Top 10 Driveclub tips & tricks

Driveclub VR was announced (or confirmed) earlier this week at gamescom. While I have no interest at all in virtual reality, I found this the perfect excuse to talk about one of my favourite games on ps4. I’ve spent a ton of hours on this title and judging from the amount of races I’ve won online, I think I’m good enough at it to give advice to other players so they get better at it and maybe enjoy the game as much as I did.
Here are some tricks for new players to improve their performance in Driveclub.

10 – Drive clean (even against the AI): I heard a lot of complaining from newcomers to this game about the rival’s AI being too aggressive and that used to confuse me because I never really had that problem. Then I came up with a personal theory and I’ve been testing it ever since. I think it’s a matter of the AI actually adapting to the player just like rubberbanding does to speed but, in this case, regarding aggressiveness. Simply put, if you go around pushing the AI cars on every corner, they’ll be more willing to push you back whenever they have the chance. So don’t do it and everything will be fine. Have in mind that this isn’t fully proved but I’ve played more than enough hours in driveclub to be quite confident about this theory.



9 – Check the accolades: This tip won’t make you be faster in the races but it will help you level up faster so you can unlock cars and paintjobs. Get into your profile and check your accolades. Whenever you reach a new level on one of those you get a juicy reward in experience points. So check whichever are the next ones to unlock, go for them and you’ll level up in no time.



8 – Rear-view wiper: The water effects in driveclub are gorgeous from the reflections to the phisics of the drops sliding across the windshield. The rain in this game looks as real as it gets in a videogame. Problem is, like in real life, driving through a storm can hinder your view severely. To get rid of those annoying waterdrops on your screen simply press the button for the rear view (R3 by default) and all of the water drops will reset dissapearing from the windshield or the camera. They will return if it keeps raining but if you’re lucky enough they won’t obscure the most important parts on the screen this time around.



7 – Racing & Drifting are opposites: Someone just getting into racing may get the impression than taking a corner drifing must mean that you’re actually going faster because you can enter the corner at a faster speed. Well, that’s completely wrong. It’s way more important getting fast off a corner than into it, and taking a corner while drifting will slow you down severely due to the lack of traction.



6 – The Twin’Run is actually great: You may have noticed a little Renault that, by its stats it may look like it doesn’t belong to the supercar category but… it totally does. If used on the right tracks, the Twin’Run has an advantage over the other cars that simply can’t be matched. Use it on any of the more twisted circuits (specially Fraser Valley) and watch the lambos and mclarens be humiliated by the amazing cornering of this car. You can take any corner barely braking at all so you’ll be way faster than them when they come out of those corners and before their superior engines lets them catch up, you’ll have arrived at the next corner and then they’ll be pushed further away on your rear-view mirror.



5 – All weather drive: If you see that the next race you’ll be taking part of is going to be under the rain, try to pick a car with all wheel drive over a rear wheel drive one. The added traction of the two front wheels will aid your driving when the road is wet and slippery. For example, a car like the GTA Spano is quite hard to handle under the rain but the Audi R8 will have no trouble at all.



4 – Don’t be a jerk: Not a tip that will help you win races but everyone should have in mind. Don’t be a jerk in online races. Driveclub may be an arcade racer but it requires skill to win. If you have no talent, pushing the opponents out of the corners may put you in the lead for a while but if they’re better than you, they’ll catch up with you and eventually, they’ll win. So don’t humiliate yourself by being an assh*le to the rest to then lose anyway. Play as clean as you can and have fun.



3 – Track memorization is a must: Don’t get upset if you’re new to the game and seem to lose to anyone you come across. The more you race in a certain track the better you’ll get at it. You’ll know where to break, how fast you can go on certain corners, the exact shape of that blind curve that you always struggle with… Keep driving, pay attention to the tracks and you’ll become better at them naturally.



2 – Hood camera for the win: Driveclub has a ton of cameras and honestly, picking the right one for you is kind of a personal taste but I can’t see any other being better than the hood camera. It gives you a lot more feedback on how the car is behaving than the third person perspectives, it’s less cluttered than the interior views but it isn’t as low as the nose one. To me, it’s perfect.



1 – Don’t trust the sliders: See those bars that supposedly say how fast and how well it corners each car? They’re pretty useless actually. Because the cars on driveclub handle like real life cars, their intricacies can’t be reflected by those simplistic sliders. For example, some cars have faster short gears and then the last ones are super slow or, it could be the other way around and that won’t be reflected on the acceleration bar. What about the handling bar? A car that has bad brakes but doesn’t understeer at all has the same bar as a car that understeers a little but you can actually brake with it? What I’m trying to say is that those bars don’t reflect the performance of the cars properly so don’t take them as gospel. Try all the cars you can and then decide for yourself which ones are better for your driving style.



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