Metal Gear game must be hiding in a cave or something because I haven’t heard  yet a positive opinion on that gamescom trailer. I think that’s already enough reason for me to give my two cents on this reveal so here it is.

The trailer starts at the ending of MGS Ground Zeroes. Big Boss’s motherbase was attacked and destroyed and he has to evacuate with Miller in a helicopter. We see that in the sinking platform there’s one nameless character watching as they escape but then, some sort of wormhole appears in the sky and sucks the platform and the surviving soldiers into it. Later we see those soldiers wake up in a new dimension among the debris of the old motherbase.
And then we get the reveal of what appears to be the main enemies of the game. Konami seems to try to pull out a “The last of us” and convince people that the enemies of the game aren’t the extremely overused zombies because they have something weird on their head but, they’re really zombies.
From there on we get a ton of quick cuts displaying some action and mostly showing off some interesting weaponry and gadgets on what seems to be the only thing really reminiscent of the original Metal Gear franchise.
And by the end of it, we get some top down shot that hints that the game will also have some huge enemies even if they didn’t dare to show its look.

So, what do I think of it? After watching that trailer I completely understand the hate the game is getting all over the internet. The premise of the game is as dumb as it gets, it looks generic being a mishmash of other games and it’s so far away from the original Metal gear formula that obviously any fan wouldn’t want this game share that popular name.
In the event Konami has stated that the game does actually feature stealth but we didn’t get to see any of that from the trailer which is obviously something to be concerned about.
The only thing we know is that the game will be Coop focused, it’ll feature action in some alien location and you’ll have the chance to take down giant enemies with exotic weapons. So, basically a fancier looking Lost Planet 2.

The only hope that I have for this game is that it’s still very early, the game is subject to change and, if anything, it could be that this particular trailer didn’t display what the game is about properly. We’ll see.


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