Top 10 Overlooked & Underrated PSP Games

I love this kind of lists yet I’m so reluctant to actually making them because they’re so difficult. It really feels bad having to leave great games out of the list and drawing the line on what makes a game overlooked it’s hard specially on a console like the PSP. The original playstation portable was never a very succesful console so, even the most popular of their games could be considered somewhat overlooked.
Also, I tried to keep the list varied because I could have easily selected 10 JRPGs as there were so many great ones on this handheld.

  1. Death Jr – A little 3D action platformer similar to Medievil thematically but closer to Ratchet & Clank gameplay-wise. It was pretty fun and had a very appealing design. Its sequel may be more liked by some but I personally felt that what it gained in polish it lost it on charm.
  2. Infected – A pretty good third-person horde shooter with some pretty cool online features (specially for a 2005 game). It may be mindless and the zombie genre is pretty overused nowadays but it was all kinds of fun.
  3. Pangya – I don’t even like golf. Never played it in real life and would never waste a minute watching it on TV either but for some reason it can be pretty addictive on a console. Everybody’s Golf (Hot shots golf) may be the most known Golf game on playstation but this Pangya game deserves some love too. It’s as colorful as the former but It’s actually kinda deeper with even some rpg-like features.
  4. Half minute Hero – I don’t think this is the first time I talk about this little gem but it deserves it. The game takes a spin on the classic rpgs from the 8 bit era. You have to save the world but you only have 30 seconds before the bad guy wins. Every stage is a game on his own, you have to grind for power in 30 seconds, make us of statues that allows you go back in time… you have to be as efficient as possible. And apart from that it also included 2 other mini-games as silly and as fun as this one.
  5. Gungnir – I’m a huge fan of tactical rpgs this one is pretty great. So much so that I’m surprised that it didn’t grew a cult following, who knows? maybe it’s due to being so hard to pronounce. Gorgeous hand-drawn graphics, immersive story and a very robust battle system. It hits all spots.
  6. Pursuit Force (series) – This series appeared out of nowhere and it just blew me away. It mixes driving with shooting with hijacking acrobatics. It’s a blast! If you felt like the first one was too challenging for you, know that the sequel was more polished and player-friendly. In any case, I personally loved both.
  7. Corpse Party – Criminally overlooked horror game for the PSP. It has a great story and atmosphere but be prepared to read a lot. On the vita there is a sequel called Blood drive which isn’t as good but I’d still recommend it for fans of the series.
  8. The legend of heroes: Trails in the sky – I was torn about choosing this or Jeanne d’Arc as they share something in common, they’re my favourite RPG’s on psp. If they’re not higher on the list is just because deciding if they’re really underrated is complicated. For psp rpg standards they’re pretty well-known but that isn’t saying much, right?
  9. Z.H.P. Unlosing Ranger VS Darkdeath Evilman – The only sin this game commited was coming so late in the psp’s lifecycle that the console wasn’t relevant anymore. And it’s truly a shame because this is one of the best titles the console has to offer. It’s a dungeon crawler with roguelike mechanics and a very silly tone reminiscent of the Disgaea games. It’s absurd as it is addicting. If you have the chance give it a go.
  10. Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble – The beat ’em up is a genre that sadly seems to be forgotten by the mainstream and as a kid who grew up with Streets of Rage that feels like such a shame. Kenka Bancho has it all, it was quite deep in its mechanics, a sandbox brawler that was humorous, the fighting was fun and the graphics were really great as well. If the Yakuza franchise had a nephew, it’d be like Kenka Bancho.

Runner Ups: Gurumin: A monstruous adventure, Lunar: Silver star harmony, Sega Rally Revo, What did I do to deserve this my lord?, Shinobido: Tales of the ninja

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Well, these were my personal choices but I’m sure you can come up with some others. Please share your thoughts with us and comment below.


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