Top 10 videogame beaches

This is the first sunday of august and what could be a better plan for a sunny august day than going to the beach? The problem is that if you stay at home playing videogames all year is that your skin gets pale and then you get sunburnt the moment you step outside. Here are some alternatives for having a day at the beach that won’t leave your skin red like a shrimp. These are my favourite videogame beaches.

10. Medal of Honor: Frontline – Well, this is certainly not the kind of beaches that I like to visit on my free time but this is too iconic to be left out of the list. In this ps2 game you get to experience by yourself the D-Day as you have to take action in the battle of normandy itself. From getting out of the tin-can boat and making your way into the chaotic beach. It’s a cool experience if you get to live it from the safety of your living room.



9. Crash Team Racing – The crash cove course in CTR wasn’t the most complex or vivid tracks from said game but it’s certainly one we always ended playing when I invited friends to play because it was the best to ease new players into the game’s driving and because it was pretty cool. I mean, it has a pirate ship, it’s hard to be cooler than that.



8. Ico – The beach present at the ending of Ico is calm and soothing, perfect for relaxing after the stress that the protagonist had to suffer trying to escape the castle. Furthermore, on the secret ending of Ico you can even meet Yorda again and share a tasty watermelon with her.



7. Motorstorm Apocalypse – Similar to the Medal of Honor one, this is not the kind of beach I’d personally choose to chill or anything but it’s sure a memorable beach moment I’ve had in my gaming. In the track called buena vista, you’ll be trying to race on the remains of a collapsed bridge but then the military shows up. Boats carrying tanks, helicopters launching rockets left and right and even foot soldiers you can run over, they will try to get in the way of your race making for one of the most intense beach moments in videogames.



6. Metal gear solid peace walker – There’s a beautiful sunset to behold in “playa del alba”. This is a location in Peace walker where some of the most… interesting side missions take place. You can have a date with the gorgeous Paz but, if you want to have a different taste, you could always invite someone else.



5. Kingdom Hearts – Let’s be honest, from the gameplay perspective, that beginning beach part you have to play in Kingdom hearts is far from being the most fun but, that’s not the beach’s fault, is it? If we lived outside a videogame, which we do, having to spend some long time in such a paradise would be pretty neat I think.


4. Far Cry 3 – The islander setting of Far Cry 3 is truly paradisiacal. Almost always sunlit, plenty of gorgeous deserted creeks and beaches. If it wasn’t for the dangerous wildlife and the vicious pirates and the tribal fanatics… well, you know what? I’d rather choose somewhere else to visit.



3. Sonic generations – The seaside hill level from sonic generations features one of the most beautiful vistas on the whole list. Like all of the levels from this game though, the level isn’t original and it was featured in previous sonic games but this ps3 rendition of seaside hill is the prettiest version and that’s why’s on the list.



2. Uncharted 4 – Having one of the best graphics on any videogame ever it was easy for Uncharted 4 to display one of the most amazing beaches in gaming. Who wouldn’t wish to visit the whole chapter 12 of this game? Cruising in a boat accompanied by dolphins, swimming in that turquoise water… Those would be some amazing holidays if you ask me. Honorable mention deserves the coastline in the following chapter which shows off probably one of the most realistic storms in a game.


1. Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 – Everybody knows it, people don’t really play this dead or alive spin off for the volleyball. They do it for the beaches, obviously. Gorgeous white sand beaches bathed by the sun, the peaceful sounds of the ocean in the background. I’ve also heard there were girls in swimsuits somewhere in the game but I’m a busy man so I couldn’t check that yet.


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