Top 10 Revealing Outfits In Video Games

I’ve been wanting to write something about this for a while since as for some years now some communities seem to be getting actually offended by the sexualized portrayal of certain videogame characters (also in movies, music videos…). Everyone has their own view and opinion about the look of things or how things should look instead. I respect that and everybody should as well. From my point of view though, I don’t think this should be made such a big deal. It gives the impression that being sexy is a bad thing when it’s not. More importantly, nobody seems to bother anymore about the excess of violence and weapons in videogames which I think is a more serious matter than what a character is wearing.

This is not an article to judge or to hate. I write this as a mean to let people know that it doesn’t really matter if a character is showing some cleavage. You shouldn’t judge or criticize a character for what they are wearing because it isn’t their attire what defines them. What you may think they are by their looks might be just a wrong impression. In any case, everybody should feel comfortable in their own skin, right? And who’s to decide why some things are categorized as normal while others don’t? Still, if some people are not comfortable with characters showing more skin than necessary, they certainly better stay clear from this list and just not watch it.

This list will include only one character per game franchise female or male doesn’t matter and also, full nudity can’t be considered an outfit so there won’t be any of that. I’m sorry if someone gets offended by what I said but this is what I personally think and, in response to that, this is my list of top 10 revealing outfits in videogames!

#10- Mai Shiranui (Fatal Fury, King of Fighters)


Mai is a very talented, active, cheerful lady who is well aware of her talents. Has been featured in many media and has been on the lists of sexiest gaming babes as well as one of the most popular characters of the series due to her vivacious personality, her fighting technique and well.. her prominent beauty and assets.

#9- Kratos (God of War)

False+equivalence+GoW (640x400)

Kratos is a very popular playstation character and he is indeed a badass one in my book. However, he’s been criticized by his lack of clothing and some think he’s a bit hypersexualized with a body that only a bodybuilder could get. In actuality, he’s not portrayed in games like that, some people may just judge the fact that he’s wearing nothing but a loincloth but if Kratos were to be the embodiment of a cardinal sin, that wouldn’t be lust but really wrath.

#8- Kaine (Nier)

kaine (636x640)

Kaine is a very intriguing character. She is somewhat shy in the sense that she will try to hide her real feelings at all cost. Hiding her real self within a harsh, foul-mouthed shell that tries to appear more cold and violent than what she really is. She’s a very skilled fighter and only half human with her left arm and leg covered with bandages which are those of a Shade. Just like with her personality, there is a reason to the way she dresses as she does from all the harassment she received for being Intersex so she dresses that way in interpretation of that.

#7- Quiet (Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain)

2015090910459557 (640x360)

Another character who received plenty of heat for the way she was dressed. Quiet is a very peculiar character with stunning looks and a sensational sniping ability. A misunderstood assassin who could only breathe through her skin hence her minimal clothing. One of my favorite MGS characters and a great contender for this list.

#6- Kuja (Final Fantasy IX)


Final Fantasy IX’s main antagonist, a powerful narcissistic sorcerer with a huge ego to match. Kuja’s extravagant attire consists of of a crop vest with long sleeves and showing his abdomen and a modified thong with armored boots, no wonder why he is number 6th on this list.

#5- Kagura (Onechanbara Z series)


The Oneechanbara series are actually known for its female protagonists wearing skimpy bikinis into a fight with bloodthirsty zombies. I picked Kagura over Aya because even though Aya is the series original protagonist, Kagura’s attire is more revealing and she is actually my favorite of the two.Very sassy, confident and charismatic, Kagura has won many fans hearts and even my own.

#4- Mileena (Mortal Kombat 9 2011)

mileena_by_snp19-d3 (640x360)

From all MK ladies I think Mileena is the most talked about, being a clone of Kitana and trained to cause pure chaos and spread evil in the name of Shao Kahn, Mileena has earned her spot on one of the most popular characters of the franchise. In the Mortal Kombat (2011) video game, even though all females wore revealing outfits, Mileena stood out the most with its contrast between her enticing body and the terror hiding beneath that pink mask. And that places her 4th in this list.

#3- R. Mika (Street Fighter series)

maxresdefault (640x360)

Rainbow Mika made her first appearance on Street Fighter Alpha 3 and since then she made an impact on fans wearing what it appears to be a stylized wrestling suit enhancing her femenine curves while showing off her toned muscular body to perfection. Mika is a very strong flexible suitable fighter on the SF series, maybe her fighting skills are not on par with Chun-Li’s or Cammy’s but she sure knows how to handle herself.

#2- Ivy Valentine (Soul Calibur series) (640x400)

A veteran on the Soul series (not to mistake with from’s software soul series) Ivy sure knows how to show off her enhancements and she’s not ashamed of that. Skilled with her unique Snake Sword, Ivy’s meanstreak gives the impression that she is an evil character but she is on nobody’s side, she knows what’s best for her and she sure proves it.

#1- Felicia (Darkstalkers)


Felicia had to be number one on this list for obvious reasons. Her outfit consists on some form of straps simply attached on her body or fur that covers her intimate parts in a fashionable way but all the same she is pretty much naked. She’s been featured in various fighting games and is a very liked character among the community, her pure nature and energetic personality moces away from the sexuality that her body may emphasize, but regardless she’s never been portrayed in any sexual manner.


HONORABLE MENTIONS: Cammy and Zangief from Street Fighter, Shao Kahn and Goro from Mortal Kombat, Morrigan, Pyro and Rikuo from Darkstalkers, Wol from Mobius Final Fantasy, Voldo from Soul Calibur.






































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