PS+ Games of August 2016

The news are up and we finally know which are the games that will be available for download to us playstation plus subscribers next week. An angry friend of mine thought it would be a neat idea to let other people around the interwebs know what the games are about since sometimes sony chooses some obscure games that most people haven’t even heard about. Then you can decide if the games can be your cup of tea or would just be a waste of hard drive space.

The games for this month are:

  • Tricky Towers (PS4): Probably the one I’m least interested in. Think about tumble or pretty much any other stacking game we’ve seen in flash online games a dozen times but this time around with a competitive focus. To be honest, as a party game it could be fun, but I’d rather play Rocket league.
  • Rebel Galaxy (PS4): A space simulator that lets you live the life of a space pirate sounds pretty cool. Trading, having space battles, travelling a lot and visiting strange places. As a concept it’s just right up Roy’s alley but if metacritic can be trusted, it seems like the execution wasn’t as good and it’s too much of a shallow experience.
  • Yakuza 5 (PS3): I bought this game with my hard earned money and now it’s been given for free. Bad luck for me but very good for you because Yakuza 5 is great. It’s an open world brawler with rpg mechanics and a ton of actually deep and fun minigames. You can sink hours into the game without advancing the also great story. Is it the best on the franchise? That’s personal taste. It has the best combat in the series for sure but I found the story not as good as the 4th one for example.
  • Retro/Grade (PS3): If you looked at some screenshots from this game you might think it’s a shoot ’em up but you’d be dead wrong. It’s a rythm game similar to guitar hero but with a very wacky premise. You’re a ship going back through time, rewinding through the battles that have been done and lead to the end of the world. You have to avoid the enemy fire but instead of firing back, you have to time your fires to absorb them in. I feel like it’s such an interesting concept really, I want to try this one out.
  • Ultratron (PS4/PS3/PSV): Twin stick shooter with a retro style. Looking at the top down perspective, the closed arena gunplay and those simplistic 2D sprites I can’t help but to be reminded of Smash TV which is always fun.
  • Patapon 3 (PSV/PSP): Patapon 2 is still my favourite game of the franchise but its sequel was sure the flashiest one. It is a great game and it has been proven perfect for a handheld but it still rubs me the wrong way to be given psp titles as psvita ones but that’s a trend that seems to have come to stay.

Those are my thoughts on the upcoming games. Have in mind that I haven’t played all of the games, nor most of them. So I can’t fully judge if those games are really great or just the opposite until I do. Take my opinions with a grain of salt.

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