Briefiew – Layers Of Fear

Layers of fear is a first person, story-driven psychological horror video game. It focuses on exploration on a haunted Victorian-style mansion where players take control of the character in first person while they try to uncover the secrets of what really happened in that place. These first person horror type of games seems to be a big hit among indie and commercial games specially now and I personally like it. It gives you more of a fear sensation playing in first person not knowing what’s going to pop out at you and it helps with the horror generally in games being more recognized in a different way giving players actual scares and tension.


Gameplay mainly focuses on exploration and puzzle solving with the ocasional jumpscare and very disturbing scenes and atmosphere which really gives you the creeps. As you find yourself exploring deeper into the mansion you’ll notice how rooms change once you open doors almost as if you had entered a different dimension, I find that to be a very cool feature really. This game really tries to mess with your mind, I was actually scared to turn around at some points.

I was very pleased and impressed with the graphics specially during the transition scenes so overall the graphics were really good i have no complaints whatsoever.

Layers of Fear_20160223134446

The atmosphere was fantastic, it really made justice to the game I think that plays an important part of any video game, even looking at the pictures and portraits throughout the game gives you this eerie feeling and totally sets you in the mood of the game. The story of the game is a bit twisted and you will notice it the more you find and read letters and notes. What is very good about this game for me is the change in the ambience, the constant change of the rooms literally makes you feel like you are in a mad bizarre nightmare and that for me is what I loved most about this game. The game has three endings, the good, the bad, and the neutral depending on your choices so make sure if you wanna get the good ending to pay attention to every detail and your surroundings but every ending is very unique and sometimes in games like this the “bad” ending is mostly the true ending.


Overall I’d recommend this game, it has very good graphics, interesting story and scary gameplay and players who love this kind of games will surely love it.

Things i liked:  Exploration, It’s very interactive in a way that you can almost open every drawer, container, case etc and find items that are essential but not required in order for you to know more about what happened to the people who used to live there and also the ending you might get.

Things i disliked: None, i really liked everything about the game.




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