Horizon: Zero Dawn 2016’s e3 demo

Of course, God of war  wasn’t the only showing that I wanted to share my opinions about. Guerrilla brought up a new demonstration of Horizons gameplay for this e3. Even if it could never match the huge impression that the announcement caused last year, I found the footage shown worth talking to say the least.

The demo started with Aloy leaving her village and venturing into the wildlands. My first impression was that the graphics still look as amazing as they did last year and the setting really manages to feel lively and real.
Soon she encounters a herd of some robot animals. The importance of the encounter is showcasing that every species in the game will have their own patterns and weaknesses and, in consequence, a strategy you’ll have to find to properly dispose them. After doing so with these spider-like creatures and looting the results, the demo takes the chance to give us a little peek at the game’s crafting system. In this case, to make some sort of incendiary trap mine.
Later in the demo you encounter a NPC announcing some sort of “demon” appearing in a nearby village. Some dialog tree and it turns out you just accepted a quest.
It turns out the village you’re supposed to go now is a little too far to go on foot so the demo utilizes that to show off a new mechanic, taming and subsequently, riding robots.
After a short but beautiful ride you get to the place and then you’re introduced to this new kind of robot that seems to corrupt other harmless robots to aid it in battle. The design and the attack of this new kind of enemy I felt it to be quite different to the other robots they’ve been showing up until this point. This one has more of an artificial look, as if it was purposedly built instead of just adopting a purely animalistic look.

What we saw about the demo ends there but, what did I think of it? I think it was great. The game sure proves to be a real looker. The graphics on the world and the characters both the protagonist and other npc’s seem to be among the best in the genre. Another thing this game seems to be willing to take a lead for the genre is the combat. Simply put, I think this has the potential to have the most engaging combat on any action RPG I’ve ever played.
Hacking/taming the robots not only seemed like a very useful mechanic but a cool one. And it seemed like you could actually take over different species which i’m sure it’ll give it more variety. Will they give us a chance to tame a flying robot? I don’t know but that sure would be amazing.
I’m glad that we’re finally getting a demonstration on the crafting mechanic. The demo just let us see a very little portion of it but at least we know guerrilla isn’t leaving that as an afterthought.
Not everything in the demo got me as excited though. For example, the dialog with that cowardly NPC seemed quite basic and, honestly, didn’t seem like your choices were going to have an effect on the outcome. This could be just the demo though.
One other think that didn’t amuse me was Aloy’s continuous chatter. I saw it already on last years demo and it was here again. Everytime the protagonist does something she feels the urge to tell the player about it. Everytime she climbs a rock, tames an animal, hits an enemy… she is narrating everything she does. In a demo, that isn’t that bad, but if that was to be included in the final game I’m sure it’ll get annoying.  I hope they tone down her commentary for the final game.


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