WWE 2k17: Thoughts and Wishes

I’ve always been a WWE fan and have played their games ever since Smackdown vs Raw in 2005. I’ve always found the games so entertaining, I can play them for hours, playing as my favorite Superstars and Divas, creating belts, arenas, custom wrestlers, just being able to feel like  a WWE superstar myself and kick some butt is what WWE games are all about. I’m very thrilled and excited about this upcoming game so I want to share what i think about it. Here we go.


Ever since WWE 2k15 making its debut on PS4 the graphics have improved tremendously and gameplay feels more realistic. For this upcoming game there isn’t much footage out there yet but I’m sure I won’t be disappointed on that aspect. However, I know WWE fans (me being one of them) want to feel completely satisfied when playing a new game and unfortunately that isn’t always the case, there are always some outdated wrestlers, entrances or move-sets. The last two WWE games have been really promising but there’s always room for more improvement, for instance for this upcoming game I’d like it to have more match types, bringing back special referee, backstage brawl, inter-gender tag matches, diva career mode, create a story-line mode among others.


Other thing I’d want this game to have is new features like small interactions with the referee, rival wrestlers being able to come to the ring and distract you in different ways when you less expect it, being able to interact after a match is finished for example if you are playing as a heel character you can still beat the hell out of your defeated opponent, being able to forgive or betray etc.

I’d want more customization tools too like more detailed face and body creation. A large variety of hairs and face presets as well as many more clothing items and they should also include patterns too. In terms of gameplay I’ve been mostly pleased in these past games but of course I want the “create a finisher” tool back, that’s a very cool feature and I’m sure many players want back.

WWE games are always disappointing fans in some ways and one of them is not being able to add the full actual superstars/divas roster in the game, specially the divas, that has always bugged me so bad and for this game they should include a larger roster that includes more wrestlers from NXT. Speaking of the actual roster, they should also make sure to scan the right body types of the wrestlers, some superstars/divas bodies in the games don’t look realistic enough and don’t match how they look in real life. That has always annoyed me and they should make sure to fix that in this game.


Last but not least thing I want to mention is DLC content, they need to step up and for WWE2k17 include classic and NXT wrestlers that have not been featured as DLC before, we always get the same wrestlers as DLC , same legends , hall of fame , allumnis etc… It should be nice to have some new content as DLC. I Know if the developers listen to the fans the games would be so much better in a sense that fans are the ones that really know and feel the connection and what better judges than them.

So that’s it my friends, these are my thoughts and things I wish to be fixed and included on WWE’s upcoming 2k17 game, make sure to like if you agree or if you have any comments on things you’d want to be included and fixed let us know and share your thoughts. Happy July 4th!


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