Our top 10 favourite e3 2016 games

We’re always weeks or even months excited for this event but then it’s over in just a few days. The excitement for the games don’t end with the e3 though. This is the collection of the e3 games that we’re more hyped for. Some were shown as a demo, others just a video… the only thing they have in common is that we can’t wait to play them.

  1. Injustice 2 – This game was really one of Roy’s wished games for the e3 and fortunately for him, the developers obliged. The graphics seem to have improved and so did the gameplay. Some features from the first game make a return like the interactive emviroments and the clashes, but they’re also adding some exciting new ones like the new gear system in which you are able to equip a character specific costume pieces and equipment. The evergrowing roster is also a featured worth hyping for.
  2. Dishonored 2 – I’m a big fan of stealth games in general but Dishonred stood out to me in particular for it’s amazing alternative setting. That being said, at times it felt like the vision of the artists for the game couldn’t be fully realized with last-gen’s machines. This ps4 sequel completely embraces that delightful aesthetic and I can’t wait to immerse in this world and make full use the new powers of the new co-protagonist.
  3. Steep – This is the kind of game that Roy has been waiting for ages. He loves snowboarding and open world games so this is just his cup of tea. The gameplay looks very realistic, there seems to be a great focus on exploration and the graphics look sensational. Still not too hyped that there seem to be a very online focused experience but we can’t wait to see more.
  4. Gravity Rush 2 – Why wouldn’t Sony show something of this game during its confernce? I don’t know but at least we got the chance to see more of it on the show floor and it looks pretty amazing. The colors, the movement, the tag team action… It looks as good as I would have imagined and then some.
  5. Resident Evil VII – Capcom didn’t just put up a video for us fans to see but let everyone try a demo and it was a good one. Scary and creepy, the atmosphere of the game was very well realised. There was suspense and it seemed like they really tried to focus more on horror instead of action this time. We still aren’t sold on the fact that its in first person because it doesn’t make the game feel like a Resident Evil game but even then as a horror game it still looks great.
  6. Mafia 3 – The new mafia trailer and gameplay they showed on e3 was simply awesome. It gave us the chance to see various locations of the map and they look fantastic. It seems like every district is controlled by different mobs and I just cant wait to roam around and take them all out. The story, the graphics and the gameplay… this game seems to deliver on all fronts.
  7. Days Gone – This came out of nowhere and it really impressed us. Yeah, it’s another zombie game and this isn’t higher just because of that but… when have you seen a bridge collapse under the weight of an angry horde? In days gone I have. That’s the part that has me more excited about this game, they way they handle the horde’s behaviour and its effects. It makes up for very intense action set-pieces and that has me very interested.
  8. Horizon: Zero Dawn – This one may not have surprised as much as it did last year but that doesn’t mean that what they showed wasn’t impressive. This game is shaping up to be a great one. From the graphics, to the combat, to the great score and magnific designs. Next year’s march can’t come soon enough.
  9. God of War – This announcement stole this year’s show for a lot of people and even if I’m still a little skeptical on the game’s combat that doesn’t mean that I’m not highly anticipating this beast as well. The new more mature look and those amazing graphics got us pretty hyped for this one.
  10. Detroit: Become Human – I really enjoyed Heavy rain a lot but I wasn’t as much fond of Beyond, the previous David Cage project. When last year they announced Detroit, even though the futuristic setting and story sounded cool, I couldn’t help but to be a little skeptical. I’m relieved to say that what they showed during Sony’s conference has now made me a full believer. This game still looks great and now they seem to be putting the focus on player choice which is a great plus for me.


Runner Ups: Death Stranding, Bound, Nier: Automata, Watch Dogs 2, Spiderman, The Last Guardian, Prey…


The list could go on and on. There were so many games that looked amazing this year but these are the 10 that stood out to us the most combining our personal opinions. You felt like your favourite game was unfairly forgotten? Feel free to comment below.



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