Briefiew – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes Of Heaven

I always loved the Jojo’s Bizarre adventure manga, my personal favorite is Battle Tendency, but all of the volumes are stunningly amazing so of course there was no doubt for me to play the games and this is my review on their newest video game Eyes of Heaven.


Ok first of all let me just say that I felt that this game is a big improvement from last year’s one, gameplay is a lot more complex and diverse it is certainly more fun to play. They added several more characters to the roster in which you can pick one and a tag team partner and fight against your opponents on a 2v2 match. The battles are set on huge three dimensional arenas which you can interact with and go anywhere you’d like, climb walls, set traps, throw objects etc. Gameplay is similar to that of the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja series, the combo mechanism is very cool and easy to use where your character and your partner perform the attack at the same time and help each other out throughout the fight.


Graphics are pretty much same as the previous game though a little bit more polished, more characters to pick from categorized in Battle Styles from Stand Users to Ripple to Mode or Vampire and each characters have their own different strengths and weaknesses.Other features include Customization which you can edit characters appearance and victory poses , Online network gameplay and Gallery in which include model viewer and art viewer as well as sound test and the Shop where you can buy all kinds of different colors, poses, alternative costumes and quotes.


So that’s pretty much it for this brief review of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven. I really loved the new playstyle and enjoyed the main Story Mode campaign which include mini games which I would have liked it to be a featured mode and not just be included in the campaign. If you are a fan of the manga and the anime and haven’t played this game yet I strongly suggest it with no doubt even if you aren’t a fan of the manga or anime this game is a little unique gem from the East and i hope they continue to release more JoJo games and continue improving with each one of them.

Things I Liked: New interactive gameplay style and larger roster.

Things I Didn’t: Not too many features, would have liked it to have more than just the fight modes because it can get a little boring but there are things like unlockables and such.

Who’d like this? Players who are JoJo fans definitely , it is a plus to have this experience, people who like beat ’em up games well as gamers who are into Japanese anime-style games.



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