Resident Evil 7 Biohazard: Demo Impressions

As soon as I saw the trailer I was totally surprised on how different this game is compared to previous installments. The demo is spooky and scary, it definitely gave me chills. I wished that the next RE game would have more of a scary/survival horror theme and not so action based but his sure was more than what I was expecting.


Capcom is going for a totally different direction and I honestly have mixed feelings about that. The gameplay is in first person which is something I have nothing against. The first person survival horror games are becoming quite popular these days and I liked them but not for a RE game. It appears that the enemies you encounter in the demo are some kind of crazy (maybe infected) people, but not something I’d call zombies and there’s also ghosts. The whole concept seems to have been inspired by the Silent Hills PT demo that was released last year. The major issue I find with this new direction is that basically they are taking out everything (good and bad) that made the old-school games what they were. It seems like there won’t be zombies anymore, or maybe this is a new different kind of virus that is making people  turn into this creepy psychotic infected serial killers, but they do not bite and do not need to eat flesh, they just kill with whatever they got.


Also Resident Evil has a few of the most iconic characters in gaming industry, they are mostly known for their own physical appearance, characteristics and personalities to the point of even being cosplayed a lot by fans and I feel that, with this first person type of game, we won’t have what makes a character stand-out. More importantly in a RE game, it even looks like cutscenes in the game will be in first person, character development is as important for me as gameplay and story, I need to feel connected to that character. I don’t know if you share this same thought too but for me it’s a bit of a disappointment.


I really liked the concept but not as a Resident Evil game. Then again it’s still too early to decide how the final game is going to be or what is going to happen in the story so I will keep my mind open.

Other that that, they really seem to have nailed the creepiness and ambience of the game. For me the demo was totally shocking and disturbing and I really like that. I just wish they would have kept what made the RE franchise great and not try to change it so drastically according to the new trends. Hopefully, it’ll turn out to be  a step forward for the franchise and I will surely buy that game if only to try it. I’m anxiously waiting to know more about what the story will be like in this new Resident Evil game.

Be glad to share your comments and your thoughts on this demo and the direction Resident Evil is taking.



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